Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My new Favourite Eye Shadow Sticks from Gosh.



I know it's a big thing to say 'These are my new favourite -' but these are soooo my new favourites. Gosh waterproof, metallic eyeshadow sticks... what more can you ask for? I'll tell you what, a kick ass formula, and these totally deliver. I have two shades, Beige and Light Copper, both of which are so completely appealing that I cannot help but stare at the swatches below. They're creamy once you apply (and you need to work fast, because they'll set and they won't move) and with packaging that allows you to turn up the product, as opposed to sharpening, these two are perfect for fuss-free application. I bought these in a little Superdrug Beauty Store haul (the beauty store is in Cardiff and it's gorgeous) and for a few weeks or so, they sat in my 'to be photographed' pile... but you know what, once I got them out, photographed and swatched, they instantly went into my everyday makeup bag - and there they have stayed ever since. There's something so wonderful about metallic eyeshadow, especially those that come in stick form because there's no hassle, except a teeny bit of blending but that's a given - what's makeup without blending? I apply a layer, blend and then layer up until I get the intensity that I want; it's as simple as that with these.

Beige is more of a soft champagne colour than beige to me, but I think that all depends on the light, as with metallics on the eyes, they often change shades based on the mix in the formula - and this definitely has a shot of gold within it. It's the perfect glimmering base shadow, and when combined with Light Copper it turns in the simplest smokey eye ever. I smudge this on the lashline and in the crease, which is the most gorgeous gentle bronze that has such a wonderful copper glittery shot running through it. For £5.99 each, these are some of the most affordable eye shadow sticks on the market, and I cannot wait to get some more. I pretty much have my eye on all of the other colours in the range, because they're just so damn beautiful - plus, I cannot get enough of the sleek packaging. Gosh do some of the most wonderful packaging, and I don't think they get enough love, so if you're near a stand in the future, go check these out, you won't be sorry. Well maybe you will, as those hand swatches will take a while to come off. Have you tried anything from Gosh?


Saturday, 25 July 2015

Rodial Super Fit Tummy Tuck and Boob Job Bodycare

Rodial Body Skincare 1

I'm basically going to refer to this stuff as what makes me wiggle less when I walk. There's a good wiggle, like the way Marilyn Monroe walked on the train platform in Some Like it Hot and then there's the bad wiggle, like when I'm bloated and the main wiggle on me are my tummy and my boobs. As a lady with quite big boobs, they do wiggle a lot when I walk, which is something to be expected really, but sometimes you just want to get on with what you're doing, and stop noticing the jiggling that's going on south of your neck. Something that has really been helping when I've been wearing tops that generally aren't turtle necks (i.e. everything, as I don't own a single turtleneck) is Rodial's Boob Job * (£65, here). It helps to promote hydration in the skin, and is a wonderful soft gel texture that sinks into the skin making everything smooth and less jiggly. The phrase 'Boob Job' did slightly concern me, as I don't really want my boobs to get any bigger but for the purpose of blogging, I've been trying this out a few times a week, just to see if it does indeed work. For £65 it has tall claims, but then again, it's infinitely less expensive than an actual operation for breast implants. 

The first thing I noticed was really lovely soft skin, that smelled like aloe vera and looked quite firm. Everything feeling silky soft and well moisturised (with no sticky residue) is how I like my body lotions as who has time to wait for things to adequately sink in before getting dressed/going to sleep? The second thing that I noticed was that everything felt a bit firmer (maybe that's due to all the yoga and everything I've been doing, but hey, something is working) but I always feel like bigger boobs will be wigglier due to there being more tissue around the muscles, so they feel firm but still a bit wiggly: I'm going to count that as a bit of a win for myself. As for whether they increase actual breast size, I haven't noticed any huge difference, but I do feel like I need to go and be re-measured as my old bras don't feel as comfortable anymore as they did before. It may be the yoga, the gel-cream or maybe the doughnuts that are making my boobs look good - all in all, I'm going to continue with all three. I now apply it once every other day and love how smooth it makes my skin feel. Don't neglect your décolletage, fabulous people!

Rodial Body Skincare 2

Another product that I've been trialling in my 'Wiggle-less challenge' is also by Rodial, and it's their Tummy Tuck * (£65, here) gel, which claims to help reduce the abdomen area by up to an inch. I know what you're thinking; these are some very big boots to fill, so let's see if I really did notice a difference. I'm not one of those people who weighs themselves - I'm more of a 'Oh, these jeans feel a bit tight, better skip dessert tonight and have a salad tomorrow' kinda person before walking more and then deciding I need a doughnut as a reward. Or a welshcake... Anyway, Rodial made me laugh again with their very in your face name choice: 'Tummy Tuck' is what people associate with going from an untoned abdomen to something flat and smooth. My skin definitely feels so much smoother when I apply it once a day, but I think once again, yoga and this gel are working as a team as I've been told that I've lost weight (I think the doughnuts are going to my boobs) but as I pretty much see myself everyday, I haven't noticed a great deal sight-wise. My go-to jeans are fitting pretty well these days, so much like with the whole boob moisturising regiment, I'm going to continue with what I'm doing, as it really works for me. 

I definitely think these two products work, but only if you're doing something to aid them along their way. Yoga and walking are how I stay active (and keep my back healthy and nimble) and I think that with Rodial's help, everything that wiggles is starting to feel smoother, look smoother as well as starting to firm everything up. The formula of these two products include pomegranate and Hyaluronic Acid, which really help to moisturise my skin and for me, keeping myself and my skin moisturised helps to make everything feel firmer and keep my weigh on a level where I'm really happy. Plus, the packaging is super, super sleek - probably some of the most beautiful looking body care that I've ever used; the combination of soft blue and shining silver is always a winner for me. Have you tried anything from the Rodial Bodycare range? Do you fancy trying out these firming gels?  

Rodial Body Skincare Tummy Tuck Boob Job 3

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

How to: my pin-point concealing and layering of concealer.

Pin point and layering concealer

I first came across pin-point concealing via the wonder of Lisa Eldridge and her Youtube channel, since then, one of my most loved makeup videos from her has been her look of creating 'Natural, flawless skin' and can be seen here (totally recommend this!). It's an idea that instead of slathering on lots of concealer over a blemish or redness on the skin, instead you conceal small areas using a technique with a pointed brush - pin point concealing has basically changed the way I apply makeup and how I cover up any spots on my face. I generally tend to use three different concealers for covering dark circles, evening skin tone, and covering blemishes as not only are there different tones to skin, but depending on where the blemish is, can depend on what type of concealer I choose (stick, cream, liquid etc). My three concealers are in three different shades, starting from the lightest (shade) and it's Rimmel's Lasting Finish Concealer (£5.49, here), Rimmel's Wake Me Up Concealer (£5.49, here) and Maybelline's Eraser Eye Concealer (£7.99, here). All three are very different, and I always blend them in different ways, into the skin. 

Pin Point Concealing is what I do after my foundation has been applied and buffed in; then I look at all the extra areas that need a little bit more help, such as my under eyes, redness around my nose and cheeks, as well as any little blemishes I might have. Lisa says to use the thinnest brush possible for pin point concealing, and whilst I do agree with her, I've found that I had to find the right brushes for me, and those are brushes from Ruby & Millie (Pointed Concealer Brush) as well as from Real Techniques (pointed foundation brush). I also tend to blend a little with my fingers, as well as a fluffy eyeshadow brush if I feel like the edges of certain concealer covered blemishes need to be buffed in. For small blemishes like ones on my forehead, I dab the smallest amount of Wake Me Up concealer on my hand, before dipping my Ruby & Millie brush in, and then applying it to the area, before softly blending with my fingertip. Now, my nose tends to get very red, and requires a good amount of concealer to combat the colour - instead of using a brush to apply, I simply apply from the wand of Wake Me Up concealer and then buff into the skin, with a combination of RT's Pointed Foundation Brush and my fingers, as I want everything to be blended seamlessly, and I can never seem to find a clean fluffy eyeshadow brush when I need to do this - so I make do with what I've got. 

If I've got a major spot, one so big that requires its own post code and stylish wardrobe, then I know that my pin point concealing has to be on form (or on fleek, if you will). I seem to be getting a few around my mouth and chin, looking like a spider bite piercing without pain of piercing anything on my actual face. These kind of blemishes take some extra care. This is when I tend to mix a dab of Wake Me Up and Lasting Finish together, in order to get a flawless finish using a fine pointed brush, I tend to dab a bit on and then blend ever so softly with my little finger (I know, I know, we're using basically every finger in these two concealing tricks - see below for more finger blending) as it's small enough to gently buff the edges away, but if I do find a free and unused fluffy eye shadow brush, then that's exactly what I'd use to blend the edges. 

Layering Concealer under my eyes is something I've learnt to do since realising that no matter what, my dark circles just aren't going to budge, no matter what eye creams or skincare companies say; they're hereditary and here for good. So, in the effort to not look permanently exhausted, I've taken to layering concealers and this has totally changed my way of applying under eye makeup. Because the skin is so thin under the eyes, I don't want to heave on lots of makeup, as it'll only crease - which isn't a good look for me. I try and apply thin layers, blending fully before seeing if I need another layer. My first layer of concealer is Rimmel's Wake me up Concealer and is perfect for brightening the under eye area, as well as the inside corner of the eye, which for me, can always benefit from some illumination. As this is a liquid, it can be layered itself to increase coverage, but I like to apply a single layer with my Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush as it gets right into the corners of the eye. After that, I apply a few little dabs of Maybelline's Eraser Eye Concealer to try and disguise the deep purple of my dark circles, as it has a certain peachy tone to it, that I find covers them very well. I tend to blend this out with my fingers, mainly my ring finger as it has the lightest touch and won't stretch the skin. Then, I use Rimmel's Lasting finish Concealer and press that onto the skin very lightly with my middle finger, before once again blending out with my ring finger. It's possible to layer concealer without using any brushes at all, so if you're on the move, and don't have any brushes but have dark circles galore, then no need to fret, clean fingers are as good as any brush. 

I've listed three products that I use everyday but that doesn't mean that a palette isn't going to be an easier option for you. Makeup Revolution's Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette (here), Sleek's Makeup Corrector and Concealer Palette (here) and Mac's Pro Conceal and Correct Palette (here) are all different prices but are all products that I have seen recommended for their concealing benefits, so if you'd rather carry around one palette than a handful of products, I would definitely recommend looking into one of these. Do you pin point and layer concealer? 


Thursday, 9 July 2015

Makeup Inspiration from Pinterest #2

makeup inspiration pinterest
Pin #1, Pin #2, Pin #3, Pin #4 and Pin #5

I have a board titled (you guessed it) 'Makeup Inspiration' on Pinterest and not only do I love pinning, and expanding that folder, but I love scrolling through it late at night, when I'm thinking about what makeup I want to do for the next morning, or for an evening out with friends. It doesn't have to be anything too 'out there' but it can be a simple red lip with a brown liner cat eye - something simple, but different i.e. something I wouldn't have originally thought of. I did a post a few months ago on my makeup inspirations from Pinterest (here) and now that i look back on it, not that much has actually changed. Glowy skin, coloured liner and statement lips tend to be the three things I look for in a makeup look, and these five pins above have a combination of them all, plus they include the amazing Emma Watson and Shay Mitchell.

The first two pins are all about metallic liner, which I looooove the look of: whether it's silver or gold, these two looks step away from the black classic flick, and instead replace it with something fresh but still something that makes a statement. It's glitzy without being too much, and I love the simplicity of a flick of gold/silver without having to do an awful lot of blending with numerous eyeshades. Simplicity at it's best.  Now the third image has taken blending to a whole new level for me, as first of all, I never go that far up the eyelid, and second of all, that highlight of gold in the middle of the eye makes this look for me. It's deep but not too dark, like a taupe/charcoal with something bronze and metallic in there - it's a look that I cannot quite pin down (haha) but I assume is a mixture of multiple shadows. I love it, and it's even inspired me to take my shadow a bit further up the eyelid - dramatic and smoky, two things I love for when I fancy focusing on the eyes on a night out.

Two celebrity looks, that I love no matter what they wear/what makeup they have on, belong to Emma Watson and Shay Mitchell. Whilst Emma is more glowy and natural with a true red as her lipstick, Shay vamps it up with contoured cheeks and an oxblood red lip. Two different looks, but nonetheless very lustworthy. With fluttery lashes, sweeps of bronze on the eyelids and highlighted skin, these two ladies have nailed a statement lip two different ways, and that gives me so much inspiration. Whether I fancy a glowy, bronzed look or something more structured with hollowed cheekbones, these two fabulous women do not disappoint. Not only are they wonderful actresses, people and fashionistas, they also rock some serious makeup looks. What makeup looks are inspiring you right now? And another shameless plug, but my Pinterest can be found here

Skincare product essentials for an evening pamper session.

High end skincare favourites 1

High end skincare favourites 6

I love a good pamper session. It takes you from being frazzled and stressed, to calm, clean and content - combine a relaxing shower or bath with a few candles and some quiet time, then I can feel the stress, anxiety and buildup of worries start to leave me. The knots in my shoulders start to relax, the tensions from the day start to chill out and I can feel that through every exhale, I start to calm down and read myself for the evening. Doing yoga breathing especially helps when I'm trying to relax, as deep breaths in and long exhales not only encourage more oxygen into the blood, it actually helps the muscles, which therefore helps me to unwind. Yeah, I do get quite stressed some days, and that definitely shows on my face. Blemishes and redness are something I battle with quite a lot, but the above products always help me and my skin to calm down - so let's hop to it, and get on with my little pamper session essentials. 

For me, it starts with running a bath. Then lighting some candles, turning all the lights out and letting the steam rise. I tie my hair up into a top knot, pin up the stray strands and even put on a hairband, as nothing is getting the the way of all the skin stuff that's about to happen. Then it's about decided upon a bath oil. For me, Aromatherpy Associates have got it all sorted with their Miniature Bath Oil Collection (On sale for £16.50, here) with oils for your every mood: Relax Deep, Relax Light, De-Stress Mind, De-Stress Muscle, Revive Morning, Revive Evening, Support Breathe, Support Lavender & Peppermind and Support Equilibrium. So many choices, right? For a pamper session, I tend to mix a few drops of whatever I feel like: Usually it's Relax Deep, De-Stress Mind and Support Equilibrium, with even a little bit of Support Lavender & Peppermint dropped in for a gorgeous calming scent. These oils make my skin supple and soft, calming down not only my reddened skin, but my eczema and the tops of my arms, which are often rough with 'chicken skin' or Keratosis Pilaris for those who know all about it. Soaking in a tub of hot water, surrounded by oils really helps to soft the backs of my arms, and help with the skin there. It's a struggle, but bath oils always help.

Next, I take all my makeup off with a cleansing oil, followed by a cleansing cream, just so I know that everything is off, leaving my skin clean and soft, ready for a face mask. The following mask isn't for everyone, as it can hurt some peoples skin, but for me, and my sensitive skin, this brightens and evens skin tone - making it a product that I cannot be without. It's Ren's Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask (£32, here) which you slather on, leave for 10 minutes and then remove with a soft flannel. This mask, although orange and smelling delightfully of citrus, is exactly what my skin needs when it's looking dull and uneven, as this sorts it all out, while not drying out so much that you can't move your face without cracking. It's an exfoliating mask that removes dead skin cells and just gives you such a glow that I cannot recommend it enough to people. 

High end skincare favourites 3

High end skincare favourites 4

Following the removal of the mask, I then splash my face with a bit of cold water, before applying my eye cream of choice. Currently it's Benefit's It's Potent which is thick and nourishing, exactly what my dry under eyes need right now, but following that, it's time for a facial oil, and not just any one. With its rose goodness and essentials oils, BalanceMe's Rose Otto Facial Oil (£32, here) is delightfully perfumed and sinks divinely into the skin. My skin drinks this in so much as it reacts really well to rose and rose scented products, making it a delight not only for my complexion, but for my nose too. I follow the oil with a facial massager, and this one by The Body Shop (£6, here) is hands down, my favourite. I used it to remove the buildup of fluids beneath the skin and roll them down my neck, away from my face. I do this a few times, as not only does it remove fluid, but it encourages blood flow,  making it a super simple and inexpensive way to make sure all my expensive products work their way into my skin as much as they can. Then I quickly spritz my face with Jurlique's Rosewater Balancing Mist * (£18, here) which, of course, smells like roses again and gives me skin another hit of moisture before applying my serum of choice. It's perfect not only during a pamper session, or even during a skincare routine: I quite often keep it next to me when I'm writing a blog post, just for a quick pick-me-up. 

After that, it's time for a serum and one of my all time favourites has to be from Estée Lauder, and it's their Advanced Night Repair Complex (£44, here) which I cannot express how much I adore it. It was one of the first high-end skincare products that I had bought for myself, and since I first tried it, it's stolen my heart. I apply three drops to my fingers before pressing it into the skin of my face and neck (don't forget the neck, lovelies!) and taking in the lovely scent (i'm not even sure what it smells like, I've just grown very accustomed to it over the years). It's what I use on my face when I want it to have that nourishment and moisture kick after a long day, or after a few long days. I cannot recommend this product enough. I follow my serum with a moisturiser and hey presto, that's me basically all done. But wait, what's this? Yepp, can't leave those lips without a moisturiser of their own, and my choice is always Nuxe's Reve de Miel lip balm (£9.50, here). It's been my saviour for years, through the changing seasons and even the harshest Winter days - it keeps my lips hydrated and un-chapped, which I think is quite an accomplishment on the coldest days that we have. 

Lastly, but not least, as a little treat, I use the tiniest amount of Lush's R&B Hair moisturiser (£11.50, here) as a treatment for those dry ends of mine, which lavish the hit of moisture that comes from this hair butter - it's thick, but not greasy, which is perfect for my hair, as it has greasy roots, but somewhat dry ends. What are your pamper time essentials? What do you use after a long day? 

High end skincare favourites 5

High end skincare favourites 2

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Holiday/Travelling skincare essentials.

Holiday Skincare 6

Holidays are pretty much the best things ever. The excitement, months before... Summer Holiday shopping is perhaps one of my favourite things - it's a brilliant excuse for a new lipstick (or five) or a pair of new shoes (or five), it's the kind of occasion where not only are the people going excited, but everyone else around you wants you to go, and have an amazing time. Surely to tell them all about it, and then they'll promptly want to book much the same holiday - does that happen with anyone else? That happens with me all the time. Hence why I want to go everywhere I see other bloggers going to. See: Greek Islands, Paris (again), Italy and the Maldives. Everywhere just looks so beautiful and lustworthy when you see the pictures on blogs, Twitter and Instagram. It's wanderlust and I feel it with every travel photo that I see. I just want to travel everywhere - and since I returned from Turkey in May, it's taken a lot of control to not book three more holidays for this year. They're amazing and memorable, but boy, they can be very expensive. 

But let's move on from that. Let's talk about some products that did me so well on my holiday to Turkey - which was mainly spent laying in the sun, having amazing food and swimming in the sea. For laying in the sun, which was basically 30 degrees each day, I knew I had to protect my pale skin and La Roche-Posays' Anthelios XL Oil SPF 50+ (£13.50, here) was brilliant for that. It's a oil, which not only protects the skin, but moisturises it as well - at the end of the week, my skin was not only sun kissed, but supple and smooth - applying this oil after swimming and every few hours or so, left my boyfriend and I with wonderful tans, and soft skin. For me, soft skin isn't an odd thing, as I moisturise like crazy, but for my boyfriend it must have been a rather peculiar thing. Yes, he'll moisturise his face, but his body is usually just the domain of shower gel etc, so applying this and feeling so smooth... must have been rather strange, but lovely nonetheless. Continuing on with sun care, my aftersun of choice is by Piz Buin and it's their After Sun Allergy Lotion (£7.49, here) which not only moisturises and restores skin, it's also dermatologically tested so that it doesn't irritate skin, because that is the last thing you need on sun sensitive skin. 

Another skincare addition from La Roche-Posay is their Cicaplast (£6.50, here), and it's a soothing balm that I take everywhere with me. I use it on any sore spots, or blemishes, eczema and blisters - it's basically the type of balm that I put on anything red or angry looking. I've actually got some slathered on the tops of my ears right now, as they burnt slightly in the sun when I was at Silverstone watching the F1. Not only does it calm everything down, it puts moisture back into the skin, whereas it would just be dehydrated and sore for a long time. For haircare, I didn't take a hair SPF, as I'm a firm believer in wearing wide brimmed sun hats, but that doesn't mean that hair can't get dehydrated as well - so Lush's R&B Hair Moisturiser (£11.50, here) came in super handy, not only for dry ends, but for frizz and a scorched scalp. It's very rich and you only need to apply the smallest bit to benefit from it's essential oils and avocado extract - for me, this was a hair saviour, and I take it with me everywhere I go, whether abroad on holiday, or camping for a long weekend. My hair loves it so much. 

Lastly, is an essential every nail polish wearing person should have. I bought them at a last minute dash through WHSmith before boarding the plane, just to make sure I had everything - turns out I didn't, but who ever does? Any nail polish remover pads will do the job, I just think its so much easier to take these with you, than carting around a big bottle, complete with cotton will pads - it saves time, and can be thrown into your hand luggage. A holiday essential if there ever was one.

What are your holiday essentials? Any that I've missed out on? I've also done a post about what products I took on the flight and actually used (here) as well as what skincare I took with me, as I know those are always tough decisions (here). Lastly, makeup is always important and here is what I took with me and used during my week in Turkey. 


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

July: The life update and three lists of five things.

Makeup Glow 5

After returning from Silverstone, with a slightly pink nose and sunburnt ears, I couldn't wait to have a bath and soak all my weary bones. Silverstone was full of long days, pints of cider, hundreds of thousands of racing fans and reddened skin. The sun was out in force, and even those like me, who always use SPF, the wind got me, and turned my skin red. So yeah, I'm a bit burnt... but I think slathering on facial oil, serums and moisturisers is helping, I just hope that there isn't going to be lasting damage. Remember your SPF kids. But aside from turning a bit red, I had a fabulous time with my boyfriend, even though sharing a tent (which partially flooded on the friday night thanks to a horrendous thunder/lightning/rain storm) wasn't my idea of fun, for five days. I mean, I've camped loads through my childhood and teenage years, but it's so different with my boyfriend, as opposed to my family. Parents usually solve everything, but it was up to me and the boyfriend... I think we managed to do quite well, despite a slightly hysterical moment when I was scooping out all the water from our tent with bowls and saucepans; the mood went from disbelief, to hysterical laughter and then it was all a bit sad. But once we'd had our coffee and breakfast, it started to seem not that bad at all. Now, I can laugh about it but at the time, nooooope, I was a grump until about lunchtime... then more food seemed to cheer me up. Life lesson - food always cheers me up. If it doesn't, then there is something seriously wrong.

There's this image I saw on Instagram and it says 'Be with someone who gives you the same feeling of when you see your food coming at a restaurant': it's something that I identify with quite a lot, because food is amazing - and I was once told in TGI Fridays that my response to my food being carried to me was one of the best the waiter had ever seen. I was actually told that on the second date with my boyfriend, and yeah... kinda just setting the standard for our relationship, as food is awesome. My boyfriend is pretty cool too though... and he just makes me happy. He gives me that food feeling, and I equate that with a lot of happiness - like a plate of spaghetti and meatballs being carried towards you... he makes me that happy. It's a weird analogy, but we're both quite strange, me more so than him though. If you ever meet me, you'll understand why.

But on another note. I applied for a job, and long story short, I didn't get it and the reasons why are pretty simple: I'm not assertive/cocky enough to work in that certain line of business. Yeah, I'm polite, maybe more so than I should be, but I don't think cutting each other off, and trying to lead the entire conversation by being louder than those around you is assertive, it's just plain rude. What ever happened to just being nice? I don't think the business world is one for me, with its boys clubs and having to be something I'm not, just to get ahead. It wasn't a job that I especially wanted - the main appeal was that it was a lot more money than I make now, and it had good transfer opportunities. The negatives definitely outweighed the positives, and in hindsight, I'm rather glad I didn't get it, as I know, I would have hated it. I just need to figure out a new path for myself, and even if it takes me back to school, then I'll do it. I want to be as open minded as possible, and find something that feels right. 

Five songs and quotes I am obsessed with: Basically anything by Taylor Swift right now. 1 Out of the Woods 'We were built to fall apart - and fall back together'. 2 Clean 'When I was drowning, that's when I could finally breathe - gone was any trace of you, I think I am finally clean'. 3 Wildest Dreams 'Say you'll remember me, standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, red lips and rosy cheeks - even if it's just in your wildest dreams'. 4 This Love 'These hands had to let it go free and this love came back to me'. 5 I Know Places 'They'll be chasing their tails trying to track us down, I know places we can hide - Loose lips sink ships all the damn time'.

Five places I want to go to: I've recently returned from watching the Formula 1 at Silverstone, and there are so many more tracks that I want to visit, such as: #1 Monaco - the track for those who are obsessed with F1. I cannot wait to go one day. #2 Belgium - Spa Francorchamps is one of those tracks that is steeped in legend. #3 Hungary - the Hungaroring circuit is another that I cannot wait to visit. #4 Canada - Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal is on my bucket list, as well as Canada itself. #5 Italy - Monza, much like Imola is surrounded by so much history and its somewhere I need to go. 

Five things that I have recently purchases: #1 Lunch for myself and my boyfriend, from a Greggs on the motorway services. I don't think a mini Victoria Sponge has ever tasted as good as it did after 5 days of constant savoury meals at Silverstone. #2 Mac lipstick in Crosswires - a lipstick I'll be talking about on the blog soon. #3 A birthday present for my boyfriend, which will remain anonymous on here, as he does occasionally read this blog. GOOD TRY. #4 Denim Shorts - Very unlike me, but hey, it was camping in a field, and shorts are easy to wear. With t-shirts and hoodies, wellies and sandals, these shorts can be pared with anything. #5 Perfume - for my boyfriends sister, who loved the perfume I wore when I stayed at their house. It smells like summer in a bottle and I recommend it to everyone (From Next, called Paradise Island).


Favourites for the month of June 2015.

June Monthly favourites 1

June Monthly favourites 2

I love monthly favourites posts, even though I haven't written one for a while; I just love seeing what other people are using, and obviously, they've liked it enough for the whole month to warrant putting it into a favourites post. So you know, they think it's good, and then you have to read it, research it and then ultimately buy it for yourself if you're in the market for it... so yeah, I would say these posts are kinda important. I should do them more often, really. But let's get on with this post, as these products have really been doing me well for the month of June... so much so, I cannot get enough of them. Read on, and get your notebooks ready, because you'll be wanting everything. Trust me.

Let's start with the nails; Butter London's Hardware Topcoat (£15, here) and Nail Foundation (£15, here), both of which are available separately as well as in a set together, which I bought from TKmaxx a while ago. A idea of a nail foundation was what drew me in, as well as hearing wonderful things about their hardwearing top coat, and for about £12 or so, I was sold (thank you TKmaxx). The nail foundation evens out the nail for you, much like foundation would do so for your face, before your apply two coats of your chosen colour, and then finishing it with a seal of top coat, and I find that with a super shiny manicure like this, and working in a very hands on environment like retail, this will last up to five days with very minimal chipping before it starts to be very noticeable. They've been what I've reaching for before I start any manicure these days, and for the colour, I've fallen in love with Maybelline's Superstay Forever Strong Nail Polish in Uptown Blue (£4.49, here), which may be one of my all time favourite nail colours, as it's so beautifully blue, plus the formula from Maybelline is astounding - on a relaxing week, a manicure will last seven days without major chipping, and for me, that is an insane amount of time. 

Moving on from the nails, we have one skincare item. One. I know what you're thinking, but this product has been my go-to for weekends away, holidays and just what I want a small little tub to carry around with me, and it's from Nourish, their Argan Skin Renew moisturiser * (£25, here). I am actually in looooove with this moisturiser. It's light but nourishing on the skin, full of wonderful things that my skin just drinks up, and I cannot be without it, but thank goodness it comes in a bigger pot, as I don't know what I'll be doing without it when my little pot runs out. With the scent and goodness of rose and frankincense, this moisturiser is something my skin and I both love. 

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Makeup is a way of life for me. It can transform and enhance, which is why I love it so much. I can feel so terribly sick and uncomfortable, but my makeup can say 'Yeah, I'm feeling awesome, let's do this!' and I love that about it. One product that's been livening up my complexion, is surprise surprise the offering from Estée Lauder's Bronze Goddess range, and it's their bronzer (£32, here), which I cannot get enough of since I bought it in May, after my holiday. Bronzer was never something that appealed to me, but after getting a slight tan during my holiday, I thought that yes, this is now something I'm going to do. I'm going to apply bronzer and rock it. And you know what, I really am. I think I look pretty damn good with bronzer on my face, considering last year nothing even remotely tanned touched my pale skin. Oh, how times change, right? I spoke lovingly about it here in a post all about my adoration for Estée Lauder and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon. It livens up my skin without being too harsh, orange or heavy - it's extremely buildable and divine. Plus the packaging reminds me of something my mum would have had when she was young; it would have matched her tortoiseshell sunglasses, and she would have rocked it too. Another makeup product is one other holiday purchase, and it's Clinique's Pop Lip Colour Primer in Melon Pop (£16, here) which is just so wonderful, smooth and formulated to perfection, that I cannot be without it. The colour is a soft pink, coral and looks so good on the lips. It seems to be the colour that everyone is obsessed with, and I cannot blame them. I spoke about it here in my Duty Free haul post, and I will tell you this, go and swatch these lipsticks. You will not be disappointed. Trust me on this, you fabulous people.  

Lastly, we have a fragrance and a skincare tool; one which looks like a medieval implement of torture, and the other which makes me smile every time I smell it. From Library of Fragrance is their scent of Grass, and ohmygosh, it smells of fresh cut grass, which I can enjoy without the impending doom of hay ever hanging around me. Basically, it's a win-win. It's £15 (here) and with an offer of two for £25, it makes online shopping not only incredibly easy, but expensive, especially when I want all of the scents, so I can smell divine, no matter what I'm spraying. Grass, Rain, Cherry Blossom, Pineapple, Coconut, Gin & Tonic this brand has them all, and has my support for being one of the most inventive brands in the fragrance market. I cannot wait to add more to my collection. The Body Shops' Facial Massager (£6, here) isn't something I use sparingly. It's used every morning and night, to remove the build up of fluids from under the skin, get the blood flowing (and thereby making my skin glow) and make everything generally less puffy and more radiant. I remember writing a post on it, years ago, and teaming it with Hydraluron and my moisturiser of choice at the time. It's here for those who want to have a good nose, and even though it's been two years, I still cannot get enough of this facial massager - it's a staple for my skin and skincare routine. Cannot be without it. Definitely a Desert Island Item. What's been rocking your June? Any products I need to know about? 

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