Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Jurlique Week continued: Rose Moisture Plus Gel-lotion

Jurlique gel moisturiser 1 Jurlique gel moisturiser 2

Sorry for not posting this last week, but of course, something came up and left me unable to post anything - I like to call it, 'no time to do anything except sleep' as work was hectic, as was the overtime and then travelling loads with my boyfriend (to watch him race) really exhausted both of us, but now, I'm back (Shady's back, tell a friend). So, in continuation of Jurlique week, we've got one of my favourite products from them. For me, this is a super bouncy, light weight gel formula that locks in moisture, as well as blissfully smelling like roses making everything seem so calm and soft, even when it isn't, and you're practically slapping this on, before applying concealer and running out the door late for work. Yeah, we've all been there. The formula of this is very similar to Korres' 24 hour Wild Rose moisturiser for oily skin, in the sense that it has that super light, almost whipped bouncy texture that applies like a cloud on the skin. It also has all those lovely little antioxidants in there, making the skin feel smooth and soft, as well as moisturising and protecting against the harshness of the environment - which if you live in a busy town/city, then you know all about. 

Jurlique's Rose Moisture Plus Revitalising Gel-lotion with Antioxident Complex* (whoa that's a long one) is £32 (here) and lasts so amazingly long, I can't believe that I'm barely half way through, five months into it.. such wonderful value if you look at the long term. I think it lasts so long because of the super light-weight, but hydrating formula, which you smooth onto the skin in a thin layer and that does the job perfectly. There's no need for thick layers of this stuff, as an even coating moisturises the skin so well, so no waste and an even longer lasting pot, brilliant right? The packaging, is very durable glass, with a screw top lid, with an inner lid, just to stop any spillages - and there's something to expensive feeling about it, perhaps it's the weight of it in your hand, or the matte black lid with the Jurlique logo. Everything about it says that it should cost a lot more than it does, and although I'm usually one for High Street moisturisers, this is a wonderful product that I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase. Along with the other Jurlique products that I've reviewed, this moisturiser is rose scented,  full of essential oils and goodness that my skin loves. Even when I'm having a lazy skin day, I just break out some of my Jurlique products and that's it done, cleansed, moisturised and ready for whatever I do, even if I decide to pop out with a bit of concealer on top, my skin just feels smooth and nourished. This is a winner for me, and definitely a product that I'll be taking with me on my holiday in May. Light, silky and brightening, what more could I want from a morning/day moisturiser? (some do apply it during the night-time, but I think I'm far too attached to my Soap&Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator to change, even though I've applied it to my boyfriends skin in the evening, and his skin drinks it up). Is the scent or rose right up your street? What moisturiser are you using right now? 

Jurlique gel moisturiser 3 Jurlique gel moisturiser 4

Friday, 27 March 2015

Jurlique Week: Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Gel Mask

Jurlique gel mask 2

After my impromptu lack of posting yesterday (which is partly blamed on the longest day ever yesterday - physio, work and generally pain from my car accident) I'm back with a continuation in my Jurlique series. And for day number four, here we have their Antioxident Gel Mask from the Herbal Recovery range, which is in the same set as the serum I reviewed on the first day (which you can see here). It's quite an odd looking mask, as it's a clear gel with little beads of Vitamin C in it (once again, it's a very precious item to me, and i've almost run out so no swatch, sorry lovelies). It applies evenly on the skin, and you can actually feel it cooling and tingling ever so slightly. This is basically a perfect light mask to use after a long day, when you want something quite fresh on the skin and don't feel like anything clay/mud related. Although I do use a clay mask and a glycolactic mask once a week - I still use this about twice a week, just to keep my skin in tip-top glowy condition, as for me, there's nothing worse than having that dull skin look. Especially when I have oily/combination skin, as yes there may be a bit of shine, but with glow, I can pull it off, without... it just looks weird. 

The mask itself claims to 'deliver an incense hydration boost to the skin, while a potent blend of botanicals gently exfoliate and help protect your skin against environmental aggressors', and whilst I never really thought of it as something that aided my skin against things like smoke and pollution, I suppose it does - as the assailants mentioned above can leave skin looking dull, with clogged pores and not a hint of radiance in sight. I really do hate that dull skin look. I may have dark circles, but by damn, I'm not compromising on my glow - so this, combined with my other lovely masks really help to keep me looking my best, despite the occasional blemish (too much chocolate). It's very cooling as you apply it to the skin, so much so, after a long day at work, I'm flustered and annoyed, so this kind of calms me down and stops me from saying anything mean to someone I know - and I love the power of skincare to brighten my mood, even alter it altogether, from something stressed and un-agreeable, to feeling relaxed and quite pleasant. At £40 (here), this mask isn't the cheapest in terms of hydration and radiance inducing, but I genuinely see a difference the morning after, as everything looks a bit smoother and brighter, which after a long day beforehand, is something I love seeing. There's something about it that feels quite spa like when you're relaxing for the 10 minutes it says to leave it on for - that is if you are relaxing, and not racing around doing a million and one things (which I sometimes do). I think it's the fact that once you remove it, with warm water and cotton pads, it seems to have calmed the redness in my skin and just made everything a bit better, a bit brighter. 

It'll be such a sad day when I can no longer squeeze anything out of this tube, but I won't regret re-buying this as it plays such a vital role in my night-time skincare routine. That being said, using this twice a week, for four/five months has gone quite well, so if looked at in that way, this is quite a bargain. It does the skin good and keeps me glowing, so I can shine on.. and not in that oily way I dislike. Do you have any gel masks as part of your skincare routine? 

Jurlique gel mask 1

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Jurlique Week: Rose Silk Finishing Powder

Jurlique rose powder 1 

Jurlique rose powder 2 

If like me, then you never really saw the draw of loose powders. They looked messy and if the packaging opened, then it would be a powder disaster -which isn't really what I wanted, so I stuck with pressed powders, and whilst they were heavy on the skin, they kept me relatively shine free. However, this was before I tried Jurlique's Rose Silk Finishing Powder* (£26, here) which is completely translucent and light on the skin, and it made me wonder why I was ever scared to use them in the first place. The scent of rose is distinctive, as it has been with my previous two reviews, the Herbal Recovery Serum (here) and the Rosewater mist (here) but it's not a false, synthetic floral smell - it's divinely natural, as if you were walking through a rose garden. 

It's held within sturdy packaging, so no need for heart palpitations every time you open it, and there's also a wonderful little sponge to sit on top of the little holes that release the powder, so that there is no waste or product influx when travelling. I was really surprised at how little product was actually needed, as I tend to press my powder brush over the holes, tip the product slightly so that product covers the brush and then sweep it all over the skin, leaving it looking smooth whilst keeping shine at bay. It's targeted for normal skin, but it does really well on my combination/oily skin, leaving it matte and ready for the day ahead. It leaves the skin feeling silky and looking refined, whether applied over foundation for an all day flawless look, or just dusted over a primer, for those lazy days where you need a little bit of something, but nothing too heavy. I also use it on my collar bone as well, as I just think it looks and feels so luxurious to dust something over my d├ęcolletage, (like I'm in a black and white movie or something) as it gives a wonderful glow to the skin, especially when you want to draw attention to that area of your skin.

In my research of this product, I had a good nose at Jurlique's Instagram feed, and what popped up was a highly commended award from Tatler saying that the product is 'so glow-enchancing you'll want to dust it everywhere' and believe me, I do. I see myself taking this on holiday, and dusting a small amount over my collarbone, shoulders and shinbones to that the Turkish heat won't get the best of me. It may make my hair frizz, but it's not going to make me look any less glamorous. It's going to give a light, silky feel to the skin, which is not only perfect for this climate, but for considerably hotter ones as even though I'll surely be sweating due to the heat, I'm going to try and look as chilled out and relaxed as possible, so this is going to be a 'must-pack' product. In the cold weather that we have here in the UK, this powder lasts all day, and I often find myself forgetting that it's on, as it doesn't feel like I'm wearing any powder on the skin, as I know some can feel quite heavy. Have you tried this rose scented loose powder? Are you a fan of loose powders? 

Jurlique rose powder 3

Jurlique rose powder 4

March; the life update, and three lists of five things.

Estee Lauder ANS 2

Well, March is coming to a close and I cannot believe that Spring has sprung, and we're nearing April already. I don't think I'm ready for all those April showers, just yet. This month has been a mix of recovery, and spending time with friends as well as some blogging thrown in, because by damn I missed it when I was injured and couldn't hold a camera, or type properly. I did however discover so many amazing blogs, because I did a lot of reading and admiring of bloggers, their wonderful words and images. Just because I couldn't write, I loved looking at what they were liking/disliking/couldn't live without/were just introduced to and in turn, it inspired me to become a better blogger/photographer, because if they're upping their game, I want to too. I want to be alongside these amazing bloggers, not trailing behind because I didn't try hard enough. 

It's been a long month, filled with pain medication, physiotherapy and meeting my friends for a coffee, as they always cheer me up, no matter what (plus, they have all the gossip from work). Two weeks ago, I was introduced to acupuncture, and I feel like it's such a brilliant way to relieve pain - as believe it or not, those needles actually really do work wonders. The past two times have left my back feeling incredibly sore and tender, but I am on the mend, which is wonderful, considering how much work/social events I had to miss because I was in so much pain/couldn't drive. But my boyfriend was very invested in making me feel better, as he'd come and stay, and we'd cuddle up with Netflix or watch First Dates/Catfish - which may not seem like a very exciting, or interesting evening, but it was lovely as I felt so lonely, without work or seeing my friends. I don't think anyone can underestimate the power of a few kind words, or popping in to see a friend, if only for a few minutes, to give a hug or just check that they're okay. 

Five things that I've bought for my holiday, and surprise, surprise they're all clothing related. Sorry skincare/makeup, you've been relegated to April purchases. #1 A Navy Polka Dot Bikini, which was surprisingly easy to find, despite it being so difficult to find a good looking bikini for DD+ that doesn't cost a fortune, thank you Asda. #2 Following on the navy route, is a Navy, white and red striped swimsuit from Next (here) as it looks so retro, with its shape enhancing drapery, so I cannot wait to wear it. #3 Another cheeky purchase from Next, this time in the sale, is a bright orange clutch bag with a gorgeous tassel, perfect for nights in the restaurant and adding a pop of colour to any outfit (It was £9 in the sale, and I think it's still available online here). #4 is a creamy white body con skirt from Primark, that has a gold zip, right down the middle. Totally adventurous for me, but I saw a very similar one in River Island, and I lusted over it for a good few weeks before seeing the one in Primark and snapping that one right up. #5 Last, but not least is a bright red, scallop fringed top (also from Primark that I cannot wait to wear, because it screams Summer and 'Wear me with something high waisted'. I cannot wait. 

Five things I've realised since my car accident at the end of February. #1 Everybody and their dog will want to know what happened, and after recounting the story to your insurance, their insurance, your family, your solicitor, your boyfriend, your best friends.. it gets so tiring. But it's okay to be tired about telling the story - they just want to know that you're okay. #2 Getting back into a car, whether driving or being driven, will give you serious anxiety. I remember literally shaking whilst in the car with my boyfriend, as well as when I was driving myself. It's okay to admit that you're not ready to drive, or be driven. Car accidents, no matter who is at fault, is a traumatic situation. #3 During the accident, I was calm and collected; gathering pictures of damage and writing down details (even my boyfriend, who called me when I was out of the car, commented on how calm I sounded. 'I need to call you back, I've just been in a car accident') but as soon as I told my dad what had happened, just looking at him made me burst into tears. My car, had belonged to my grandfather before he died, so it getting damaged broke my heart, and that worry/upset hit me as soon as I saw my dad. #4 It's okay to not be okay. It's okay to cry about what happened. The pain, trauma and emotional turmoil made me cry for ages - it's okay to admit that you're only human, and it scared you. #5 Worrying about money and work won't help your anxiety or stress levels - the people that you work for just want you to get better, so feeling guilty for not working is not going to help you in the long run. 

Five things I'm looking forward to next month and beyond. #1 My Holiday, but I think that goes without saying. It's my first time abroad, without my family - I for one, cannot wait to see what it's like. #2 Travelling, which is basically the same as my holiday, but it's all new for me. New places to see, food to eat and people to meet. #3 Seeing my blog grow, now that I'm pondering buying a blog domain and getting a new design - OKK can only go up, from here. #4 Seeing so many wonderful films in the cinema - I'm especially excited for the new Avengers, Pitch Perfect 2, Cinderella, Suite Francaise and Jurassic World. #5 Learning what I want to do with my life. I have a few ideas, nothing I'm ready to talk about yet, but finding a direction is going to be exciting. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Jurlique Week: Rosewater Balancing Mist

Jurlique Rosewater 1

Say hello to hydration with this badboy of a product. Jurlique's Rosewater Balancing Mist* (£18, here) is something of a cult product with bloggers, and something that I was told that I had to try - no 'if's, or but's' about it; it simply had to be had. Luckily for me, the lovely folks at Jurlique offered to send it to me and I rejoiced because omg totes cult product, as well as the scent of rose which I adore. So yeah, maybe if you're not a huge rose fan, then this may not be for you - but I think it's totally worth a spritz, as it's a gorgeous, natural scent of rose - nothing false about it. This mist contains thousands of handpicked rose petals, so it definitely has that luxurious feel to it - not only down to the gorgeous glass packaging, but the fact that it sits so well on the skin before being greedily absorbed. My skin loves this spray, and not only do I spray it in the day, for an instant hydration boost, but I use it at night, after my skincare routine, just in case I feel like I need another hit of this softening spray. 

It's just so instantly refreshing, with the gorgeous scent that's so fresh and gorgeous, it just reminds me of rose's we grow in our garden during the spring/summertime. The scent holds some special memories for me, as the soft, subtle scent of rose would drift in the air around my grandparents garden, and it reminds of when I was young, playing in the garden with my brother. Scent is a powerful thing as for me it triggers so many thoughts, some which I hadn't considered for years - and this mist never fails to make me smile. Even my boyfriend finds it refreshing on his skin, whether in the middle of the day, or at night (yes, he'll actually sit still and let me put some products on his face) so it's suitable for my oily/combination skin, as well as his although it is mainly aimed at normal/combination. I don't see why it wouldn't suit sensitive skin either, as it's so soft and gentle on my face, once I spritz the mist over my skin, before delicately patting it in. It's become an essential part of my skincare routine, especially when I was injured after my car accident (image here) and I couldn't really apply anything that required a bit of effort to my face (because I'm right handed, and my entire right side was injured in the accident/i'm also useless with my left hand) so this Rosewater Balancing Mist as well as Nuxe's Reve de Miel lip balm were my go-to products, for keeping my hydrated and looking somewhat pleasant. I would spritz it on (no mean feat with me left hand) and bask in the calmness of the rose scent. It would be so relaxing, that despite through all the pain, I would find a small little moment of peacefulness, and that's something I remember feeling whenever I mist this over my skin. 

It can also be used to tone the skin, but I use it primarily to hydrate my skin, regardless of the time of day and it does an amazing job at that. It's such a cult product, and I can not recommend it enough to my friends and family (so much so, I've made them place orders from LookFantastic as well as M&S, and then grinned so happily when they tell me that they've loved it). It's not an essential product, but for my skincare, this cult product is what keeps my skin looking hydrated during the day. Spritzing it over my moisturised skin, or whether I'm wearing makeup - my skin laps up the hydration, and I can't be without it. Something tells me I'll be popping this in the fridge, come Summertime, as you know a refreshing burst of this will calm down reddened cheeks as well as clammy skin. Bring it on, Summer.

Jurlique Rosewater 2

Jurlique Rosewater 3

Monday, 23 March 2015

Jurlique Week: Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum

Jurlique serum 2

With the start of 'Jurlique Week' on ohkalukalay, I thought I would start by writing about one of my favourite products. Jurlique's Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum* (£47, here) is a serum, primarily aimed at reducing fine lines, restoring glow and hydration to the skin, so I would say is targeted more towards older women/men, however, I wouldn't stay away from it for that reason. It may 'Youth defence' on the bottle, but who doesn't want younger looking skin at any age? I'm 23 and I find myself  constantly aiming to maintain a 'young looking skin' vibe, as my mother has wonderful skin, so I want to follow in her footsteps, and look/feel fabulous at any age - and I strongly believe, that this serum is really helping to give my skin that plump, hydrated glow that I love to have. It's something that I lack whenever I'm somewhat dehydrated, but I feel like that cream is a really good way to fake that healthy look, regardless of whether you're feeling under the weather or not. I'll pop a little of this on under my makeup in the morning if I feel like my skin needs some extra nourishment, or if it's going to be a long gruelling day and my skin is going to need all the help it can get, considering all the air conditioning etc. 

In the morning, I would apply this over my La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo +, then moisturise as normal, before applying my makeup, whereas at night, there is a whole routine. I last spoke about my nightly routine in September (link here) and a lot has changed since then, leading me to believe that I really should write an updated post about it... yes, that's on the list of things to do. My current routine features some key Jurlique products, that I'll mention by name, but won't go into full detail over, as what'll be left to say in their reviews, huh? I cleanse, or double cleanse, depending on how my skin feels, then I tone using first a few splashes of coooold, cold water and then a spritz of Serozinc by La Roche-Posay which I remove with a cotton pad. Then, it's either time for the eye cream, followed by my blemish treatment, then my oil, serum, floral spritz and locking in all the hydration is my moisturiser. I do tend to switch around my serums and moisturisers now, but when I tested this, I used it solidly for four/five months or so, sometimes twice-three times a day, if I applied my makeup in the morning (whilst having a dry/dull skin day), then redid my face before going out in the evening (of course, reapplying the serum) and then at the end of the day, complete with oils, lotions and potions. Another thing I love about the product, is the packaging; it has that simple, yet expensive smooth glass bottle, which has become something I relate solely to Jurlique, as their Rosewater Mist has the same packaging, making them look divine perched on my bedside table.

So, basically, after using this for about five months, i'm about to run out (which is why there's no swatch, sorry, but this is so precious to me and my skin) and not only am I incredibly sad about it, but i'm also so happy with what it's done to my skin. Twenty year old skin is awkward. Blemishes, oil, the development of fine lines - it's all happening, and although I don't know of a serum targeted towards twenty-something skin, this for me, has it all. It keeps my skin looking plump and radiant, which to be honest, I need. With dark circles under my eyes, that leave me looking like a member of the undead, I need that glow and plumpness that Jurlique's Herbal Recovery Serum brings. I know it may seem like a bit of an over exaggeration to say that this is one of the best skincare products for me, seeing as its targeted towards older skin - but on some days, when I switch between two other serums as well, I feel like my skin almost yearns for this product. It glides onto cleansed skin and I know it'll do me right, whether I have blemishes or not. It leaves me glowing, and I cannot be without it. Do you have any Jurlique products or any wonder products your skincare routine cannot be whole without? 

Jurlique serum 1

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

New CID Cosmetics i-gel Eye Liner Trio in Bronze, Copper and Stone.

CID eyes 4 CID eyes 1 CID eyes 2

When I think about eye makeup, gel eyeliner isn't the first thing that pops into my head, despite how long wearing and creamy it is. I suppose, I look at my liquid eyeliner pen and ponder if there is anything better (because trust me, I find liquid liner very difficult, and have not long mastered the feline flick); I'm not saying gel eyeliner is better, because each to their own, but it's different - and really, surprisingly, easy to use. New CID Cosmetics i-gel Eye Liner Trio* is creamy and packed with pigment. I wasn't expecting such an amazing formula, that is creamy when applied, but then dries and is basically there for the day, despite accidentally rubbing my eyes after coming back from a long day at work. I hate it when that happens, because usually it's a disaster - eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow going everywhere (under my eyes and over my hands.. nightmare). Basically, I look like I've just gotten home from a night on the town, after which I crashed on someone's sofa and didn't take my makeup off. I really do hate it when that happens. But back to this eyeliner trio, and at £21 (here) for three gel liners, I don't think that's an inappropriate price at all, considering the choice of colour available, as well as their ability to blend together, so an ombre gel liner look is totally on the cards when I have some time and a stead hand. 

It comes with a small liner brush, which has a flat tip, much to the difference of usual eyeliner brushes, which are usually tapered for easier usage. For me, I really do like the idea of the brush and find it easy to use, but perhaps that's because I had time to play and get it right - if you're in a rush, keep to what you know, and use that brush. They do create rather blunt lines, as seen in the swatches below, but with some angling, the bluntness can easily be used to create a much thinner line. Keep your hand steady though - resting my elbow on a flat surface usually helps me. As you can see in the last image, the formulas look smooth an blendable, to which they totally are. They glide across the skin, making it so simple to apply - as I find drier products tend to drag on the eyelid, which is not only uncomfortable, but makes it even harder to get that perfect line. With a creamy formula and stiff brush, this is basically a match made in gel liner heaven. 

Another brilliant thing about this trio, is the packaging. New CID Cosmetics have totally nailed their packaging, with a lid that protects the gel from drying out, but not only that, i think it makes the entire product look so much neater and expensive. Plus, I think there's something oddly satisfying about pressing the protective lid down, like 'I dare you gel liners to dry out now hahaha' kinda thing, but maybe that's just me? I do get a bit too into my makeup sometimes. In addition, I am very impressed with the formula and lasting time of this product, as well as the little mirror which is perfect if you need a quick glance to make sure everything is in tip top condition - which it so will be, because these babies don't move on my lids. I will say that, if you have oily lids, a primer wouldn't be a terrible idea, just incase you worry about transfer to the brow bone. Have you tried anything from New CID Cosmetics

CID eyes 3 CID eyes 4

The swatches, from top to bottom; Copper, Bronze and Stone.

CID eyes 5

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Pinterest Fashion Inspiration, #1

Fashion Inspo Collage 1
Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

There's something so inspiring and wonderful about Pinterest. On there, everything seems so bright and polished - which isn't a necessary or correct depiction of life, because I haven't seen pictures of fabulously dressed women caught in the middle of a downpour with no umbrella, ruining their suede shoes. But maybe that's the beauty of it. Everything looks so right, and if you live in the right place, or can guarantee a day with the appropriate weather, then you too, can borrow inspiration and wear something equally as fabulous. What's caught my eye so far, as I scroll through Pinterest is that of skirts, mostly midi - as showing your knees off is so two years ago, right? Unless, that is, you've got jeans with rips on the knees - a fashion staple I only recently purchased, and now find myself in love with. I feel very hip, but maybe not very much so, as I still use the word hip, and the phrase 'down with the kids'. I'm only 23, but I've never been hip, or anything of the sort when it comes to clothing. Classic or chic is what I usually go for, so wearing black ripped jeans (£24.99, here) is perhaps my most fashion forward look for some time. 

Saying that, I did pair it with Navy striped Breton top from Fat Face which kind of alludes to my whole classic sense of style - it seems that even with ripped jeans, I cannot stay away from the items that do signify my style. Down with the kids, I am not - maybe with their mothers, or older siblings, though? I'm also greatly loving the look of shirts, tied at the waist with an A-line midi skirt, or even combined with a t-shirt, tucked in to give that smart, stylish but casual look - and yes, you've caught me; stripes again. I do love a good stripe. All combined with some killers heels, most of which are strappy and make the look zing, as that's what a good pair of shoes can do. It all inspires me to dress better, and attempt to look presentable, regardless of whether my figure differs from theirs, or anyone else's. Having curves and a big chest does make me shy away from pieces of clothing that people say 'No, you can't wear that. You have to be thin and tall', or even 'I don't like it on you. It's a bit tight on the hips, isn't it?'. I'm always one for honesty, but yeah, perhaps too much can be more damaging than anyone can think. 

Anyway, I wanted to write a little inspiration post on what fashion, and sense of styles grab me, as I'm really thinking of adding some fashion esc posts to my blog. I don't think of myself as thin, or plus-size, so I may find myself in the middle of there and if I find myself there, surely someone else will feel the same as well? Hopefully, through some future posts, size 12/14/16 ladies won't be ashamed, or feel overlooked in terms of representation through fashion blogging. 

Do you feel like your body shape/size is represented in the fashion blogging world? Is there anything that you'd like to see feature on here? 


Monday, 16 March 2015

Collection Makeup Haul and Swatches

Collection makeup haul 1

Collection makeup haul 2

Collection makeup haul 3

Collection makeup haul 4

Everyone likes a good haul, don't they? I certainly do, and these products don't let me down at all. It was a haulage totally inspired by the amazing Vicki from Let's talk beauty (here) as she posted about the amazing Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Bronze (Currently £2.99, here) as well as the Work the Colour Lip Butter (£2.99, here), so I though... yes, I need. While I was there, a few other bits and pieces caught my eye, because you know... two of them were sparkly and the other... well, who doesn't love a good natural palette? I certainly do, and I know a good amount of bloggers that cannot say no to another neutral palette, because we cane never have too many, right? Especially when the formula's are amazing, and at less than £5 each, they're a steal - so if you're in the market, I say go for it. Seriously, the swatches will sway you. 

This is only going to be a quick little post, so the swatches aren't as amazing as I'd like them to be, but I'm sure once they get a post, all on their own, those eyeshadow palettes will sell themselves. Currently, they were just swatched to show the difference between the two palettes, as well as the lip butter and glitter eyeliners. The eyeshadows are lovely and soft on application, and whereas the Nude Palette is matte, the Nude Bronze Palette includes shimmer, so based on mood, you can go for either, or even mix and match - as although the second palette has that slightly more copper based set of colours, they would look divine blended into the crease and lash line of a champagne/taupe matte base. Plus, for £2.99 each, at the moment, these are a steal for less than £10, and there's still a bit left over to purchase a gorgeously soft lip butter. The shade is Vintage Rose and that colour is totally up my street - I do love a good classic deep pink, especially with a formula that just glides on the lips. I'm very impressed, and definitely looking into the two other shades.

Last, but not least, are my two Collection Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liners in Va Va Voom (the turquoise, almost teal blue with glitter) and Dig It (the gold with glitter) (£2.99, here) and these two just bring a bit of sparkle to any look, and combined with a simple eyeshadow, these certainly pop. Who doesn't love a bit of glitter, after all? What are your most Collection purchases? Has anything from their new releases caught your eye? 

Collection makeup haul 5

Collection makeup haul 6
Top row is the Collection Uncovered Palette in Nude, and on the bottom is Collection's Uncovered Palette in Nude Bronze. Both well pigmented, and a very good array of pale/light neutral shades on top before starting with a soft champagne, copper and gold on the bottom. 

In the below picture, the top row is the Uncovered Palette in Nude - which continues on with soft taupe colours before going into a darker brown, which makes a good change from having a charcoal/black. On the bottom row we have the Uncovered Palette in Nude Bronze, as we can see them darkening into bronze and rust esc shades. 
Collection makeup haul 7

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream Review

Origins Ginzing 1 Origins Ginzing 2

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream is my first foray into fancy eye creams, as I've always usually bought them from the Una Brennan shelf in Boots but this, I felt, was a trusted purchase as I've read so much about it from other bloggers. There was a lot of hooplah when it first came out, and yes it was very impressive, but I'm always a bit wary of skincare as my skin is really sensitive - I like to see if bloggers are still loving it, a few months after the hype has died down. They were. Numerous bloggers, who I trust loved it, so I thought 'Hey, I need a new eye cream. Where's my nearest counter?' - the answer to that, was miiiiiles away, so I ordered it online before Christmas along with some other purchases, most of which were presents for other people. But, it's always a stressful period of the year, so why not treat myself to something lovely?

After using this for about three months, I finally feel that I can talk about it and give it a somewhat well rounded opinion; I know it doesn't look like I've used a lot, but I literally use a touch under each eye, morning and night, and that suits me perfectly fine. Origins GinZing eye cream is said to brighten and de-puff, and goodness knows, I could use all the help I can get in that department - as I have bad, hereditary dark circles, as well as puffiness when I haven't slept well enough. So this was a rather calculated buy, after consulting some fabulous blogging ladies on Twitter. With the combination of caffeine, Ginseng and Magnolia as well as optic brighteners, this claims to brighten and de-puff with wonderful results which I can agree with. There was a brightness and a certain amount of de-puffery going on, but for me, who looks like I've been punched under both eyes, it didn't make me go 'Wow, I look more awake and bright', instead I thought 'Huh, I must have slept better than I thought' and to me, that is far more important, even though they kinda sound like the same thing (must be the wording). It makes me think that I've had more sleep, slept better and awoken brighter as I'd much rather believe that it looks like I've had more sleep, rather than something simply disguising what I really look like when I wake up.

When I wake up, to the brightness of the light, I have a mirror placed right on my windowsill, so I can look at my skin before I can do anything to change its appearance. Using this does make me look healthy and less vampire like, which with pale skin and dark under eyes, I look like an unhealthy vampire at that. Like in the Vampire Diaries when they have yet to eat... yeah, it's kinda that bad. But anyway, the formula of this is somewhat thin but creamy, as I do think some creams can overpower the under eye, as well as some that don't moisturise it at all - for me, it's all about finding a good balance between not too much, and not too little. But this one, is juuuuust right (and yes, I did just make a Goldie Locks and the Three Bears reference). It sinks into the sink so well, as doesn't feel like it's just sitting there - it leaves the under eye area looking and feeling moisturised, as although I have oily/combination skin, I always think that my under eyes and chin are quite dry, so they do need a bit more moisture and love, than other parts of my face. If only I could use my facial oil on my under eyes, but that would just ...not be good. Too heavy and possibly even a breakout. Oh, that sounds ugly. 

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It does say that this GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream is primarily to be used in the morning, to brighten and de-puff, but I do really like to use it at night as well, as its light texture does leave my skin looking moisturised, which I really do love. I'm not the only one that worries about fine lines around my eyes already, right? It's not that I'm scared for them to come, but I'd like to keep them hydrated and happy for as long as possible, before they start to weave their story on my face. Maybe when I'm older, I'll switch to perhaps a little something thicker, heavier in the night, but for now, this does very well on my skin. It also has that little citrusy smell to it, which when combined with the brightness of the orange packaging, just makes me think of tropical climes, and how I want to be there. 

I've noticed that through my research, the reviews do show a demographic of people using it, aged 20-30, more so than any other age group, which would lead me to think that this is kind of a transition eye cream, something to keep you looking lovely and bright, in your 20s before perhaps going onto something thicker, and more targeted at fine lines etc. Although I have read older women/men using it, it just seems to be especially popular with 20-30 year olds, which I think says a lot about the formula and its results. It looks quite pink in the pot (which has a screw lid, making it so easy to take around with you) but don't be scared by the colour, as if anything, it slightly disguises dark circles, as the pinky formula contrasts with the deep purple/blue of under eye circles. At £23 (here), I would say it's a bit pricy for an under eye cream, but I don't mind spending a bit more money on skincare, as I get older, because I only have one face/body, right? So why not pay that little bit more? It's not to say that the high street doesn't do wonderful eye creams, but based on what I had read, this suited my needs and to be honest, I'd been wanting to try it for a good long while. I'm really very impressed with it, for what my skin needs now that I'm 23 - now if only there was a magic cream to make my dark circles go away completely, instead of battling with them, and making the area seem more awake. Now that, would be amazing. Do you have any skincare from Origins? Have you tried any of the GinZing range? 

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Makeup Revolution Goddess of Love Highlighter

Makeup Rev Goddess love 1

I have seriously wanted this highlighter so much for the past few months, but I wanted to see its fabulousness in person, before ordering online. But thankfully, in the amazing Superdrug Beauty Studio in Cardiff, they have the most wonderful Makeup Revolution stand, so I immediately bought it when I saw that there was not only a tester, but several of the highlighters that I wanted. So yay! Look at it though, isn't it beautiful? It just reminds me of long, lazy Summer days, where mostly everyone has a glow about them, from the warmth and joy that season brings - I wanted Summer to come early, because it's cooooold and, basically, it was another excuse to have this highlighter.

I'm a huge fan of Makeup Revolution, and they seem to be going from strength to strength recently, which I cannot explain how much I love. It's a proper bloggers brand. They are super friendly on Twitter and Instagram, always chatting to fans of the products and that's something I really, really admire. If only all brands were like that. Some of my favourite brands are, but others... not so much. But back to this wonderful highlighter. Goddess of Love - even the name makes me think, 'Yeah, I will totally have that kinda glow that makes me look stunning and be the envy of everyone'. It works in theory. As I wore it, people said that I looked really healthy and glowy, and then I promptly pointed them in the direction of Makeup Revolution, and coerced a few orders, in which this was a star purchase...so, not necessarily the envy of everyone if they're already wearing it, but for those who don't have it... look out, I'm coming at you, and pointing you in the direction of Goddess of Love.

It's just gorgeous, and with a Too Faced esc (here) look about it, it looks and feels, far more expensive than it is. To me, the quality as well as the packaging, exceeds far more than the £4.99 I paid for it as it just gives the term 'glowing from within' a run for its money, as that can be totally faked. It's a subtle glow, one that I don't restrict only to the cheekbones with a powder blush brush. For me, it's applied all over the face with a Real Techniques Powder Brush (£12.99, here), in light airy strokes, with particular attention paid to the tops of my cheekbones and my t-zone - anywhere the sunlight would hit if I were to sunbathe. It makes skin look super healthy, and is such a fantastic way to cheat if you're feeling under the weather, or if your makeup is looking a bit flat. Once applied, I find that it lasts all day, and the soft champagne esc colour gives such a gentle, natural glow that I think would look fab on any skin colour. I will say to start off with light, airy strokes as more could definitely be added to make you look super dewy and more gorgeous than you are, already. It may look quite shimmery in the pan, but when applied, it looks very natural, and I for one have been wearing it everyday for the past week or so. I can't wait to try this when I get a teeny bit of a tan this year, as no only can it be used on the face, but I take it down to my collarbone as well - especially on an evening out. Glowing from within shouldn't just be restricted to your face, so a subtle dust with the same powder brush can not only give you a little boost, but it'll have people wondering what your secret is. I am terrible at keeping secrets - obviously, as otherwise I'd be keeping this little beauty all to myself ;) Have you tried any Makeup Revolution products? Will you be trying their Goddess of Love Highlighter?

Makeup Rev Goddess love 2

Makeup Rev Goddess love 3

Saturday, 7 March 2015

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial and Giveaway.

Ren Flash 1 minute 1

Ren Flash 1 minute 2

Hello my lovelies, this is my first giveaway in a while, and I wanted to thank my lovely followers for sticking with me, for the past month or so, as I have been so busy, and then I was in a car accident, which has really left me for worse, pain wise - nothing's broken though. Aside from some damage to my right wrist, shoulder and back, I'm surviving, but blogging has taken a bit of a backseat as I can't type as quickly as I could before, so this is taking a good while, with my left hand. But enough of that, let's talk about this little beauty, and then the giveaway! Excited? I certainly am.

After a bit of hassle with the delivery, I was so excited as soon as this landed in my hands as I'd read so much about it (can I say gonna be cult product?), but you know the weird thing about it? It's activated by water. I know it says that on the tube, but it's weeeeird. Like, you put it on your face, moisten your fingertips and massage your skin... it's so strange, but it works. I think it's the Vitamin C that leaves me skin looking quite glowy and smooth, and there's that citrus smell that is just always an amazing thing, in my books. It's not something to use all the time - about once a week or so, I've been using it, so the tube is going to last me a good while. Which is pretty good, as although it is £32 for a 75ml tube (I ordered mine from Marks & Spencer, here) it is going to last, otherwise I wouldn't be as impressed with it, as I am. I think the main thing, with the product, is getting over the oddness of it's application, as well as the idea of leaving it on for 1 minute, before taking it off. It's nothing like I've ever tried before, so REN for me, have completely revolutionised the way in which I give myself a facial, which takes a good 10 minutes or so, with various amounts of products used. This REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial is a bit of an odd product, as I suppose you don't really know what to expect until you try it, which is perhaps why I was slightly weary about it when I ordered it, but it has totally set my mind at ease. Not only does it have that gorgeous, sleek REN packaging, but it does what it says it will, and that's give you some glowy, healthy looking skin. So much so, I noticed a difference after the first use and I've recommended it to anyone that needed a bit of a rejuvenation, in terms of skincare.

From what I've read, it's appropriate for all skin types, except for those that are really quite sensitive, so I'd suggest a patch test before purchasing; generally behind your ear, or on your wrist. What I did was pop into M&S, dab a little behind my ear, and have a stroll around for a few hours if you're in a shopping mood, and then check to see if there was a reaction, using a well placed mirror and natural light. The formula doesn't seem too heavy or harsh on the skin, and I've really enjoyed using it.  Combined with my other little pieces of REN skincare, such as their Hot Cloth Cleanser, Daily Supplements Moisturiser and Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, this Flash Facial is doing my skin a world of good, and I am so excited that someone else gets to try it!

As for the rules, I'll ship this internationally, so all you lovelies out there have the chance of winning it :) Good luck, and I'll be checking all the entries when the giveaway finishes on the 22nd of March.

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Monday, 2 March 2015

Maybelline Superstay 7 Days Nail polish in Golden Brown

Maybelline 1 Maybelline 2

This is going to be a favourite, I can tell. A rose gold/bronze shade that is gorgeous worn on the nails, and combined with the amazing formula of Maybelline's Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail colour in Golden Brown (£4.49, here), this polish is one to definitely keep an eye out for in the upcoming warmer weather. To me, it seems like the kind of colour that is really reminiscent of a hotter climate, where you go on an adventure and discover things; whether it's something small, like a restaurant that has blown your mind, or some ruins that leave you wondering about when it was built. I love polishes that invoke a memory, or an idea, and whenever you wear it, you're transported right back to that time. For me, this will be packed in my suitcase for my trip to Turkey, in May - imagine me, under my sun hat, with a slight tan, and rose gold on my fingertips. There's something about metallic polish that makes me think it'd be amazing on every skintone, and combined with the formula, it'd be five, maybe even seven glorious days of rosey metallic wonder. 

One of the amazing things about Maybelline's nail polishes, especially their Super Stay range, is not only the formula and range of colours, but the width of the brush, which covers the nail in two swipes, meaning even the most challenged with polish (ie me with a busted right hand) can even have a fabulous manicure with very minimal effort. I love that! Especially when combined with the drying time, which I think is super fast - so you can basically paint your nails, two coats, and a top coat and be out the door in 20 minutes. Seriously, I had to do that: my nails needed a bit of oomf, so I painted this on as quickly as I could, gave it a second coat, just to get the full colour payoff, top coated it using my Seche Vite - which I would say takes the most drying time, as I don't want it to smudge on my way out the door. I for one, am a huge fan of Maybelline's polishes, and this Super Stay offering does no where near disappoint. Well done Maybelline, you beauty. 

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