Sunday, 24 November 2013

Repurchases - October/November 2013

Who doesn't repurchase? If you're one of those lucky people that everything works for... (jealous!) then you may not need to stick to those 'go-to' products, but for me, and my stuck in my way...ways, I like what I like and to prove it, i've repurchased them. Let's start with the amazing John Frieda shampoo and conditioner from the Full Repair ranger, and ohhh, how I love them! I don't find them to be too heavy in weighing down my hair, and my hair just seems to be so good recently thanks to these little darlings. It says that it 'reverses damage with every wash' which I think is wonderful, as I do feel that it has quite an impact on my hair, making the ends feel less dry and brittle. I have also noticed that my split ends are a great deal less noticeable, and on darker hair, I always thought that it was easier to see, so if you have dark hair with split ends, then this is a range of hair products that you should definitely check out. 

One of the products that I always recommend to blogger would be Una Brennan's 'Neroil Firming, Illuminating eye cream' as it's a wonderful cream that isn't greasy or too heavy, which is a main concern for me, as I use this under makeup, as well as at night with the rest of my skincare routine. It sinks in really well to the skin, and is a really good base under eye makeup, although for oilier lids, a primer would need to be used. Because i'm only 22, I haven't really formed an opinion upon whether it's good at firming the skin around my eyes, so if anyone uses it, and has any thoughts, please let me know. Garnier's 'Moisture Match Mattifying Moisturiser' is a lovely, simple day moisturiser, that provides a good, workable base for makeup and helps to control the shine on my face, which does get veeeeeery shiny. It feels like a primer when I apply it to my skin, as it's slightly thick, but it goes on really well, and sinks into the skin easily. I leave it to sink in for a minute or two before applying foundation. 

Last but not least is my old faithful Pond's 'Essential Care Hydronourishing Moisturiser' which I slather on my face and neck after my serum and eye cream. I find that it hydrates very well and my skin drinks this up, as even though my skin is oily, it does get very dry at this time of year, so in my opinion, my face can never have too much moisture come time to go to sleep. 

What are the products that you repurchase? Or are you an 'I'll give that new product a try' person?


Friday, 22 November 2013

Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude Eau de Parfum

Hello there my lovelies, this is my first perfume post…(I think) so let's get right on it! I'm a huuuuge huge huge fan of Estee Lauder perfumes, and I think the Sensuous  range has to be my favourite. Sensuous Noir is one of my all time favourites, and according to the Estee Lauder page, it's an 'intensely rich and seductive' perfume, which is me to a tee… hahahahaha no, it's really not, I just adore the way it smells. But, onto my newest addition, Sensuous Nude, which is described as 'modern, intimate and feminine' which I think, in a way describes the whole Sensuous line, it's very feminine, and whether it's intense or lighter and fresh, it's all about women, and celebrating the femininity of women, which I think is wonderful.

The scent is split into three seperate categories, 'Intimate' in which Sicilian Bergamot, Baie Rose, Mandarin and Black Pepper are noted. 'Feminine' notes are Jasmine, Muguet (I googled, and it's a fancy name for Lily of the Valley, apparently), Coconut Water, Honey and Musk. 'Warm' includes Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, Heliotrope and Vanilla. Now, i'm no perfume expert, and I did not get all of these scents in the perfume, but the ones that I have picked out, are Rose, Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Bergamot, but not necessarily at the same time. I seem to get different notes of scent on different days, and I think different notes would be picked out if someone else wore it. So I'd definitely recommend giving it a spray if you get the chance, as I always say that what smells good on someone else will not always smell the same, or better on you. It's all about sampling and seeing how it wears throughout the day before committing to a purchase (you can tell I don't have that many perfumes, haha). I have the 30ml bottle which retails at £36 and can be purchased as Boots, Debenhams etc. 

This is a perfume, that for me, always gets people saying 'You smell really good, what perfume are you wearing?' or 'You smell nice' from people who don't actually care about perfume, haha. 

Do you like the sound of this perfume? Have you tried any by Estee Lauder?


The little extra bits this week

Who doesn't like a few random bits and pieces at the middle of the week? I for one, certainly like to clear out my handbag and discover what lurks at the bottom of it, and these little things can be accused of just that; lurking. The No7 beauty cards were joyfully picked up when I was in Boots, and hastily placed in my handbag (is it just me, or does anyone else love these little 'look' cards you can get at the No7 counter?) as I love the whole berry/purple theme going on, as it's very autumnal (who else just likes saying autumnal?). The silver nail polish, was a freebie with this months Glamour magazine, and who can say no to a free full sized Nails Inc polish? Especially in such a gorgeous colour! It's very very very similar to one I have from Calvin Klein, and I haven't worn it yet, so i'm not sure about the texture (maybe i'll do a silver vs silver blog post? I'll have to think of a pun (; ) but I'm a fan of other Nails Inc polishes, so i'm sure i'll get on well with it.

My third little lovely this week is The Body Shop's honey soap, which I purchased under the influence of my best friend (she knows who she is) after she said that it smelt divine and made her skin feel wonderful and soft, so I thought, why not? And made my only Body Shop purchase that day. It does smell amazing, and I can't wait to use it. The fourth and final addition is a little freebie from L'Occitane which I love (who can resist going into that shop and not smell everything? Seriously. I want everything Verbena… everything) and my bff gave it to me when she bought the Shea Butter hand cream (working wonders on her eczema by the way) and it's sitting in my sachet pile ready for when I have a weekend/faw days away (that's when I tend to use all my samples) and it sounds like such a gorgeous conditioner. So, excited for that.

This has been a little round up of some lovely things that's been lurking, yepp, still sticking with lurking, around my handbag. Are there any little lovely surprises lurking around in your handbag? 


Monday, 18 November 2013

Soap & Glory Bodycare and Sanctuary Skincare

I know it may sound a bit odd to lump these two product groups together, but they fell under my 'skin' group, so I thought 'why not?'. Three of these are repurchases (Facial Cleansing oil, Body Scrub and Bubble Bath) whilst the body wash is a completely new product for me to try, which I find very exciting, as who doesn't like to try something new?

Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush Body Wash is the new body wash of choice, and seeing as I loved my other two body washes from S&G, I figured that I can't go much wrong with it (have you smelt how amazing it is? Ugh!). The main selling point for this Body Wash, was the Body Scrub, which I picked up first, and smells all citrusy and limey. The smell of sweet lime is glorious and I cannot wait to start using it (and hopefully smelling like lime for the rest of the day, because who doesn't want to smell like that?) especially with the Sugar Crush Body Scrub which is the scrub for me at the moment (sorry to the Body Shop's Brazil Nut scrub). With nourishing Almond Oil to moisturise the skin, whilst Brown Sugar and Macadamia Grains buff away all the dead skin cells, this is a scrub that feels far more luxurious than you actually pay for (£8) and leaves me feeling fresh and awakened after I use it, which is always a plus on those dark, early Winter mornings.

Next up is Soap & Glory's Calm One, Calm all Bubble Bath, and I love love love this. It's so calming, and it creates some of the loveliest bubbles, and it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry, but soft and moisturised. Which I'm sure is down to the built in Body Lotion, and whilst the smell is slightly floral but not too overpowering, this is without a doubt, my go to Bubble Bath, and makes every bath feel like a little luxury, which I think we girlies deserve for being so fabulous.

Last but certainly not least, is Sanctuary's Ultimate Facial Cleansing oil, which if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I love. This is one of the best products for me and my oily/combination skin, and has worked hand in hand to help clear it, and now, I only get the occasional blemish, as opposed to a face full of spots like I used to have. It has an easy pump dispenser, like the S&G Body Wash, and is massaged onto dry skin, before gradually wetting your hands with warm water, and continuing to rub the product in. Then, you splash your face with warm water and rub at your skin with the palms of your hands, repeat this process until all of the product is gone, and then splash your face several times with cold water to remove any left over product and to close pores. I adore this product so much. It is without a doubt, one that I cannot do without. I use is morning and night, and it's perfect. I cannot recommend enough.

Do you use any Soap & Glory body care products? Would you use these ones? Is Sanctuary a brand that you'd try?


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Blogging Supplies

If you're anything like me, you need organisation (even if it's organised chaos) and when it comes to blogging, it's no different. I need somewhere to write all my blogging ideas down, and a folder in which to keep all my correspondence from bloggers and brands alike. I am a huge stationary fan, and you can always find me looking at pens, journals, paper… where ever I go, so you can imagine that Paperchase keeps me occupied for hours. The journal is a purchase from Paperchase, and it caught my eye almost immediately, although my best friend will be testament to the fact that I did have a good wander around for a good half an hour before going back to the first journal that I saw (typical, right?). It's wide ruled, which isn't what I originally wanted (I'm a narrow rules girl, usually) but this works for me now. My journal is full of scribbles, ideas, swatches and plans for upcoming blog posts, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It has lists of products, websites, prices and reviews, some fully or half written. 

Aforementioned folder, if you recognise the print, is Orla Kiely, which I bought from TK Maxx solely for the reason of keeping myself and my blogging organised, and it does the job very well. It has several slots for paper and other such things, like pages torn from magazines and cards with beauty ideas on them from Boots, Debenhams etc. The Print clashes in a wonderful way with my journal, but since they both contain organ in their colour schemes, I think it works. Another little purchase from Paperchase were paper bookmarks, which I think are always handy when browsing a magazine, or just to jot something down very quickly, and can be slotted very easily into my journal, and can be moved numerous time, but can also be stuck in with the one ended tacky bottom on the bookmark. It's been printed with butterflies and flowers on it, and it makes a wonderful addition to my little blogging supply. 

The last additions to my blogging supplies post will be the pens and pencils, which were impulse purchases from The Works (I blame the wonderful jewels at the end of them) but I'm so glad that I did buy them, as they're lovely and look quite darling when they're in a little pencil pot on my desk (I say pencil pot, it's just a glass from Ikea) and I find that these, all together, form quite a lovely little basic supply, which I'm sure I will add to over time. After all, who doesn't need more stationary?


Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose

Hello my newest Winter lip saviour! This was an instant purchase as soon as I saw it online on Beauty Chamber and it'd been recommended to me on Twitter, and so the Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose made its way into my basket (along with a Butter London nail polish, but i'll get to that in another post). It's been saving my lips from terrible dryness in this weather, and also providing them with a subtle stain of red, which is always a good thing in my opinion. If it's good for my lips, and makes them look good, I'm going to readily recommend it, which I have, and I do. 

I love the packaging, as it just seems so sleek, but you do have to apply it with your finger, which I suppose is quite unhygienic when it's cold and if someone else wants to use it… so, I'd keep it to yourself, or maybe your best friend, at a push. It does have a a little lid that separates the lip butter from the actual lid of the product, which is quite handy and alleviates a lot of messy situations if it were to melt (but let's face it, it's far too cold for that to happen). You can find it on the Beauty Chamber website here for £6. Have you tried this wonderful product? Let me know xx


Friday, 8 November 2013

The Repurchased Mascara - L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof

For me, this is the mascara. No other has achieved what this one has, and until I find another one that does, I will quite happily not let another mascara into my heart (yes, it's really that good, and i'm really that dramatic). It's not one for volume, so if you want thicker lashes, this isn't the one for you, but if you are a fan of length, then keep reading. My eyelashes do not hold curl well. They'll put their hands up (you know, if they had hands) and admit that they do not hold curl well at all. Whilst everyone else has amazing eyelashes that are perfectly curled without mascara... and for those who can wear any mascara and have their eyelashes looking full and perfect (i'm looking at you, bff of mine) for me, this mascara is the bee's knees. The one way in which my eyelashes will curl, is with the assistance of my Shu Uemura eyelash curlers (which have their own dedicated post coming up) and with a waterproof mascara. If it's not waterproof, I will not waste my time, or my money. This mascara was introduced to me by Vivianna of Vivianna Does Makeup, and after discovering that she has relatively the same eyelash problems as me, and since she raved about this mascara, I decided to go get it; and goodness me, am I glad that I did!

This mascara, in waterproof black, has a plastic bristled wand, and it's not bushy, or too big to handle (ergo not getting any on my eyelid) and it's quite a flexible top, so you can get right in there to get those pesky little smaller lashes that tend to evade regular mascara. So, once I use my Shu Uemura's (and I don't just curl them once, I have to pump them a few times around the roots of the lashes to get a longer lasting, better curl) I apply the mascara, and use a technique that my best friend uses, which is not only to rock the brush in a zig zag motion, but to curl the wand, at the base of your lashes, away from your eye, as it pushes the lashes up, up, up (I know it sounds weird, but give it a try!) and then I work on the outer and inner corners of my eye, making sure all of my lashes are covered in order to have the most wide awake look possible. Once that's dry, I apply it on my bottom lashes, and bam! My mascara look is done, and I never tend to fret or feel the need to check on my lashes if this is on, as I can apply it, and it'll be as perfect at night, as it was when I first applied it in the morning. L'Oreal, you are wonderful for bringing out this mascara... but I have heard that the formula has been changed... so who knows, maybe I'll hate the new formula and have to take back this entire post. Oh well.

What mascara is your go-to, never let you down, mascara? Is this something that you'd try? Let me know (:


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Soap & Glory 'One Heck of a Blot' Translucent Mattifying Powder

I don't remember why I bought this, or what made me browse the Soap & Glory stand, but i'm very, very glad that I did. This mattifying powder is amazing. Stand back Rimmel, this is my mattifying powder of choice. Seriously, it's so good; I use it everyday, and carry it around with me for a quick touch up, should there be any shine on my face. I was unfamiliar with the concept of a mattifying powder, as beforehand, I would have just used a translucent powder to 'set' my foundation, but with the introduction of this into my life, I cannot see myself using anything else. Not long after I bought it, I noticed it creeping up upon the blogs of some wonderful bloggers, and I thought, 'Yay, this product is getting the press it deserves'. 

To use this product, I apply it with a Real Techniques Powder Brush and push it onto the skin, as opposed to swirling it, as i've found that pushing the product onto the skin is more likely to set the foundation and leave it in place, as opposed to swirling it, and moving the product. And can we talk about the name? 'One Heck of a Blot' pretty much says it all, as it mattifies so well, is is a complete go to for a reduction in shine and the appearance of oil on my face (ahhh, the drawbacks of having oily/combination skin). This compact comes with a large circular mirror, and a circular puff in order to apply the product, if you're out and about with no powder brush. I've used it many a time for a 't-zone' touch up, and find that it works wonderfully well. I would totally recommend this product (and I have done, several times) as it does exactly what it says 'on the tin'. This is a winner of a product for me, and I think that it can be worn on any skintone, as the colour is translucent. So, a winner for all? I like to think so.

What do you think of this powder, or mattifying powders in general? Are you a fan? Let me know (:



Friday, 1 November 2013

October Favourites 2013

Is it just me, or are monthly favourites some of your favourite posts to read? Maybe it's just me being really nosy, but I adore seeing what people are using and loving! A few of my favourites will probably be no surprise to a few of you, because I have spoken about them so many times, and by damn, I just adore them! Some of them are new, and have immediately jumped into being some of my go to products, others, are old faithfuls that are just making me smile every time I use them (oh yes, they're just that good), so let's get this show on the road.

Soap & Glory's Hand Food. It's a classic hand cream for me, especially around this time of year, when it's getting cold, but it's not really cold, and the really, really cold weather calls for my The Body Shop Hemp hand cream. But this is a light, but nourishing with a lovely floral scent, that I can use out and about, and before bed, just to give the skin on my hands a bit of a moisture session whilst I sleep. 

Next is Liz Earle's Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion, which I reviewed here, so full the full thoughts and the many reasons as to why I love it, check it out. But I will say, this is wonderful and makes me look alive in the morning, which is easier said than done... Now, we have a little bottle of wonder, and it's Origins Super Spot Remover which I also reviewed here and my goodness, I cannot do without this little genius product. It reduces the size of my spots by half in one night. Ugh. It's so good, it is a permanent addition to my skincare routine. The last of my recently reviewed products is La Roche-Posay's Serozinc which is the toner to end all toners, as far as i'm concerned. It's been reviewed here and this is another bottle of wonder; made for oily skin, it controls how much oil is produced by the skin and has really helped in clearing up my skin.

Up next, is Indeed Labs Hydraluron which is a firm blogger favourite, and I totally agree why. With ingredients that boost the amount of moisture the skin can take it, this is an essential step in my skincare routine. It takes pride of place after my toner and eye cream, but before my serum, night moisturiser, and super spot remover. Adore this. Speaking of my eye cream, here is my beloved Una Brenna Neroli Eye Cream which is my only eye cream, and it just works for me. It's not too thick, or too thin, and it does what it's supposed to do. It's a good base for eye makeup, and also firms the skin around my eyes.

Now, let's move onto the makeup. Two cream eyeshadows and the foundation i'm loving so much at the moment. The cream eyeshadows are at two oppisite ends of the spectrum. One is Mac Paint pot in Vintage Selection, and the other is 17 Metallic in Wild Nude. They both have a shimmer through them, but I would say that Wild Nude is darker than Vintage selection, and easier to put on, as it spreads very, very easily. Vintage Selection was love at first sight. It's the longest lasting cream eyeshadow i've ever had, and it's a light nude with a gold/silver shimmer running through it, that makes your eyelids look so good. 17's cream eye shadow is something I pop on when I don't have a lot of time, and it gives a wonderful definition to the lids, whereas I use Mac when I have more time, and then layer on a darker colour through the crease.

Last, but not least, is Maxfactor's Whipped Foundation in Light Ivory. The first time I tried it, I was like, 'No, this is not for me', but the second time, I said 'Yes', and bam! I've been using it everyday since. It's creamy, easy to blend, covers very well, and just makes my skin look mattified, but still allows the glow from my skin to shine through. Which is always a plus. I put this on using an Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, and it goes on like a dream. Well done Maxfactor, well done.

What products are you loving this month? Have your tried any of these, or are you tempted by them? Let me know. 


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