Sunday, 1 December 2013

Boots Dream Pillow Mist in Geranium

When I've had a long day, and I'm feeling not only physically, but mentally tired as well, I reach for this bad boy. Boots' Re-Balance Dream Pillow Mist in Geranium is a wonderful, soothing, floral scent, that is right up my street, as for me, a gentle floral perfume is somewhat comforting, and relaxing. For me, I may as tired as possible, but if I'm not relaxed, then I'm going to have a horrible night's sleep, and wake up in a bad mood. This is something I spray on the opposite side of my pillow and above the bed, only one or two sprays, as the scent can be too strong for some people.

This combined with a slumber mask, is a perfect recipe for a good night's sleep. Another step before this, would be a super relaxing bubble bath (gotta have those bubbles) filled with Soap & Glory goodies, like Calm one, Calm all which has such a soothing scent, it immediately makes you feel chilled. Another saviour after a long, busy day, would be indulging in a good cup of tea or glass of wine (I know, how British is the first one? Haha), I know it sounds simple, but for me, those little indulgences are what winds me down for the night, and if I've got a busy day ahead the next day. I am always an advocate for taking time to yourself, and treating yourself, so why not? Take care of yourself and everything else will follow. I'm about to go spray this little mist, and curl up in bed after a long day.

What are your bedtime must haves? Any little products that help you unwind?


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