Sunday, 6 November 2016

Jurlique Aromatherapy Mists

Jurlique Aromatherapy Mists

Jurlique Aromatherapy Mists 2

It's been a vey stressful few months for me. I turned 25 (quarter of a century...eek!), got a new job, moved into rented accommodation, met loads of new people and am still dealing with a horrid housemate who makes me want to shut myself into my room and hibernate (there will be more on him on here, because if I don't write it, I don't feel like you'll understand how upsetting the situation is). But anyway! Stress is the enemy of my skin and my digestive system. It leaves me with blemishes and a constant state of nausea - two things that I hate more than anything. It's led me to eating out a lot more, which is not only hitting me where it hurts (in the bank account) but it's also affecting my skin, my weight and my confidence. My happiness only really exists in work (yes really), when I'm with my boyfriend or when I'm out with new friends. It's something I'm working on... but it's a marathon, not a sprint. It's gonna take some time.

So, in the aim of reducing my stress levels, I've been turning to yoga and aromatherapy, with the hope that a relaxed body and mind will allow me to sleep better, and therefore alleviate the stress. Jurlique's Aromatherapy Blends are spritzes that can be misted over the face and body, bedding and linens, and even sprayed into diffusers to infuse the whole house with calming ingredients. With their wonderful infusions of essential oils and natural products, Jurlique really have created a range that is perfect for stressful days as they'll certainly turn them in stress free nights - believe me, I've tried. I'm the type of person who carries anxiety in her stomach. It affects my eating habits, how I feel and how I act - so if you feel the same, then I suggest scents such as lavender, rose and citrus to help calm your senses. 

The Jurlique Revitalising Blend* (£17, here) first hits you with a scent of lemon, and as a massive citrus fan, I knew this would be right up my street. It's calming, but energising. The lavender is lulling, whereby the orange and bergamot are soft, almost hug like. It feels like you're being enveloped into a cuddle by one of your favourite people. It calms you, but also leaves you feeling content - which for me, is a rather big struggle at the moment. 

The Balancing Blend * (£17, here) is a smell that reminds me of walking through fresh Summer gardens when the sun is dipping below the trees. I love scents that can evoke memories, and this is definitely one. Basil, Clary Sage and lavender remind me of my mother's garden, whereas Rosewood reminds me of the nodding blooms in my neighbours garden, with fuzzy little bumble bees mulling in the warm air. Lazy Summer evenings for me, are some of the most relaxing and pleasant, so being reminded of that just reminds me of home, and that is always a wonderful thing. 

The final Aromatherapy Blend, is Jurlique's Calming Blend* (£17, here), one that seeks to unwind you and prepare you for sleep. I, for one find it best when sprayed onto bedding. It gives off that gentle scent of freshly washed sheets, and that's one of the best feelings. Freshly cleansed and showered, with fresh sheets is a match delightfully made - one that I always make sure happens when I'm feeling a little bit low, or overcome with life. 

The glass bottles are 50ml each, and once again, Jurlique really has created some products that really benefit me. Their skincare suits my oily/combination skin, their natural ingredients don't inflame my skin, and their comforting scents really aid in making this tough transition into something relatively manageable. I think if I hadn't been able to deal with everything, I would have had to have moved home, back with my parents. It may seem a bit silly, but just having something warm and comforting, something that can make me remember better times, really helps, as I'm very sentimental. Having a scent that reminds me of home alleviates that pang of homesickness and uncertainty in my heart. 

Jurlique Aromatherapy Mists 1

Jurlique Aromatherapy Mists 3

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Changing times: A rambly life update

Mid Month Favourites 8

So, it's been a while since I've done one of these, but I think now is the best time. October sees me in a new city, with a new job, in a new house and with new people. I suppose the only constant is my boyfriend, who I now happen to live in the same city with. It's been an adjustment. I'm not going to say that it's all been wonderful and sugar-coated, because it hasn't. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done.

University was different - yes I knew no one, but I went with an inexperienced mindset and grew; this is one of the benefits of multicultural universities - the influences you receive are nothing like you'd ever think. It was a great time, but it was nothing like now.

Now i'm an 'adult'. The very word seems ridiculous as I still feel like I'm 16 and I need my mum to encourage me through life. I've always been a little bit independent, but a homebody at the same time. When I was 16 I had friends who were wonderful, but I lost my way a bit (for reasons that are a bit difficult to talk about) and it seems by the time I found myself again, it was too late, as everyone was spreading themselves across the country for university. So, seemingly friendless, I left and did my own thing. Awkward and naive, two brilliant (eye roll) traits when put together. I was too trusting and changeable, which led me to being taken advantage of by friends and people who are definitely not friends. I always put it down, when I look back, as a learning experience. I learnt from it and grew as a person, my skin metaphorically thickening. University was a series of events that I wish I hadn't gone through, whilst also being glad they happened as they helped to shape me as a person. 

Burgeoning friendships that turned into one of the best friendships of my life, that only went on to end once I stopped putting the effort in. Funny how that happens... when I stopped texting, Facebooking and sending letters... the entire friendship stopped. Eventual unfriending happened on Facebook, and I was distraught to find this out one day. No words, no note. Just 'Send a friend request to..'. Five years of friendship over and not an invite to a wedding that we had always talked about over vodka mixers in her small kitchen in third year of Uni. They weren't engaged then, but I always knew it would happen. The end of that friendship mirrored the end of my previous relationship somewhat. That relationship - it was simultaneously wonderful and horrific. It's not something I'd change fully... but there are times that I wonder.... what would have happened if I had just said no after we broke up, and the option of getting back together had presented itself. I said no a year later... a year wasted in my opinion... what would have happened if I said no the first time?

These are the things I tend to think about when I analyse my life, and where I am. It's happened quite a lot in the past three months, as that was roughly when I moved, started a new job and bid farewell to my parents as they started their travel around Europe. That was around the time that I last cried. take it from me, I used to cry at least once a month... usually around my period, because ..emotions. Trust me, there have been ample opportunities to break down in tears. I'm actually a little bit proud that I haven't done it in work or in my rented accommodation. The last time I actually cried, was when I read a letter that my dad wrote to me the day before my new job was going to start. Technically I cried when I left my parents house, and I cried when I read the letter...but both happened within about two hours of each other, so I'm counting them as one emotional moment overall. I know I lived away when I was in Uni, but moving away this time was different. It felt like it was the end, and yet the start as well. No more working in retail and coasting through life, month to month. This was entirely different, and I had to be an 'adult' and actually take care of myself. It's terrifying and elating all at once.

The first few weeks I felt really alone. With my best friends an hour away, my parents in Europe and one horrible housemate making me feel like I never wanted to leave my room, the only solace I had was in my boyfriend. I always thought that I could rely on him, but I never wanted to be a burden, because he had his own problems and cares to worry about, so I'd lie and tell him I was fine.

I'd lie a lot and say that all was good, fine and okay... I'd keep repeating them in the hope that they'd be real and that I would be okay/good/fine. I kept smiling and being positive, but there comes a point when not talking about anything or lying constantly about how I felt was making me unwell. I was tired, anxious and in pain. The pain in my shoulder and arm were getting worse, my anxiety was really starting to cripple me and I was so tired that all I wanted to do was sleep. Coffee and food became a brilliant staple to rely on, and I suppose from the outside it made me look normal. Oh, she's eating... she's fine. Oh, she just wants another coffee, she's good! I wasn't. And I didn't really talk about it.

My boyfriend knows now. My friends know now. My parents ...kinda know. I never want to worry them, or have them be upset about how I am. What they don't know, won't affect them.

My anxiety and my not willing to talk to anyone about how I felt gave me headaches, severe stomach cramps and basically made me feel like I was only half a person. I can look back and say, oh it wasn't that bad when someone asks me, but that's just me doing the whole I'm 'fine/good/okay' thing again. I  wasn't okay, fine or good... but I never talked about it, not even with the people that love me, and that I love the most. But that just really stems from be not being a person that talks about anything. I'm much more of a listener than a talker. I suppose that's why I felt like I had to come back to blogging. It's an outlet for my creativity and my feelings, so when I don't want to talk, I can just write. So I expect that Bex Howells will be so much more than makeup and skincare; I want it to be relatable and personal.


Monday, 17 October 2016

Saying goodbye to the old...

BritBeautyBlogger Precious Petals Box 12

As I've grown in age, I like to think that my wisdom has grown with it. It's like Rachel from Friends once said, when she was trying to get through her ex-fiance's wedding, she wanted to get through the evening with a bit of grace and dignity - I feel that those are two aspects that I try and get through life with. I don't really feel all that graceful or dignified, but this is coming from a very clumsy person... so that is still something that I'm working on. Wisdom, like dignity and grace, is something that I really hope develops with age, kinda like a fine wine.

Something that I am also hoping to develop, is this blog. It's got a new name, and I will be tweaking it so that there's a new look as well, but say hi to 'bexhowells' and goodbye to 'ohkalukalay'. I feel that I've grown up a lot since I turned 25, so this blog will be reflecting that. Reflecting life with all of it's happiness and struggles, but also back to basics with beauty and skincare - two of the things that inspired me to start blogging in the first place. Plus a little bit of lifestyle and interiors thrown in, as who doesn't love a bit of a nose around someone's house? I certainly do. But in my case, it'll just be my room... as you know, or may not know, I'm living the shared rented accommodation life. More on that at a later time however. Just keep an eye out for lots of new wonderful things happening on here at the end of the month.

Talk to you soon, my loves.

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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Skincare products I keep reaching for.

Products I keep reaching for 1

Products I keep reaching for 2

Sooooo, it's been a while, but that's not going to stop me from carrying on from where I left off, and what's better than a good skincare post to get back into blogging? Skincare is something I've stubbled with for years and years, and only recently my skin seems to be agreeing to the products I'm using - so I'm keeping with those and sharing the love on here, for you lovelies. There's also a little tiny makeup product thrown in... but that's just because it's super lovely and it's been suiting my almost blemish free skin lately.


Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser is an oily, buttery cleanser that is really well suited for my skin, which is really combination. I find that the natural oils within the cleanser suit the dry and oily parts of my skin, which helps in balancing out my face. The cleanser has little nodules of texture in the balm, which smush onto the skin when applied and rubbed in, which I think not only exfoliates the skin but also helps to refine the texture without being too abrasive. 


Jurlique's Precious Rose Hand Cream* is one of my all time favourites, and sits on the windowsill next to my bed, making it easy to grab and apply before I fall asleep. I apply a generous amount before sleep so my hands are nourished and taken care of by morning - as who doesn't want soft, supple hands? Another product that I love, and is a holiday staple (because of it's size and moisturising properties) is Nourish's Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser which is a light but really hydrating cream that sinks delectably into the skin and leaves my face feeling plump and moisturised, without feeling oily or weighed down. 

Products I keep reaching for 3Products I keep reaching for 1

Products I keep reaching for 6


A new favourite of mine is the Estée Lauder Revitalising Supreme Global Anti-Aging Mask Boost which boosts radiance and moisture intake. I apply this before a moisture mask... and my skin is soooo so glowy the next day. My moisture mask is slurped up by my skin, and this product from EL is definitely the cause. It's applied over a clean face and neck, left for five minutes and then removed with cotton wool. It's not washed off, and I think that's very important. It'll have a full review all on it's own, but for now, just know that I'm a big, big fan. 


A shout out to Mitchum Advanced Control 48 Hour Deodorant because if you're a bit of a Sweaty Betty like myself, then you cannot underestimate the importance of a good roll on deodorant. It's an essential for me, and you can bet that I have one in my room, bathroom and weekend bag. You can never have too many of these beauties! Lastly, it's another Estée Lauder favourite (duhhh, I'm obsessed) and it's their Double Wear Light Foundation which is a light coverage, that packs some glow and some staying power. The tube makes it pretty darn easy to use, and I find that only a pea sized amount is perfect for covering the majority of sins on my skin. Cannot recommend enough if you're looking for a light foundation that's going to make your skin look like skin. 

Products I keep reaching for 7

Products I keep reaching for 4

Monday, 20 June 2016

Crown Brush Lilac Ombre Brush Set

Crown Brushes 1

Crown Brushes 2

Do you ever get that feeling when something comes into your life, and you're just like 'YES'? Well, that was basically my reaction when these brushes made their way into mine. Crown Brush have made the most lust worthy lilac ombre makeup brushes, and I cannot contain my excitement. The bristles are wonderfully soft, dense and made from Nylon, so there's no cruelty here at all, which is very important in my makeup brushes. Plus they're so wonderfully pretty! It's not often I get gooey eyed over makeup brushes... but these had me gasping and shoving them in my mum's face going 'look at these! look how pretty!'. She agreed, they were super amazing. So we know that Crown Brush can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?

Let's get straight to it: yes, they can. I've not been this impressed with a set of brushes since I first got my hands on some Real Techniques brushes, and that was a loooong time ago. This review has been a long time coming... but I really wanted to test them out for a while to understand how they're best used, how they wash/dry and how they stand the test of time. They apply, clean and last like a dream. The silky bristles are soft and brilliant at applying, blending and making me look presentable - that's no mean feat, let me tell you!
      Plus look at them! They're ombré. Ombré!! And at £29.99 for six brushes, a set of tweezers and a travel carry case... these Crown Brushes are some of the most affordable on the market, and let's not forget, some of the most beautiful too! I cannot wait to add more to my collection as you never have too many makeup brushes... right?

Crown Brushes 3

Crown Brushes 4

The brushes:

Powder Brush (see the two images above), for your setting powders and bronzers. I tend to use this to apply power, as it has quite a dense head, but it still manages to apply product without overloading the skin - making it perfect to use for dusting loose or setting powder over the skin.

The Taper Blush Brush (see the first images below), for application of cream/powder blushes, as well as contour products. I've used to this to apply powder blushes straight from the pan, as well as blending out cream blushes which I apply directly to the skin. 

Deluxe Contour (see the first brush on the left) says it all really: for use with cream or powder contours, such as Illamasqua's Cream Pigment in Hollow or Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstar Bronze and Glow. This brush packs on a lot of pigment which is brilliant at defining the contours of the face before blending out. Due to it's small head, it's best used to define the nose, hairline and cheekbones before blending with a larger brush.

The Crease Blender (second brush from the left) is one of my faaaaavourite out of the set, as it blends like a dream. Pigments, creams or powder... this brush can blend them all flawlessly, but it especially wonderful at creating soft cut creases. One of my favourite ways to use this brush is to blend a taupe shade into the crease with another brush, before bringing in this one to take the shadow up to the brow bone, making sure that there are no harsh lines and leaving the makeup looking super dreamy and blended. It would make Lisa Eldridge really happy, let me tell you. She's a massive lover of a super blended eyeshadow.

A Chisel Shadow (third brush from the left) brush is ideal for packing on the product, straight from the pan, whether cream or powder (but I usually tend to apply creams with my finger before blending out). It's especially good at keeping product within the bristles, so there isn't a great deal of fall down onto the skin when applying eye products. A dense brush is perfect for packing on colour before blending out the product (that's where you'd bring in the Crease Blender).

Last, but not least we have the Detail Liner Brush (farthest from the left, first on right) which I think works so so well with applying darker eyeshadows over eyeliner, to either soften the look, or when used freshly, with a dip of water, to blend a cat eye liner look into something a little bit softer and hazier around the upper lash line. It's also fantastic at blending shadow under the lower lash line, as its short, fine head is perfect for precise application.

Lisa Eldridge did a fabulous tutorial over her lustworthy Signature Cat Eye Liner and these brushes have been put to good use in trying to recreate that. Check it out and then you'll see that this set of ombré brushes are made for it! Keep a special eye out for what eye brushes she uses, as you can see that these are amazing dupes for them! 

Crown Brushes 6

Crown Brushes 5

Crown Brushes 7

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Skincare for when your skin is having a freak out.


As someone who has ridiculously bad hormonal breakouts, I thought that this post would be the best way to show how I combat them. I hate the days when I wake up and have loads of blemishes, some under the skin, and some just there... blatantly there. Looking at me as if to say, 'what're you gonna do about it?'. How rude, right? Basically what I do, is I cleanse, masque and then moisturise like crazy! I want all the badness to be sucked out of my skin, before nourishing what's left with natural oils and goodness... all in the hope that they'll disappear and leave me be. I can dream, at least. Most of the time, it doesn't happen. They reduce in size, but they don't entirely go away... much to my dismay. So I'm just going to run through some products that help in aiding blemishes on their way... (the correct way being not on my face or as far away from me as possible).


To cleanse, or not to cleanse... that is the question. Except there is really no question at all, but really just consider which are the best and most suitable for the most sensitive of skin situations. When I have really bad hormonal breakouts, my skin needs natural and non-abrasive skincare to remove makeup, so I try and stick to an oil for a first cleanse such as Una Brenna's Vitamin C+ Brightening Cleansing Oil which melts away makeup and does very well as removing those pesky waterproof eye makeup products. Following that first cleanse, I also prefer a gentle second cleanse and MeruMaya's Melting Cleansing Balm is perfect, as it just leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh and supple; which is the perfect base for a face mask or just to start my skincare routine.

Two other products which are also recent skincare additions and wonderful for a double cleanse, are UltraBland from Lush Cosmetics, a beeswax based cleanser that regulates the skin whilst being full of natural products and Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, which is super light, nourishing and leaves the skin feeling lovely and soft.




One of my favourite part of my extensive skincare routine, is when I put a mask on, as I know it's going to help my skin immensely. Whether it's clay based like Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque, which is amazing at shrinking pores, drawing out impurities and controlling oil on my t-zone - which to be fair, is very similar to an oil-slick some days. Baaaad days. For a sweet, calming hit of moisture I adore Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask, which just surrounds me with the scent of honey and lemon - it's so refreshing and calming... it's like someone wrapping your skin in the most beautiful of scented blankets... ugh, it's totally divine. A thick layer of this is divine on the skin and I find that mine drinks it up so so fast - must be desperate for all of the natural goodness from the Antipodes tube. For a serious exfoliation hit then I turn to Ren's Glycolactic Radiance Renewel Mask, a chemical exfoliant mask that combines fruit enzymes and acid to aid in resurfacing the skin - I love the way it tingles, as I know that it's doing the job I need it too. My skin always looks so glowy and fresh the next morning; it's a must have for scarred or acne prone skin, as not only does it exfoliate, but it helps to repair the skin. 

Some honourable mentions are masques are: Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask by Lush Cosmetics, which is the prettiest dusky pink shade, and draws upon the properties of rose to calm the skin, whilst the clay balances the skin. Also for hydration, La Roche Posay's Hydraphase Intense Masque, which I use primarily on my cheeks and chin, as they tend to be the driest areas of my face (my chin is always really, really dry). I've yet to find any chemical exfoliator masques that I like as much as the one from Ren, but I will update you should I find any... or if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them!


A little addition to this post, and not one for your face (shock!), is a bath oil. There's nothing that soothes me as much as a hot bath, and a calming bath oil as the natural scents just envelop you in a hug that you don't want to let go of. These mini's from Aromatherapy Associates are the perfect accompaniment for a soak, as you can concoct your own bath oil cocktails, depending on what mood you're in, and what your body and mine requires. A little bit of Relax Deep and Support Equilibrium can go a long way - trust me!

Another bath oil that is amazing at unwinding muscles is from Neom. I purchased the Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil Bath Oil and I feel like it was one of the best discoveries that I've made in relation to skincare products. A moisturising and relaxing oil not only unwinds muscles, but also infuses the skin with nourishment, leaving my limbs feeling supple and smooth, ready for a light coating of moisturiser before slipping into bed for a night full of sleep. I always find that I sleep best after using a bath oil - it must make me so relaxed that I slip into the land of dreams as simply and easily as I can. 



Thursday, 16 June 2016

Easy Summer Outfit Flatlay

F&F, Asos and Boohoo Summer Outfit 1

F&F, Asos and Boohoo Summer Outfit 4

I do love a good flatly, especially when it leaves me craving the items within it. So I thought, why not do a simple Summer one, for when the weather is actually nice - rare though that is in the UK. Some canvassing of Tesco's clothing section always has me leaving with something: I'm not really a snob in that sense, I'll take some fabulous clothing, regardless of where it's from. Hence why this is a collection of three wonderful brands: Florence & Fred, Asos and Boohoo. 

A delightful sun hat, emblazoned with 'I'm Busy' because let's face it, on holiday, or even in the sun, I'l be busy with a cocktail in my hand and some delicious food. That's what I do on holiday... plus lots of swimming, and soaking up some much needed sun. But when the sun is blazing in the UK, there is always place for a sun hat: whether to sit coyly behind when you're chilling out, or simply pulling the brim down to proclaim that 'I'm Busy' whilst protecting your face from the sun's rays - there is always a time for a sun hat. And whilst lazing the day away, the perfect accompaniment is a pair of strappy heels* that can be tied at the ankle, or worn up the calf - depending on the look you want to achieve. There are similar ones here from Boohoo, that are perhaps more appropriate as a faux suede isn't going to be as good as faux leather when the Summer showers start (much like today). I am obsessed with wrap up sandals right now, and these are super comfortable - plus look how cute they are! I think the faux leather is going to be tempting me into making another purchase from Boohoo (damn yooooo, stop tempting me with luscious things).

Lastly, but not least is this wonderfully beautiful and perfect for Summer, cotton striped co-ord from Tesco: which I think they've nailed! It's super easy to wear, light, breathable and just so damn cute! You can wear them overlaid, but I tucked sleeveless top into the high waisted skirt, as I think it just completed the outfit. To make it even more perfect, I think I need to have some mesh layers under the skirt, to make it more twirly - or so that it will stand out a little bit more - so that's on my to-find/to make list. It's such a perfect outfit and I cannot wait for lazy Summer days so I can wear this outfit again - come on Summer, make your move! 

F&F, Asos and Boohoo Summer Outfit 5

F&F, Asos and Boohoo Summer Outfit 6

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Five workout tips for people who don't really workout.

Loreal Glam Bronze Bronzer 1

Yeah, I'm not really a gym goer. I find everything about it intimidating. The lights, the machines... the fact that men are always, always there... and that I've never really been one to workout. Would they judge me? Would they jeer and laugh? 
        The answer to that is basically no. They don't care. All they care about is working out, staying hydrated, and trying not to look like a red faced, sweaty mess when they're done on the cross-fit machine. They don't care... and you shouldn't either, so here are some tips that I've picked up on my workout journey.

1. Start slow and work your way up.

There is no point in running flat out for two miles, almost throwing up, and then not being able to get up the next day. What's the point of that? It's best to start slow. Go for a jog, or better yet, a power walk. Getting your body used to a faster form of exercise than running is what will build up your endurance. Running and running and running, when you're not used to it, will only result in injury, pain and a ridiculous amount of crying. Trust me on this one.

2. For the love of god, Stretch!

Believe me, you will feel it the next day if you don't adequately warm up, and cool down your muscles. You might pull something at the start if you haven't done enough stretching, and you'll certainly feel the pain in your muscles the next day if you don't stretch it out. Aching is to be expected, but not being able to walk properly the next few days... yeah, that's not what anyone wants.

3. Embrace the camel toe.

This is what the general consensus was on Twitter, especially from the wonderful Holly, who basically inspired me to not care what people think... as on one of my runs, they're not going to see me for very long anyway. And y'know... if in doubt, wear a longer top, right? But seriously, own it. Everyone gets it, well most women do, because they also have vagina's, and they also work out. So own it!

4. Hydrate.

You don't want to be one of those people gasping for air after exercising, almost falling to the floor, close to throwing up. Nope. I've done that, and have found that yes, pushing myself is something I need, but I know my body and it has limits. It needs to stay hydrated, as not only will I get a raging headache, but I'll feel faint and the next day will be a complete write off. Water is your friend, so make sure that you replace all fluids lost during exercise and make sure you eat. Protein is always amazing after a workout. For me, a banana helps with muscles after a run, and then a quick poached or scrambled egg will be enough to set me up until the next meal. Look after your body and give it the fuel it needs.

5. Get the right equipment.

I'm not talking machines... I'm talking shoes. For me, they're so damn important. As someone who suffers occasionally with a bad back (less now thanks to yoga), proper shoes are an essential tool for keeping you healthy, balanced and supported enough for the workout of your choice. Gym shoes, such as shoes for lifting are different to those specialised for running, but there isn't a real need to have two pairs if you cannot afford them. My running shoes have a shock absorbing sole, which allows me to bounce back, and almost spring myself forward, placing less pressure on my ankles and knees - and my ankles are something I do worry about, since I had an injury concerning it about three years ago. You need to look after yourself, choose what's right, and trust that it will do you well. 

When I say 'tips for people who don't really work out', I mean casual gym goers and those who will go for a light jog around the few streets when you live. I run/jog/walk but also do yoga and various strength exercises with my exercise ball, and cycle on my dad's exercise bike. I'm not a committed gym goer, as I just prefer to go at my own pace, in the little bubble that is my own home. I hope that one day I'll be able to just stroll into the gym and do my own thing, without a care in the world, but until then, I'll just stick to what I know. If you want to start, I've seen some wonderful tutorials on Youtube that can give some wonderful tips and tricks for beginners.


Friday, 10 June 2016

My OKK Summer Beauty Box

If I made my own beauty box - summer 1

Happy Friday my lovelies! So today I'm going to be doing another edition of 'If I made my own Beauty Box' because loads of you loved it! It's such a fun thing to imagine, as a dozen or so bloggers have their own and it just leads me to wonder what I'd have in my own box ... so this time, is my Summer Beauty Box, featuring some of my favourite products to use during warmer months, and some new additions that I'll be wearing. My first post on this topic was waaaay back in March, entitled, obviously 'If I made my own Beauty Box...' which got a wonderful reception by some wonderful bloggers on Twitter and through comments, so here is my next addition!

In my imaginary box, which has a wonderful sense of Summer about it with it's red nautical stripes (much like the makeup bag below) would arrive at doorsteps, encasing the striped makeup bag and some wonderful goodies to leave you thinking about ways to laze away long Summer days (I like to do this with a cocktail, personally). 

Hydration is super important for me, especially when the weather changes, so including a super light, but hydrating moisturiser was a big priority, so I chose Jurlique's Rose Moisture Plus which is almost gel like in consistency, and perfect for combatting skin that gets shiny through the day. On top of that I think La Roche Posay's Effaclar BB Blur is the perfect light Summer base, as it really does blur the skin, making me think... where did the patchy redness on my cheeks just go? Yep, it's that good! These two are a really good combination for humidity, as they combat shine, and come from two skincare brands that I trust greatly. Read my reviews for La Roche-Posay's Effaclar BB Blur and Jurlique's Rose Moisture Plus Moisturiser here)

On top of a glowy, yet somewhat matte base, there's nothing like a bit of bronzer to perk the skin up - it's perfect for Summer, when it's time to get the pale pins out and apply liberal amounts of SPF. I always use a bronzer these days to warm up my skin, as otherwise it just leaves me looking pale - and not really in an interesting way either. So that's why The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer is so brilliant (see the full review here); suitable for even the palest skin tones, it's gives the skin a lovely warmth and glow without making sin look orange or if you need a good scrub (trust me, some bronzers do that). I'm a huge fan of this matte bronzer, especially because the packaging is so damn cute! You can still see the little indentations of the honey in the pan, making it so cute, but also so sad to use! Who wants to mar that loveliness? Whilst the skin is looking matte and perfect, a slick of stain or gloss is the accompaniment of choice, and at the moment, there is nothing better than Lancome's Juicy Shaker, which allows you to shake them up to achieve the consistency and colour of your choice. A vibrant stain, or a sheer gloss? That's totally up to you! The colour choices are especially stunning as well! My choice shade is Great-Fruit, a bright coral that has Summer written all over it (read my full review of the Lancome Juicy Shakers here).

For an eyeshadow that's the best one wash of colour around, Seventeen's Eyeshadow in Rose Quartz is a rose taupe packed to the rafters with shimmer, making it dramatic enough for a night out, but lovely and simple enough to wear in the day. Plus it blends like a dream, so what is there not to love? You can see the full review here, and gape over how beautiful it is. And now onto the last two products, both essentials in their own right - a facial massager and a wonderfully fragrant hand cream. The Body Shop's Facial Massager is the answer to dull, blemish prone skin as it helps blood circulation in the face, and also aids in drainage; which makes the face less puffy and generally looking a bit brighter. Last but not least, is a glorious hand cream from L'Occitane, and for anyone who loves the smell of cherry blossoms like I do, they you're going to be in for a wonderful treat when this is applied. Creamy, moisturising and in hard wearing packaging that can stand the test of time when rolling around in your handbag.

So, what do you think of my Summer Beauty Box? What goodies would you include in yours? x

If I made my own beauty box - summer 3

If I made my own beauty box - summer 4

Thursday, 9 June 2016

High End Beauty for Everyday use

High End for everyday use 1

High End for everyday use 4

High End for everyday use 5

I never really thought that I would be the kind of person that uses a lot of high end on a day to day basis, and when I think about it, I don't really. Yes, I may put on a higher end lipstick, but then again, today I was using a Maybelline Lip Crayon as my Nars Matte Lip Pencil sat in my bag. I think it's all about a bit of balance, but I wanted to speak about a few products that are essential enough for me to use everyday, and not just have them for special occasions - basically they're just so damn good that I need them in my life.

I try and balance everything in my life. I'll have a salad, but I'll also have cake. I'll use my L'Oreal Foundation, but I'll use my Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow Palette to contour and highlight. For me it's all about using the best of both worlds, as who doesn't love grabbing a bargain from Boots or Superdrug? But also, the rush when a coveted higher end product makes it into your life... there's nothing like it for us makeup addicts. The happiness I get from a cream eyeshadow or the perfect coral blush isn't deemed as important as other happiness in my life, but just because it's small, doesn't make it any less significant for me. Happiness comes in small and large packages... like dogs. Dogs are little furry bundles of happiness, and they come in all shapes and sizes. 

But let's talk about the makeup. I know it doesn't look like it, but I have actually used that Tom Ford Lipstick. A part of me cannot bare to lose the embossed TF so I use the other side when I apply it to my lips. I know Casablanca needs me to use it properly... but I may shed a small tear when I mar the perfection of that iconic Tom Ford symbol. I blogged fully about Tom Ford's Casablanca lipstick here, so pop over for a full gushing review. Another beauty that pains me to use it, is Hourglass' Ambient Lighting Blush in Dim Infusion, a pink coral that has be glowing as if I've just developed my first crush - you can read all about that one here (the blush that is, not the crush haha).

Speaking of blushes, can we just have a moment to look at the glorious shade of Deep Throat? It's by Nars, obviously. Who else comes up with names like that, right? It's iconic in it's peachy colour with a subtle shimmer... a gorgeous offering from a brand that I'm growing to lover with each and every purchase. Read all about Deep Throat here. Moving swiftly away from blushers, we have the one and only Too Faced Bronzer, which is their Milk Chocolate Soliel bronzer, perfect for us pale lot who still like to look a little bit more tanned than we actually are. It's like a little cheat for being out in the sun and without the damaging effects to our skin - basically a win-win. It's best applied with a big fluffy brush for a streak free look, and best when taken down the neck as well - gotta keep the entire look synchronised. Read about the wonderful bronzer that does actually smell like chocolate, here.

Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that gets a lot of love, and quite rightly. It's a brand synonymous with quality and decadence, perfect for that everyday touch of luxury. My Filmstar Bronze and Glow is what leaves my cheekbones looking glorious, and starlet like. Although it hasn't had it's own post yet, it has featured in dozens of posts - because it's just that damn good. A grey toned highlight and a golden highlighter - is there a better match? I certainly haven't found it!

And what's a post without some Estée Lauder? I mean it's me, come on. An eyeshadow fivesome that takes neutral to a new level, with the ability to create a subtle wash with champagne shades, or smoke it up with a mahogany crease, there are so many possibilities making it an palette that can be worn from day to night with very little effort used to amp up the drama. It's their Pure Colour Envy Eyeshadow 5 shade palette in Defiant Nude, and it's just so so good. The last member of this family is the Estée Lauder Double Wear Brush on Glow BB Concealer, which also acts as a rather lovely highlighter - making it a pretty good dupe for the YSL Touché Eclat, as you know it's going to make everything look so glowy and lovely. I use it on the inside of my eye, on the top of my cheekbones under highlighter, and down the centre of the nose ... just to draw an extra bit of illumination to the skin.

What are your everyday High End favourites? Any that I need to pay close attention to? 

High End for everyday use 6


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

'When are you Expecting?' 'I'm not, I've just got a gut'.

I want to say that the title is exactly how that conversation went. But I panicked. I started to sweat and my mind went blank, so I made up this entire thing about how I was pregnant... and I realised that I can lie pretty well. But that's not really the point of this.

May Favourites 5

Let me give you a little bit of background information to this. I tend to carry weight around my hips and the lower part of my stomach, so when I'm bloated, my stomach does protrude ever so slightly. I never really thought that this was that obvious, as none of the girls that I work with have ever said that I look bloated, pregnant or anything related to having a protruding stomach. I was wearing a striped casual pencil skirt, and a chiffon-y white top that had the front part tucked into the top of my pencil skirt, as it was high waisted and made me look a good mixture between smart and casual. I was feeling pretty good; although it was ridiculously sunny, and a Sunday - but you know, retail is all about working when you don't want, in weather you'd rather be outside in.

I was speaking to a customer, who was rail thin in a lovely black maxi dress, and quite nice (oh how my opinion of her would change); we were talking about her day and what she was up to (turns out she was on her way to the beach, and of course I was envious). 'At least I'll get to enjoy the rest of the sun when I finish' I added, before popping away to get her parcel. When I returned, she'd obviously been watching me returning and had concluded that by my bloated stomach, that I was pregnant. She'd put two and two together, and had gotten fifteen. 'Do you know what you're expecting?' She asked. I have to admit, I think I looked at her oddly for a few seconds before immediately grasping what she meant. Basically she thought I was so pregnant that I would already know what the gender was of this imaginary baby that I was apparently having.

When I think back on this, I should have said 'No, I'm not pregnant. And it's rude to assume so, unless someone explicitly tells you so'. But I didn't. I panicked and just lied until she left. I'm not going to be gentle and say that her telling me this didn't affect me. It felt like a punch to the stomach. I wanted to go home and crawl under my duvet. I will also say that I'm not a small, gentle person. What I wear can range from a 12/14/16 depending on the fit, material and whether my boobs can fit into it. I'm the first to admit that my stomach isn't flat. It's soft, and it wobbles just like the rest of me but because I'm quite tall, with wide hips, most people generally assume that I wear a 12 in most items. Hypothetically if I was a size 12, which I was in that certain striped skirt, how dare she just blatantly ask, not only if I was pregnant, but if I knew what the sex was?! 

Casually dropping a question like that into conversation, with a person who hadn't initiated that topic is just plain rude - it just seems that people who work in retail are just there at the beck and call of those who shop - which I understand is kinda the idea - But I am not there to be proverbially poked and prodded for your own amusement. Maybe she was being spiteful, maybe she wasn't - but that doesn't change the fact that you Never ever ever ask someone if they're pregnant without them first telling you. You may suspect as much as you like, but never be that person. Do you know what that person is? Fucking rude. 

Three women (certainly not me) in work with me are pregnant, and although I did suspect, I never once asked them - because I seem to have a common decency within me that this lady was lacking. 

I think it even comes down to me wearing something tight fitting without being stick thin. I wear close fitting garments because if I don't, I look even bigger. How am I supposed to help customers with clothing when I would be wearing a tent-like dress - something that would not be flattering on me at all (could be a really good look on others, but not me). I don't dress like I have a size 8/10 body as I'm aware of what I look like and what suits my figure. I don't squeeze myself into items that are too small for me - I weigh up these choices very well before wearing anything. I know structure, straps and wrap dresses suit my figure, whilst anything backless/braless and frontless are not things that I can wear. I know this. But she made me feel like I couldn't wear that skirt again. Like whenever I wear it, I'll be mistaken for a woman who has made the choice in her life to have a child. 

Yes, one day, I imagine I'll be able to say 'yes', without having to lie through my teeth and that'll be nice when it happens. But that's not right now, and hopefully not even me for the next five years. 

The one thing that really upsets me, is that she made me feel ashamed of how I look. Being bigger busted and a size 12/14/16 already has me feeling bigger than those that I'm close friends with - the 8's/10's etc. I don't mind that, because they're beautiful in their own way, and so am I. But she made me feel so ashamed of myself that I was close to tears when I was speaking to my Assistant Store Manager. But then she raised a good point. She told me that I was a beautiful creature (awww) but also that if I looked pregnant, she'd tell me (which is always nice haha). 

Basically to sum up, if you think someone is pregnant, don't be a douchebag and actually ask them about it. You will either have them confirm that yes, they are pregnant and you'll have a lovely chat. Or you'll find out that they're not and have them feel horrible about themselves. Don't be an absolute bellend - wait for them to bring it up first. 


Thursday, 26 May 2016

Everyday 'What I put on my face' Makeup products.

What's on my face 1

What's on my face 2

I'm always very curious about what bloggers put on their faces each day. Do they stick to primarily high end products, drugstore/chemist products, or do they mix and match? I think the world of drugstore/chemist brands is better than ever, and getting stronger with each release. With Nyx in Boots and Sleek in Superdrug, these brands are more accessible than ever, making me question whether I really need to spend £20 + on a product when there is surely a dupe, or a similar product for less than half the price in my local chemist. With brands churning out amazing product after after product, it makes the makeup world more accessible to those with smaller budgets, and it's sprouting a new wave of beauty lovers and bloggers, who can afford to blog about the products they love without having to pinch a lot of pennies, or worry about the bills that are coming in. These products are a mixture of higher end, and those drugstore products that I cannot be without... plus some rather special appearances from some of my newest Nyx purchases. Read on to see more!

I think it was Nikkie from Nikkie Tutorials, the amazing Youtube makeup artist that first got me interested in foundation sticks again. Hers was from Makeup Forever, but when I saw the Mineral Foundation Stick from Nyx, I knew it had to be in my life! Easy to apply, even easier to blend, and with Nyx's amazing show of shades, this product doesn't leave darker skin tones out in the cold like numerous other brands do. It applies like a pan stick, with good coverage that still allows skin to show through, making it a medium coverage with the option of leaving skin to look natural and glowy, or go for a more full on look. I bought this in the lightest shade, and it's a tad too light for me (pale skin people rejoice!) but I've taken to warming up my skin tone with a bit of bronzer these days, just so I don't look like a ghost compared to those that have been on holiday, or have just spent some time out in the sunshine. Two other Nyx additions were one of their Eye Crayons in the shade Yoghurt, and Matte Lipstick in the shade Eurotrash; the former a soft champagne colour and the latter a more brown nude rose - such a good shade to use for a neutral glam look. I'm so impressed with the formulation and colour payoff, and the fact that there's a biiiiig stand of it in my local Boots excites me endlessly. 

Swatches for the Matte Lipstick in Eurotash, Eye Crayon in Yoghurt and Mineral Foundation Stick in 01 Fair.

Nyx swatches

What's on my face 3

It's not really a makeup post by me unless I include a little Estée Lauder, is it? I know, I have an obsession, but their Illuminating Perfecting Primer is one of the most glowy bases out there, perfect for creating luminous skin without a great deal of effort. I'm all about lazy makeup these days, i.e. makeup that doesn't take a great deal of blending or work, making it perfect for long Summer days when you just want to sit outside, with sunglasses, and a cocktail. Ahhhhh Summer. Combining this primer with Nyx's Mineral Foundation creates a really glowy, dewy base with a medium coverage, making it a real go-to for me when I can't be bother to go for a full on makeup look. It's natural, but with coverage... kinda the perfect duo for me right now. Another base product with serious clout is the Sleek Contour kit in light, which is a really good twosome of products, which includes a contour and highlight, with a huge mirror, for contouring on the go or just for touchups - or making that contour seriously amazing. This Sleek kit and the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow are two that I switch out, and use everyday, depending on how fancy I'm feeling - and to be honest, there isn't that much difference between them, although I do find the Sleek Contour a little darker for my skin, so perfect if I'm using more bronzer. 

One other love of my life right now is the Collection Nude Eyeshadow Palette called Eyes Uncovered, and it's such a simple palette - but that is what makes it so usable. Six shades that range from a soft, almost bone esc shade, right through to champagne, taupe and to a deeper almost ebony colour. It's a bargain of a palette, a real must have for beauty enthusiasts, whether you're mainly drugstore, high end or a collection of both. You need their wonderful palettes in your life. Sticking to eye products, and it's one of my all time favourite mascaras; the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara, which is all kinds of wonderful. Black, lengthening, curling and eye-opening - it's got it all going on. I remember straying from this mascara to another, and almost instantly regretting it. This combined with an eyelash curler is a duo that cannot be overlooked. As a girl whose eyelashes mainly point to the floor like a camel, this is the only thing that can keep them looking voluptuous all day long. 

And straying a little from eyes, we have they eyebrows... which are basically all everyone wants to know about these days. Fleek is the word of the moment, and eyebrows are all about being on fleek especially with Anastasia Beverly Hills' Dip Brow Pomade. I use the shade Medium brown, which is an almost perfect shade for me, but I think if my hair goes a bit lighter in the Summer sun, then I may need to apply it with a softer hand. It's such a creamy formulation, making it really easy to apply and simple to get the hang of (even my mum has taken to doing her brows with it, and she's really uncertain about it). Another thing that she's uncertain of is highlighter, but with a quick word or two, she'll let me apply it, and then just oooh and ahhh over it for the rest of the day as her cheekbones catch the light. She has killer cheekbones, so highlighting them a little bit makes them really stand out and nothing works better than MakeupRevolution's Goddess of Love Highlighter, which is pearly, glimmering goodness. Super finely milled, it looks gorgeous on the skin, no matter what age. 

Last, but not least, is another type of stick, this time it's a concealer stick from Amazing Cosmetics - their Perfection Stick, which can be used to conceal, highlight and enhance the skin. I use it to brighten up my under eyes, conceal those nasty little blemishes and contour a little down my nose and across my cheekbones, making it a wonderful multitasking product that's mess free and really suited for touch-ups on the go, or to throw in your makeup bag so it can take you from day to night. 

What's on my face 34

What's on my face 5

What's on my face 6

What's on my face 7

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wednesday Wink - my weekly blogger shoutout


Happy Hump Day my lovelies! Hope your Wednesdays are wonderful and now that's it's gone past the middle of the week, you know that it's gonna be the weekend soon! Now I work all weekend, but that isn't gonna stop me from going out and enjoying myself; that means a few drinks, food and laughing with one of my favourite people and since my boyfriend is away in America for a week, I think having some serious girlie time is exactly what I need! But I also need something else... and that's to add to my Wednesday Wink saga, with the third instalment of wonderful bloggers. You're gonna wanna follow them all, fyi ;)

We're gonna start things off with Kat from tales of a pale face, who as you can guess from the name, has beautifully pale skin and is pretty much one of my go-to's for what I should put on my equally as pale skin. Not only that, but she's got some really insightful posts, such as SEO centric post, brand new makeup and skincare, and wish lists that just make me want to buy everything! Next up is Jo from flourish and blotting who has a blog that I just love to scroll through. She writes so easily, almost as if she's having a conversation with the reader and I just really love to read her new posts when I'm snuggled up in bed with a cup of tea - plus she also posts some drool worthy food pictures on her Instagram

Olivia Jade from dungarees and donuts is such a positive influence on me, with posts that I find myself happily nodding along with and actually saying 'that's right' out loud, which totally confuses my boyfriend. She has a wonderful selection of posts, a mish-mash of topics that I never knew I needed in my life, and now cannot be without. Plus, she's just a massive ray of sunshine. Next up is Jemma from dorkface, the leader of one of my favourite hashtags, #thegirlgang and all around amazing lady! With a hashtag like #thegirlgang, wonderful people from all around the world have banded together to share positivity and uplift fellow bloggers, and Jemma really has nailed it with collection of beauty, lifestyle and advice posts, that make us all, me especially, to be better people. She's a star and one that will definitely brighten your day. 

My final two ladies are a duo that I really, really love. First up is Zoe from zoe newlove, a beauty blogger and makeup artist who is currently making everyone jealous by sunning it up in Ibiza, and posting far too many pictures that are making me green with envy. She's a major inspiration for my photography, as she has some serious skills, as well as the way she writes - it just makes me want to keep reading, and reading... and reading... until it's two in the morning and I'm reading her posts from July of 2012. Lastly, but not least, is the wonderful Vix from vix meldrew, who is by far one of the most hilarious, witty and goddamn awesome bloggers that I know (when I say that I know her.. I mean through stalking of blog and Instagram). She's had my boyfriend and I giggling over our dinner at her #vixswipes hashtag, but she's also the author of so many blog posts that just have me saying 'yes', 'definitely' with a lot of nodding. She's like an agony aunt for the 21st social media using, girl gang member, anti-fuck boy generation and I love it. 

Are you following Ohkalukalay on Bloglovin and Instagram? 


My wishful thinking 'Holiday Handbag'

Holiday Handbag 1

This is my *sigh* I wish I was going on Holiday handbag, the one that I'd carry with me to have dinner, to have cocktails and to generally lounge the night away with. I'm not off on holiday for a long while, but I like to imagine myself on a beach somewhere, or just by a body of water, content and slathered in the right SPF with a little cocktail and lunch right around the corner. I mean that both in proximity and in time, because lunch is definitely one of the best meals of the day and whether I'm on a beach, or in work, the idea of lunch always makes me happy. 

Doesn't this clutch just say holiday? This marble effect clutch is from Primark and it needs to be taken abroad, see different sights and be set on the table next to some really wonderful food. It needs it! Okay, I might need it too... but until then, I'll give you a quick stroll through some holiday handbag essentials. Nuxe's Reve de Miel Lipbalm is an everyday must-have for me, so you can bet that I'll be carting it around Europe with me, regardless of the time of year. Chapped lips are a massive annoyance to me, so I try and keep one of these sticks with me at all times, or even the little Reve de Miel pot, which is like a little pot of liquid, honey scented gold. It saves my lips and flaky skin from being too dry for anything else to touch. Trust me, this is a must have for any handbag. Then we have one of my favourite bronzers of all time, the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess bronzer which as well as coming in some beautiful tortoiseshell esc packaging, with a huuuuge mirror, the bronzer is equipped with it's own brush and doesn't appear too orange on the skin at all. There are so many positives about this product, I can't help but sigh dreamily at it whenever I see it.

A fragrance can sum up an entire journey, as that scent will always remind you of lazy days under the sun, or going on an adventure to somewhere new, which is why my fragrance of choice is Jo Malone's Lime Basil & Mandarin, a fresh, earthy scent that hit you with zesty fruit before balancing everything with a gentle lull of herbs. Ugh, it's one of my favourite scents of all time. Obsessed. And what better to accompany a sweet scent than fresh smelling breath? My Starbucks Spearmint Mints are ideally designed for after coffee, but I pop one whenever I feel like my breath needs a bit of freshness - perfect if you overindulge in garlic or anyone strong scented foods. The accessories can make or break an outfit, so by teaming marble with tortoiseshell (again) in the form of my sunglasses from Next, my woven 'I'm busy' floppy sunhat from Asos and a chunky pearl bracelet from Accessorize, these additions can make any outfit sing, whether it's a simple sundress or a printed kaftan - the options are endless.

What will you be including in your holiday handbag? These are what I've imagined to be in mine once I make my way to an Island at the end of September. I have high hopes for Greece, Italy or Spain, but we shall have to wait and see.

Holiday Handbag 3

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Marrakech

Batiste Dry Shampoo

This is one of the only things that's keeping my hair in check between washes. Yes, I do have some good hair days, but for those regular days, when my hair is looking a bit lack-luster, this Batiste Dry Shampoo* has been a lifesaver. I can spray, leave my hair down, or put my hair up - depending on how long the day ahead is, and what I have planned. If it's going to be a looong hectic day, then I know that my hair is going up, but it's still gotta look reasonably nice. If I'm in a rush, or am not feeling well, then I'll throw my hair up and not care what it looks like, but that's usually when I catch sight of myself in the mirror and thinks, gosh I should have done something with my hair this morning. It would be nice to have this massive handbag, so I could cart around all of my hair tools and my makeup, so I'd look presentable at all times - but that's just not me. Plus I don't think my back would like me anymore... it doesn't need more strain, so I think that's out of the question.

On the good days, a little spritz of dry shampoo on the roots, a quick little scalp massage and then a quick run through with my fingers - then I'm good to go. It's a very quick way of keeping my hair looking fresh all day, as I do find that it may look good in the morning, and then by a few hours later, it's looking lank and just plain boring. So dry shampoo is an essential for keeping me looking presentable and tidy for the day ahead, any if my hair happens to smell really good because of the scented dry shampoos, who am I to complain? It's a subtle scent, nothing too overwhelming but fresh and a little spicy... making it the perfect accompaniment to any outfit, and pretty awesome if I forget to spritz myself with perfume before heading out this door. It's like a little scent buffer, and that's pretty damn awesome.

At £3.29, Batiste are an integral part of my haircare stash, because sometimes I really don't want to wake up really early to wash my hair, dry it and then style it. It's far too much effort. So this is the lazy girls way of getting ready without putting in tonnes of effort, plus there are numerous different scents to choose from - so that way, you can still get that extra 30 minutes of sleep whilst still having your hair smelling lovely and fresh. Win-win, right?

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo
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