Thursday, 26 September 2013

Soap & Glory Shower Scrub edit

Who doesn't love a good shower? ... Exactly! Everyone does. And one of my favourite shower pastimes (yes i have more than one, shaving my legs is far down on the list) is having a good scrub, and I don't think anyone does it better than Soap & Glory. I've tried quite a few of their scrubs, but I have to say, my favourite is currently 'Sugar Crush', and oh my god it's good. It's smells citrusy and fresh (the perfect way to wake you up in the shower) but I find it moisturising and it makes my skin really soft afterwards. I think it's down to almond oil for making my skin feel plump and rich, whereas the smashed brown sugar and macadamia grains scrub away at the dead skin cells, and I find that even though i'm a bit pink after exfoliating, I think my skin looks glowy, and it's wonderful (I like to get my glow on). I like to have a good exfoliation two to three times a week, to increase blood flow and circulation (which with me, can be quite bad sometimes).

Now, my scrub gloves are what I use when I need a quick all over exfoliation (i.e a five minute shower, whereas my regular ones are about twenty minutes). I find that these gloves do aid my skin in glowing, as not only does it improve the texture of my skin, but it also increases blood circulation (which undoubtedly causes the glow factor). They're so easy to pop on and have a quick scrub without the use of an actual scrub, plus they can also be used to lather shower gel onto your skin (my shower gel of choice being 'Clean on me') which not only exfoliates with the rough texture of the gloves, but slathers moisture onto the skin as quick as you like.

What do you think of Soap & Glory scrubs? Which ones do you like the most? Do you use scrub gloves?


Thursday, 19 September 2013

John Frieda Full Repair for Damaged Hair Review

I'm sitting here writing this post, with damp hair and waiting for my food to cook, and I just had to do this review now. I've been using John Frieda for about two weeks, and I love it. It makes me hair soft, smooth and shiny, which are the main three things I tend to look for in a good haircare routine. Not only that, but I feel like my hair feels healthier, and i've noticed that the ends of my hair don't seem as dry, or as damaged any more. I think it's the fact that they're rich in Omega-3, which claims to reduce the appearance and feel of damaged hair. Since I've started using this, my hair feels so luscious and bouncy, and I think it's actually grown. It claims to give full repair to damaged hair, and for me so far, it totally has. I am impressed, so let's talk about it.

We start with the shampoo* (£5.89), which is thick and creamy, and although it doesn't smell like anything too fragrant, it makes your hair smell clean, so much so, i've gotten comments on how good my hair looks and smells (win!). The conditioner* (£5.89) is amazing. It's so softening, and you don't have to use that much of it at all, and for the first time in my life, I actually have more conditioner left than shampoo. Mind blown. Together, these make a really wonderful duo, so much so, i've made my mum start using them, and she loves them too. My hair, in comparison to my mum's, is thin, but there's a lot of it, so there's quite a bit of body to it, but it's not thick; i rarely straighten or use heat on my hair, but i've got split ends which need care and attention. My mum's on the other hand, it really thick and curly, which she straighten's everyday, so damage repair is a top priority for her.

So for my hair, thin and wavy, and for my mums, thick and curly, it really works. So, two hair types down!

Now, for the best step, it has to be the oil. The repairing oil elixr which adds shine, smoothens and strengthens is amazing. It makes my hair feel so good, and I think it actually makes it dry quicker than it would without this step. This oil* sells for £9.99 in Boots, and I think it's totally worth it. I think it's hard to describe, but my hair feels so so good, that I don't think i'm going to change my haircare routine. Ever. This is something of a holy grail for me, as hair that looks and feels good is a total winner. It can be used on wet hair, with one pump into your palm, before rubbing your hands together and running it through your hair, or it can be used on dry hair, to add shine and tame flyaways, which happens quite a lot with the use of heat products like straighteners. 

Here is a link to the full range of full repair products from John Frieda, and here is a link to their Youtube channel, which after a good nose, offers some really good tutorials on on different hairstyles, so if you're a bit of a stickler for the same hairstyle (guilty as charged!) then this is exactly what you need! What's better than good hair, and learning what to do with your newly fabulous hair? I don't know, but I know that this hydrate and rescue haircare routine is now going to be my go to for my hair washes, which average about four times a week.

What do you guys think of these products? Would you give them a go? Got any hair issues that you think this could solve? Let me know (:



Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Physicians Formula Make-up Review

Hey there my lovelies! Let's talk about Physicians Formula. Don't know who they are? Don't worry, you soon will! They are tailored to those with very sensitive skin, with mostly all of their makeup being hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved, which I think is brilliant for those who may get reactions from makeup, even makeup they've used for quite a long time. Physicians Formula are held are experts in Colour Correction, bringing high end products, at drug store prices, which to be honest, is wonderful, as who doesn't like a well priced product that delivers above and beyond? Don't let the claims of being recommended by allergists throw you, their products are fun and glamorous, so you needn't worry about your face looking dull, or unexciting compared to those who are wearing different makeup brands. Physicians Formula can hold their own. I introduced the following products in a post last month, and i've been testing these for a few weeks, to which I finally feel like I can present a well rounded review of these products.

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Airbrushing Bronzing Veil Deluxe Edition* 

Now, i'm not one for bronzers. At all. Having a glowing bronze look just isn't my thing. I much prefer a porcelain, english rose kind of look, as I like to think that it works quite well for me. However, I've been putting this fabulous product through its paces the past few weeks, and can I just say, look at it! How gorgeous is that product? The sun is gloriously pressed, and although it may look quite shiny, it is not at all like that on the face.  I've been using it as a contour, as, a bronzed face just looked odd on me (each to their own, I suppose) and as a contour, it is so good. If you've got pal skin, and find most contours too dark for you, such as the Sleek one, this is the one for you. It creates a wonderful shadow, and for me, makes my cheekbones look so good! Also, for you little bronzed lovelies out there, it claims to extend the life of your tan with its 'Triple-Action Bronze Boosting', which, although I don't tan, sounds pretty darn wonderful. And a little additional note for the bronzer, and the pressed powder below, if you lift up the product pan to get to the brush, there's a very handy mirror for applications on the go. Love it? Oh yes. 

Mineral Wear Airbrushed pressed powder*

Now this product, I think, is my favourite. I apply it with either the brush provided (isn't it glorious? it looks like a fan!... anyway) or with a powder brush, such as the one by Real Techniques, and it makes my skin glow. I think it's the Mineral Powder that gives such an amazing, almost flawless finish, it seriously makes my skin look so airbrushed, and you want to know something else that's good about this product? It's got an SPF of 30. How crazy is that?! It actually helps to prevent sunburn! It's been weeks, but that fact still blows my mind. You can imagine that my skin in the summer was still as pale as ever, and stayed that way due to this little beauty. I know it may look a bit dark in the pan, but when applied, it illuminates and conceals like a dream. This is a new love for me. The packaging is a lovely metallic blue, with a way of opening that took me about five minutes to figure out (I know. I am ashamed) with a space below the pan of powder for the brush, which is a very high quality, just as with the rest of the packaging. 

Organic Wear Fake Out Mascara*

I was very excited about this. It's organic, so it's 100% natural with no irritation to be found, and when I wear it, it feels very light on the lashes, and the colour, it's very black, which is always a plus for me. The wand, is huuuuge. So huge, the first time I used it, I got it on my eyelid quite a lot, but with more practice, I got better at wielding such a large wand. I've found that it doesn't smudge, or clump, and even for the most sensitive of eyes, I think this would be very suitable. The packaging, like the other products, is metallic, and it's pink! And it just fits well in my hand, which is another plus from me. The only thing, and it's totally to do with my eyelashes and not this product, is the fact that my lashes only hold curl with a waterproof mascara, so, regretfully, my eyelashes fell almost immediately, but they were long and lovely. You can't win them all I suppose, but on someone with normal lashes, this would be really, really good. 

Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing eyeliner trio Nude Collection, in colours from l-r: Pewter, Black and Champagne*

Now these are so exciting. Creamy, blendable, pigmented goodness that has a sharpener on the bottom of each one. A sharpener. Oh yes. And they twist, in order to reveal more product, but the sharpener is very useful in order to reveal a sharper line, as I find they do blunt quite easily due to their soft creaminess (which is by no means a bad thing). The packaging is glorious, and it feels expensive. It's heavy and metallic, and quite minimalist in design, so all pluses from me so far! There's a swatch in the picture below (the colours are, from top to bottom, Pewter, Champagne and Black) and I find that they last very well throughout the day, even on my oily eyelids. They claim to be smudge proof, which I agree with, unless you viciously rub your eyes, as I think there would be some movement, but not too much to cause an eye-makeup disaster. The lightest colour, is a wonderful bronzey taupe, which shimmers with a soft shot of glitter through it, that is quite subtle and really wonderful as a base, or eyeliner. Pewter and Black, are quite similar in colours , with the black being obviously darker, it has a shot of gold glitter to it and something quite goldy black about the colour too, there's just something about it that looks good. With Pewter, it's more of a brown black, with a mixture of bronze and gold shimmer running through it, which I really like. These eyeliners claim to create a warm nude eye for any eye colour, and I can totally see that, with these colours. They work well on my blue/grey/green eyes, so I can imagine that they'd do well on others too.


Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner*

Finally, we have an eyeshadow palette, which also claims to be a 'Nude look for any eye colour', which I think is brilliant, as it's so versatile as well. The shadows are grouped in threes, with two larger shadows next to a thinner one; the thinner one can be used as a liner for that particular look, and can be used dry, for a soft look, or wet, for an intense, dramatic look. The colours are shimmery and subtle, but can be built up for a more pigmented look. If you're not a fan of shimmer eyeshadows, then this is not the palette for you, but for those of you who like a bit of glimmer, keep on reading (; This is an eyeshadow collection that can take you from day to night very easily, as you just move along the palette, from light to dark. There are some real gems in this collection, and I find that i've been going to this palette almost every day, as who doesn't like a bit of shimmer? I certainly do. The packaging is lovely with black lace over a pinky base, with a fold over lid, which is very good to quickly get to your products, although, it does not feature a mirror, which may foil your plans unless you carry one around with you.

So, this is my Physicians Formula makeup review, I hope you enjoyed it, and I cannot wait for them to come to the UK, as these products were all $15 ish or less, and that equates to just under £10, which is a very good price for such wonderful products. I'm not sure when they are announcing themselves over in the UK, but I am very excited.

Which of the above products do you think you'll be trying? Any that catch you eye?



Sunday, 15 September 2013

The No7 Autumn colour edit

This is the guest post that I wrote for Nicole over at Coleoftheball and I thought I'd post it here as well, just in case you didn't see it. Nicole is so lovely for asking me to do a guest post for her. Go check her out (: Sooo, this is the post, as was done on her blog. Enjoy!

Hello to all you fabulous lovelies out there, I'm Rebecca, and the lovely Nicole has asked me to write a guest post on her blog, and who am I to say no? I'm a great fan of sharing newly discovered beauty products, and that's exactly what this post is today. It's all about two fabulous products that I'm going to be wearing this Autumn when the weather gets a bit colder (saying that, I did have the heating on yesterday... slippery slope, yes? Haha). I've been waiting a good while for Autumn to arrive, as for me, it's all about bold brows, bold lips and flushed cheeks, either separately or all together, and these two products definitely tick two of those boxes. 

So, let's begin with this gorgeous lip crayon. I feel that No7 are really bringing it with their products these days (if you follow my blog, i'm sure you'll know i'm all about the No7 lipsticks) and this crayon is no exception. It's glossy, pigmented, not exactly creamy, but not drying either, or really very sticky. I hate gloopy, stickiness on my lips as somehow my hair always gets stuck to it, and it just ends badly. This however, is nothing like the horrible gloopy hair debacle. This is actually really lovely. The crayon isn't as thick as others that you can get from Revlon etc, it's thinner, and the actual products seems more moisturising than others, which is a huge plus from me. It's super easy to apply, and can be blended with a finger to give a more subtle colour, something similar to 'i've just been rubbing my lips together' kind of look, which I really like. It lasts for a good few hours before reapplying, and I find that it fades quite evenly, which is always a worry for me. 

No7 High Shine Intense Lip Crayon in 'Sultry Kiss'

Our next product is what No7 call a Blush Tint and is very similar to the Revlon Baby Stick that they brought out in the summer, the difference here is that the colour payoff with No7 is a lot greater, and less.. I don't know, shiny? There was something quite sheer and shiny about the Revlon Crayon, which is perfect for summer, but for winter? Nope. A bit not good. This crayon is seriously pigmented, to the point where i would not actively put it on my face straight from the stick. I put it on my hand, then dab it on with my fingers, and then blend with a brush. Otherwise, it can look like you've just gone for a run, or it's really, really cold... and it's not that cold, so maybe it would look a bit odd for this time of year? It's creamy, so can be blended very well, and is very buildable, if the first flush of colour wasn't enough for you. For pale skinned beauties, I'd apply this sparingly, as I've found, it can give a 'too flushed' look. 

No7 Blush Tint Stick in 'Rosebud'

So here are two of my No7 picks for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season, which I am very excited about. I just want to thank Nicole for letting me guest post, as it's such an exciting experience (: and I hope that you've all enjoyed reading this, if so, I'd love for you to let me know, and to check out my blog, which can be found here at ohkalukalay

What products are you coveting this A/W? Are you going to be rocking a bold lip? Or perhaps a flushed cheek? Let me know (:



Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The SO Project - Foundation

Get your war paint on girlies! (My dad calls it that, no idea why, haha) It's time to get your foundation sorted, and for me, my essentials are pale and long lasting. I'm not generally too fussed over coverage, as I know that I need my medium to full, and my light to mediums, depending on what look and I want, and what kind of day is ahead of me. For a long day, I go for a fuller coverage, like Facefinity All Day Flawless  by Maxfactor, and then set that with Soap & Glory's mattifying translucent powder. Whereas for a light to medium coverage day, I still set it with my mattifying powder, because oily/combination skin like mine tends to shine a lot, but i do it quite lightly, so my skin still shows through, if you know what I mean. 

These three foundations, by Maxfactor and Soap & Glory, are my essentials. They're drugstore, and I love them. Perhaps because i've never had a high end foundation? But, regardless, I adore them, and they suit me very well. The shades are the palest of them all (the S&G shade is called 'fairest of them all' so I feel all Snow White when I wear it. It's a good moment for me, haha) and to be honest, i'm pretty ghostly, but I still have a few patches of redness on my cheeks, so when I apply my foundation (with the brushes below) it's a bit like that moment in Memoirs of Geisha where she's painting her face (i'm seriously that pale and I love that moment). Although, we have much better foundations nowadays. 

Now these bad boys are my foundation brushes. Oh yes, I have two expert face brushes, it's because ohmygod I cannot do without them. They are my go to, everyday, for a flawless base. When I first purchased the Core Collection by Real Techniques, it was all about the Buffing brush, and wow, is it good! But, I bought the Expert Face brush and I haven't looked back since (except when my expert face brushes need cleaning). I do go back to the Buffing Brush on occasion though, as it's a lovely change of pace. 

To apply my foundation, I make sure that my skin is prepped ready for it. So cleansed, toned and moisturised. After that, it's all about the flawless base, and with one of the below brushes, it's super easy to achieve. I put one pump (or a soft squeeze, if the bottle doesn't have a pump) onto the back of my hand, then I dab the brush onto half of the makeup before applying it in circular strokes on my face. I do this everyday, so it only takes me a minute or two, but you want to make sure that all of your face is covered, and that you've blended it well. We don't want any lines, or buildup of makeup. We want a flawless look, and well blended makeup is the way to do it. I would then follow this routine with application of concealer, and to complete the base, I would then set it with a mattifying translucent powder. 

Drugstore foundations that I like, well, the above three. They're my go to's, and I love them. High End foundations that I want to try; Mac Face & Body, Illamasqua Skinbase and Chanel Perfection Lumiere.

What foundations are you using? Any one's that have caught your eye?

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner pens

I used to be quite a fan of eyeliner, but then gel took over and I never looked back, that was, until I thought 'Why not buy an eyeliner pen, that sounds so easy' and it was, as the above eyeliners were not the first ones that I bought. I originally purchased one from Bourjois, and I do regret it. It was watery and it just didn't stay on my eyelids for as long as I wanted it to. Not impressed. So, these were my second effort, and I'm really glad that I bought them, as not only is one really thin, but the other is quite blocky and wonderful for a thick cat eye flick.

The colour is very black, and the first one, with the thinner nib, is perfect for getting in the inner eye, for a really defined look, but can also be made thicker quite easily. The pen makes it so easy to handle and manoeuvre, which I think is essential for a good flick and definition when doing eyeliner. The same can be said of the second one, which although had a thicker, blockier nib, is equally as black and easy to use. 

I bought them when they first came out, and they've quickly become my go to for black eyeliner, and I do find that they last for a long time, although they do transfer to the skin above the crease of my eye, I don't know if that's mainly due to my oily eyelids? Or is this something that happens with you too? Let me know. They're both £5.49 in Boots, and are part of the retro look that Rimmel are focusing on this season, and I do love a good retro look. These two products, I think, would be essentials for creating a retro Twiggy-esc retro look (remember those amazing lines!) as a precision pen and a thick & thin pen when used together are really, really good. 

What do you think of these bad boys? Are you an eyeliner pen fan?



Friday, 6 September 2013

Beauty Store Cupboard Essentials - Hand Cream

Remember those cookery books that would tell you about your store cupboard essentials, such as salt, pepper etc? Well, I wanted to do some Beauty store cupboard essentials, like those products that you cannot do without, and I've decided that it's going to be a weekly series of posts, just chatting about what I think are essential things to make up your store cupboard or stash, as some like to call it. 

Hand cream, I think, is a true essential, as not only does it keep your hands moisturised, it conditions the nails and if you have dry skin on your hands, like I do, then it alleviates the condition, as dry skin is not only flakey but can be quite itchy. Scratching it only brings more flakiness to the surface, so yes, keeping everything moisturised is the way to go. My two favourite products to avoid such horrible scaliness, is 'Hand Food' by Soap & Glory, and the 'Hemp Hand Protector' by The Body Shop. I swear, these are the only two things that work on my hands in the dead of winter, when my skin is so incredibly dry, that my hands actually hurt (yes, that has actually happened once or twice). They are slathered on during Autumn/Winter, and are thrown into any and every bag that I use at the time, as I just can't do without them. 

Hand Food is a bit fruitier, whereas the Hemp Hand protector is more of an acquired taste or smell, and is really not for everyone, as I know people who cannot stand the smell. The packaging is very different, one bright, pink and plastic, the other green, metal and quite plain, almost utilitarian in its design, which is why I love it. They can both take a battering in my bag, and still come out quite well, as after all, with these products, it's what's inside that counts. 

What would you class as one of your 'store cupboard essentials'? What hand creams are you loving for the upcoming a/w season? 



Thursday, 5 September 2013

What's in my travel makeup bag

There's a big difference between my makeup bag, and my travel makeup bag. My actual makeup bag should not attempted to be lifted by someone with a bad back, whereas my travel makeup bag is something I carry with me, pretty much every day. It consists of my go to products right now, and i can't do without any of them.

First things first, two Body Shop perfumes that were included in my August Favourites, which can be found here. They are glorious perfumes, and whenever I wear either of them, everyone I pass seems to comment on them and how wonderful they smell. Usually the response when I wear the coconut one is 'Oooh, you smell like a Bounty' I happen to love Bounty's, so this is nothing but a good thing for me. 

I have just realised that most of the products in my travel makeup bag, are in my August Favourites, which I think demonstrates just how much I really do love them. The lipsticks are, from left, No7 in Sultry, Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Fruitti and No7 lipstick in Coral Rose, which are all wonderful and can be worn either day or night, and can be taken from day to night with very little effort. The Soap and Glory lip balm 'A Great Kisser' is wonderful, and lasts for so long, that three hours later, my lips still feel glossy and delightfully smooth. The No7 lipstick in Sultry is so perfect for A/W, whilst I find the other to be more Summer/Autumn, as I don't know, do people wear coral lipstick in Winter? Perhaps I shall have a to wear it and see (: The lip balm, I can see already, is going to be a staple for the colder months, especially when my hair is tied back, and the wind is whipping at my face. I do love A/W, but chapped lips is one of my most hated experiences of it. 

'One Heck of a Blot' is godly. Oh my god, I think you all know how much I love this product, as I seem to go on and on about it, but my goodness, it is the mattifying powder for me, and without it, my face would be a shiny mess. When I wear it, I just feel so prepared for the day, and feel like I don't need to look in my compact mirror for a touch-up, and for me, as well as for my fellow oily/combination skinned beauty enthusiast, is a very good thing to feel. I suppose it feels like an extra jolt of confidence, and I used to feel so self conscious about my shiny/oily nose.

For another little colour injection, I carry around my Barbara Daly velvet blush in 'English Rose' which is so incredibly creamy and blend able, that I find it to be so very perfect to dab on the cheeks after a long day of work. I find that it takes me from a long day, to a fresh faced look for the night time. When blended, I think it gives a flushed, an almost 'I've just blushed ever so perfectly' look to the cheeks, as it's a lovely soft, rose pink, which I think looks wonderful on pale skin (my skin in ghostly) but also on medium skin tones, a my best friend takes to rummaging through my makeup bag whenever I see her.

In addition, I always try to keep a few hair slides in my bag, for those just in case moments. And my glossy little makeup bag is from ASDA, and I love it. It's wipeable and hardwearing. Everything I want from a travel makeup bag.

What's in your travel makeup bag? What are the essentials that you cannot do without?



Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Collection Cream Puff lip cream

Collection are really, really impressing. I've always loved their concealers, and their lipsticks are wonderfully creamy, and these lip creams are definitely something worth writing about. They're creamy, have very good colour pigmentation and are just so very soft. The colours, from top to bottom are 'Cotton Candy' and 'Fairy Cake', and I do really like the names, as they are quite sweet, dessert esc, which I think makes me like the products even more. Is that silly?

I wouldn't call them a lipstick, or a gloss, or anything like that. It is a cream, but a lip cream sounds, I don't know, a bit strange? Maybe it's just me? Or maybe it's just an unfamiliar term for me? I do really quite like it, it's just so creamy, and I don't find it drying at all, which was a concern for me, but it stays true to it's name 'lip cream'. The colours are very true to the colour that you pick, and I tend to apply it straight from the wand, and then smooth it down with my finger afterwards. It's quite easy to over apply, as I was so tempted to just go over and over my lips with the wand (which reminds me of the type of wand that comes with their best selling concealer) but please don't, I think it would just look far too heavy. 

The pink is a soft, but rich pink, that is actually very similar to my own lip colour, so it feels and looks so natural that I feel likeI can wear it anywhere. The coral is a pinky, reddy, orange, not too bright, but quite subtle and it's just lovely on the lips. I find these two colours to be so wearable, soft and creamy, that I find myself throwing both of them in my bag, wherever I go. I think they're wonderful.

What do you think of these two products? Are they something that you'd try?


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The SO project - Concealer

I don't think I can go without concealer, if I had to give up make up. Foundation yes, mascara yes, but concealer, goodness no. There are days when I only wear concealer, I like to call those very, very good skin days, but otherwise, my concealer is applied on top of my foundation, and you have to know, that different concealers are meant for different things, which is why I use two, almost every day. Concealer is generally used to cover those little blemishes that foundation cannot conceal, and when applied correctly, with a lightness of hand, (or concealer brush, or ring finger) it can look flawless.

The above, from left to right, is Barbara Daly (from Tesco) and it is amazing. It is what I like to call, and industrial strength concealer, and reminds me of Boi-ing from Benefit, but considerably less money. I have the colour 'fair', and it comes in four colours, it's creamy and conceals almost everything, which is why this is my go to for almost every form of blemish, but i don't use it under my eyes, as because it's thicker, it does crease and can look quite heavy.

The Maybelline Eraser Eye is my go to for illuminating and concealing my under eye bags, and is very very reminiscent of YSL's Touche Eclat. I get very bad dark circles under my eyes (damn you, hereditary genes) and this concealer, combined with foundation, sets me up nicely for the rest of the day, and I find, it makes my eyes look brighter, and my general features more awake. I apply it with the little sponge at the top, and then a gentle smoothing pat down, and then set it with mattifying powder, in order for it not to move, or crease. And I find that it doesn't crease at all, which is a very good selling point for me, it can also be used to illuminate under the brow bone, and on top of the cheekbones, if you're only wearing concealer for the day. 

What are your go to products for concealing blemishes and under eye circles? Are you a fan of concealer, under or over foundation?



Monday, 2 September 2013

The No7 Lipstick Edit

From left; Bewitched, Gay Geranium, Coral Rose and Sultry. 

I do like a No7 lipstick (as you may well know) or lipstick in general (which i'm sure you know) so, these four purchases have taken me through August, and will take me into into A/W quite readily. To say i'm very excited is an understatement, as not only do I love Autumn, I love the trends that come with it. But, before I start talking about snuggly socks and wooly scarves,  let's get back to the lipsticks.

Let's go from season to season, Summer to Autumn, and a good place to start, is Coral Rose. It's coral, pink and red, all in one lipstick, and while it's quite light and bright on the lip, it isn't too much, and is something i'd recommend for someone who likes coral colours, but doesn't want anything too in your face. 

The next is Gay Geranium and my gosh, it is bright. It is perhaps so bright that if you don't think you can pull it off, then I don't think you're going to like it on you. Some days I think I look really good in it, and some days I don't, those days are the ones when I take it off, and wear something a bit less 'in your face'. It kind of reminds me of 110 in the Kate Moss range for Rimmel, but Gay Geranium definitely packs a fiercer wallop.

Now, into Autumn, we have the sheer 'Bewitched' which is gorgeous, and a lipstick that I have been wearing so much, despite the fact that it's summer. It's had a glowing mention in my monthly favourites and in my opinion, is sheer perfection for A/W ... or any time of year really. It's just wonderful.

My favourite of all, is Sultry. Oh my gosh, how much do I love this lipstick? A lot, is the answer to that. I love it so much that I wore it at every possible occasion (outside of work). It's smooth, pigmented, such a rich colour that in my opinion, is going to be absolutely perfect for A/W and I can tell that it is going to be a staple in my make up bag, where ever I go. 

As always, the packing with No7 is really good; a nice weight, good material, and wonderful colours. I adore the gunmetal and mirrored silver of the packaging, as to me, it feels quite high end. Not as much as the gorgeous YSL ones, but more so than lipsticks around the same price range. I love the little cards that you find at the No7 counter with all the different looks on them, so I snatched them all up, and flick through them regularly for make up inspiration if I feel like being adventurous. 

Do you like No7's lipstick range? Which are your favourites? What do you think of the colours mentioned above?



Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Favourites 2013

It's that wonderful time of the month again, and here are the products that have been floating my boat for the past thirty days or so. 

Skincare first, and i'm all about moisture these days! The Aloe Vera Gel is a purchase from Holland and Barrett (can you make out the penny sale sticker?) and is a wonderful little moisturiser to use if you're in a hurry, which I sometimes find myself to be in. It sinks in very, very quickly, and I find that I can be out the door a great deal quicker than if i used another moisturiser, such as The Body Shop's Body Butter in Raspberry, but I do find, that when I have more time, this Body Butter is amazing. It smells divine, it has a thick texture that leaves the skin feeling plump and soft, and smelling of raspberry for the rest of the day is a lovely thing. Moving onto facial skincare, we have the Garnier Moisture Match for combination to oily skin, and I don't know what it is, but my skin is so much less shiny that before, which is brilliant, as the shine on my nose is often compared to a homing beacon. Seriously. It has a thick texture, and feels almost like a primer going on my skin; it smells fresh, makes my skin feel soft and holds my make up in place all day, so it's definitely a winner. Another two skincare additions are  the Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil and Boots' own Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel, both of which are skin saviours of mine most recently. I was skeptical of using an oil to cleanse, when I have oily skin, but I find that it hydrates, as well as removes make up and dirt from the day. It leaves my skin soft and fresh when removed, and when followed with the rest of my skincare routine, it has become a new holy grail product. Very impressed. Last but not least, is the night treatment gel, which not only smells good for you, I find that it helps to calm my skin, and reduce blemishes with all of its natural goodness. 

Perfume is something I do get quite excited about, but I never really think to include any in my Monthly Favourites, but these two Body Shop purchases were the first to go into my 'I love you' monthly favourites box (Yes, I have a box). The eau de toilettes in Coconut and Brazil Nut are gorgeous. So gorgeous. The coconut reminds me of Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder, and the Brazil Nut is just nutty, chocolately goodness, and I can't stop spraying myself with either one of them. Definite repurchase. The third, is a little rollerball fragrance from L'Occitane in Verbena, which I don't think they have online anymore, so maybe just in store? It's fresh, full of citrus and makes me feel awake, and clean, and so so fresh, like you're in a lemon grove or something, you just feel clean, and it's marvellous. 

For make up, I have been LOVE LOVE LOVING, the following. Let's start with Soap and Glory's 'One Heck of a Blot' mattifying powder. Oh my god. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Seriously. This is so good, I actually question what my life was like before it. I apply it with a Real Techniques Powder brush, which makes quite a difference I find, and I push it onto the skin, with the brush instead of dusting, as I find with oily/combination skin, doing this helps the make up to set, and last longer. LOVE IT! The Bourjois Cream Blush in 04 Sweet Cherry is ugh, gorgeous. It's a dark, rosey, dusky, cherry pink, and I can see it being such a go to going into a/w, especially teamed with nude eyes and a dark lip. The texture is gorgeous, soft and very buildable, good pigmentation, and the colour is divine. My only eye product, is the 17 Wild Metallics Eyes cream eyeshadow in Wild Nude, the colour is a soft, rose gold which is sooo soft, and super blendable, and is my go to for a bit of colour on the eyelid in a hurry. I think it adds wonderful definition to the eyes, as it's a metallic nude, and is a must in every make up bag, for me. Gorgeous. Finally, we have two No7 lip products. Sheer Temptation in Bewitched is moisturising, buildable, pink rose with a very subtle shot of shimmer running through it; for me, it's my lip colour, but with a bit more POW! and shine, so, it's easy to apply, easy to wear, and in a gorgeous shade. Stay Perfect lipstick in Sultry is wow. Sultry is definitely the name for it, it's a dark, almost bloody raspberry (I actually got a raspberry out of the fridge to compare the colour) that just makes me feel amazing when I wear it. It's so easy to apply, as it glides on wonderfully well. The packaging is wonderful, an almost gunmetal grey, and within it, has to be one of my favourite lipsticks ever. EVER. Well done No7, you are the cat's pyjamas.

What are your monthly favourites? Anything you can't seem to do without?

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