Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Natural Skincare, £20 and under: Nourish Skincare Radiance Rejuvenating Peptide Serum

Nourish Peptide serum 1

Another relatively recent addition to my skincare routine, is this offering from Nourish Skincare, and it's their Rejuvinating Peptide Serum * which sits nicely on my bedside table, next to all my other lotions and potions (seriously, it's starting to look like an apothecary). It's a serum I've been using recently, and switching in and out with Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair, as well as Jurlique's Herbal Recovery Serum - but I have tested this for two/three months straight before feeling like I can change around my serums - just so I can give my skin exactly what I feel it needs. This serum is super light and moisturising, an almost completely clear liquid that aims at increasing luminosity in the skin - which I am all for, as I'm all about that glow.

One thing that I cannot get over, is how light it is on the skin. It feels like you're just massaging water into the skin on top of all the oils and creams I apply, so it doesn't leave the skin feeling weighed down or greasy. It also has that lovely rose scent that I adore so much, but it's more of a natural scent than something false, like many skincare brands add in. With its rejuvenating properties, I think this would be fabulous for all ages of skin, as even though my skin is young with little to no lines or damage, this would be brilliant at combating lines and dehydration that I know can trouble more mature skin. My mum often combats dryness on her skin, as do I, but I tend to focus more on the oiliness that really builds up on my t-zone, and this serum addresses both - making it not only a multi-tasking product, but something you can recommend to a friend/family member, as well as allowing them to use it should you both be having a little pamper day together. If I try something, I always love getting my mum to give it a try out as well, just so I know that two completely different skin types can offer different opinions, and therefore aid a lot more people.

As well as their Rejuvenating serum, Nourish also offer Hydrating, Nourishing and Replenishing serums, all for £20, which I think is very good value for a serum of such high quality. It is also 81% organic, so for those who prefer all natural products, or those which the majority is natural, then Nourish Skin is definitely a brand that you should look into. Because of it's natural ingredients, I apply this morning and night, depending on whether my skin is still a bit dry in the morning, and in need of some more love; in the evening, i'll slather this on, as it does my skin so much goodness, but in the morning, I'd rather apply to targeted areas, and dot for formula around before massaging, and letting it sink in. I'll then wait a few minutes before applying my primer, or foundation, based on what look and coverage I want for the day ahead.

Nourish are not only Cruelty free, but also Vegan friendly, so this is something I would definitely recommend for those who prefer this kind of skincare, as not only does it serve your skin well, it is also good for animals as well as people who prefer to lead a completely natural skincare/lifestyle routine. I for one, cannot wait to try more from them. You can find Nourish's Radiance Rejuvenating Peptide Serum on FeelUnique for £20, as well as numerous other products from Nourish's range. I have my eye on their Brightening Moisturiser (here), Refreshing Toning Mist (here) and their Phyto-Active Body Butter (here). Do you have your sights set on any of their natural skincare products? 

Nourish Peptide serum 4

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

£10 and Under: Makeup Revolution Radiance Highlighter Palette review, with swatches.

MUR Radiance Palette 2

I remember the day this palette came out, and the stars in my eyes as soon as I saw it. Or maybe they were hearts in my eyes...I'm not entirely sure. All I knew was that I wanted it, in all its glimmering radiant loveliness. At the bargain price of £8, this palette from Makeup Revolution is everything I never knew I needed in terms of getting a wonderful 'glowing from within' look. Now, if you know me and read my blog, I want to get that lovely healthy look with and without makeup; since I'm still working on the skincare front, I want to be able to get that look with makeup and these three highlighters are amazing for that. They're glorious for a healthy, glowy shimmer and with three shades to choose from, you can choose one based on the look you want, as well as whether your skin has tanned from the sun (although, safe tanning is always what I recommend with a good SPF for face and body, at least 30+).

Makeup Revolution's Radiance Highlighter Palette (£8, here) is an amazing trio of soft, buttery highlighters all encased in a simple black palette, perfect for not only giving you a glowy highlight, but also for a fabulous shimmery eyeshadow should you want to double up on use, and don't have the room for multiple products. They're said to be dupes for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette which is about five times more expensive than this, and all I can say, is that this palette is perfect for using on the tops of my cheekbones, my cupids bow and ever so lightly dusting over the skin as a finishing powder. It's very finely milled, so sits very well on the skin without being too cakey or overwhelming. It's something that I cannot believe is only £8, let alone from Makeup Revolution as for me, they keep going from strength to strength and, within the year or so that they have been active, they've basically redefined the budget brand as they've produced countless dupes for much more expensive brands. This is definitely one of my favourite dupes of theirs, aside from their gorgeous eyeshadow palettes which are complete dupes for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes for a fraction of the price (£4, here, here, here). For £4, they are absolute steals as so many looks can be produced from one palette - a total holiday favourite as you can pack one or two, and have all of your looks sorted for however long you're going for. 

MUR Radiance Palette 3

MUR Radiance Palette r

MUR Radiance Palette 5

There are three gorgeous shades, Exhale (£5, here for an individual mirrored compact), Breathe (£5, here) and Glow (£5, here) and while they can all be used as a highlighter, I think it does depend on skin tone. Exhale and Breathe, for me, are wonderful highlighters whilst Glow is more of a bronzer, as well as a gorgeous bronze esc eyeshadow. They are so gorgeous without the slightest hint of glitter, which make them increasingly more wearable all year round, and not only for a night out. Exhale is a shade that currently suits my complexion (pale, pale, pale) whilst Breathe is more suited to pale skin as it gradually tans, and then Glow is basically everything you need whilst your skin has that lovely tanned look. I am so incredibly impressed by this palette, as it is going to be a holiday essential for me - with a Real Techniques Powder Brush as you can bet, I'll be getting my tan on. This smudged over the lids or dusted over the skin, is going to be a go-to look for me. My plan, is to keep my holiday makeup natural but chic; so glowing skin and a bright lipstick, nothing too much but still classic enough to look good despite the hot weather. I'll update you all on how the powders fare in the heat, as they tend to do so well in the current weather we're having. Are you planning your holiday makeup already? I certainly am. 

Below from left: Glow, Breathe and Exhale.
MUR Radiance Palette 6

Friday, 24 April 2015

Eylure False Eyelashes in No 20 & 80

Eyelure 80 and 20 1

Now this is just a quick little 'Look at what I bought' kinda post... but then again, most of the posts on here have been like that...but yes. Awhile ago, I was tweeting Eylure and chatting about which lashes would be the best, and these were two of the numerous ones that they suggested. I've not been one for wearing false eyelashes since I was in University - in which case, every time I went for a night out, the eyelashes would be on. But now, with less going out and more staying in with Netflix and a Chinese takeaway, the eyelashes have kinda been lacking from my makeup routine. Although, whenever I see someone wearing them on instagram, I always immediately take a fancy to them and think 'Yes, I need to break out those amazing lashes' but I always forget. Not this time. 

There are two different options for me; Naturals and Lengthening. Natural is for me, in the day or on an occasion that's simply a meal out with friends - nothing too dramatic or glamorous. I think there is however a natural glamour to these lashes, as they open up the eyes and give that extra bit of flutter to my lashes which generally need a lot of curling and the right mascara to make them look relatively presentable. These are actually the ones I'll be applying this evening for a tip to Nando's with some of my lovely friends from work - so keep an eye on my Instagram for some serious but still natural looking flutter going on. Number 20 is a perfect addition for a little extra jazz to your look and are £5.29 here.

Now we have the full on glamour. I'm not sure if you can get these anymore on Boots, or if the number has been changed but they're available from Lookfantastic here for £5.06. For me, these are glamour personified. They're not too dark or thick, but long and luscious. They still look relatively natural and fluttery without being too heavy and weighing down the lid, which happened with the lashes I used to wear in Uni (ahhh to be that young again). Much like every pair, they come with adhesive and can be reused depending on how well you keep them after your day/night out. I used to keep all my false lashes for some strange reason... they ended up looking like little caterpillars in my jewellery box. Writing about these two pairs makes me want to embrace the fact that I could even wear the lengthening pair everyday, because if I have the confidence to, why shouldn't I? I usually try to make my lashes look like that with mascara, so why should lashes be a step too far? Here is my pledge. I'm going to wear a pair out, all day, and see what happens. I'll blog about it, because hey, why not? Are you one to wear false lashes in the day, or do you save them for a night out? 

Eyelure 80 and 20 2

Eyelure 80 and 20 3

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Zoeva Makeup and Brush Haul with swatches

Zoeva Makeup Haul 1

Zoeva Makeup Haul 2

Much like my post the other day (here) this is another BeautyBay haul, but this is purely dedicated to Zoeva cosmetics. Zoeva are a German cosmetics brand who started from a range of 10 brushes, to an entire arsenal which MUA and bloggers alike, cannot be without. I had heard wonderful things about their brushes, but their makeup was something of a mystery to me, so I thought I'd order a lovely few things, just to get a feel of the formulas and colours. Wow is pretty much all I can say. Gorgeous colours, textures, packaging and formulas which leads to me wait with great anticipation for payday, because you can bet that I'm going to be snooping around for more cosmetic and brush purchases from them. But first a little bit more about the brand before I jump into talking about the products. Zoeva not only love makeup and empowering women with the products, but they also love taking care of women, which is where their workshops come in. I think they're only available in Germany, but they work with women who are Cancer patients in order to give them a fun experience that takes their minds off of the dreaded 'C' word. I love the idea that by giving women the ability to play around with their makeup, and design their own looks, they're building up their confidence and in essence, giving them some more happiness in their lives. 

I am all for women, and not only women using makeup to build up their confidence, as I don't think I was confident in myself until my late teens and yes, makeup did play a part in that. To this day, makeup helps me to have that extra spring in my step although I can happily step out without makeup and meet people, without a care in the world. 

But now, let's move onto the good bit; the makeup. Starting with my colour choices and the gorgeous Luxe Colour Blush in Last Love (£6.95, here) which is a gorgeous peach coral shade, and the colour that inspired all my other coral esc purchases from Zoeva.  It's buttery soft and blends like a dream, the perfect powder blush for Summertime when pink just isn't what you want. I love the staying power of powder blushes, especially in warm weather so you can bet this is going to be a good friend to you when the weather heats up once again. The pan is a little bit paler in real life, but the coral is still as gorgeous. Next up is the Luxe Cream Lipstick in Venus Phase (£7.95, here) which is a fabulous  pale pink/peachy colour that photographs like a bright coral/red but it's really not. Nonetheless, the colour and texture are so bang on. Soft, silky and doesn't drag on the lips. My lips are dry and peeling right now, but the lipstick still glides over them and provides that pop of colour that I love. I'm more one for darker colours on the lips, or a bright red, but this pink/coral/peach really is right up my street. 

Zoeva Makeup Haul 3

Zoeva Makeup Haul 4

Lastly for the lips, we have their Lip Crayon in Sweet Heat (£5.95, here) which is sheer coral goodness when first applied, but it can be built up to give such a gorgeous hit of colour that once again, is a tad lighter than the swatch (I tell you, that was a bright day but it messed up the colours). I love the packaging of the crayon, as it's so simple and actually reminds me of something similar to Nars and their lip crayons. I've yet to see if there are any dupes out there, but I will let you know. Then for the eyes we have perhaps one of my favourite products of the month, and it's the Graphic Eyes pencil in Nude Reflection (£5.50, here) and I love it so much. Whether smudged on the lash line, or blended out all over the lid this colour is actually true to the swatch and gives a gorgeous metallic taupe colour that is so incredibly soft and blend able, it just makes me want the entire range. Seriously, I want them all. The formula and staying power is insanely gorgeous. 

My first brush from Zoeva is their 227v Vegan Soft Definer Brush (£6.95, here) and it's so good. It didn't actually occur to me at the time that it was vegan, but I do feel rather pleased that it is. It's soft, fluffy and blends shadows like a dream. Combined with my Graphic Eyes pencil the two of these make such a subtle but gorgeous smoky eye, and for the price, I cannot recommend them enough! I cannot get enough of the brush, and used it as soon as it arrived (sorry, no pristine picture of a brush here) as it really is wonderful at blending and defining the eyes.

I simply cannot get enough of Zoeva at the moment, so much so, I ordered another brush (the 103 defined buffer) and cannot put that down either. There are just something so seamless about the brushes and I for one cannot wait to own entire collections of them. Another few items that I have my eye on are the Naturally Yours Palette (hello perfect nude palette), the entire Graphic Eyes pencil collection, the Rose Golden Palette (which is deep and jewel like) and basically all of the brushes. Literally all of them. All the Zoeva brushes... and cosmetics actually. I'll just take one of everything. Actually maybe even two of the brushes...

Zoeva Makeup Haul 5

Zoeva Makeup Haul 6

Zoeva Makeup Haul Swatches

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Reinmann Once a Day P20 50+ SPF Sun Protection #3weeksuntilmyholiday #okkinmarmaris

P20 SPF 50+ 1

P20 SPF 50+ 2

Sun's out, gun's out, right? I'm referring to this t-shirt, not the piece of machinery. Nope. Put all those away. Instead, let us bask in all the sunny rays falling down on us, but let's all remember to use SPF. And what is it, you ask? 'Sunscreen is a lotion, spray, gel or other topical product that absorbs or reflects some of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation on the skin exposed to sunlight and thus helps to protect against sunburn' (read more about it here). I am all for SPF. For many years, I shied away from the sun, choosing to sit in the shade with my floppy hat and on occasion, sun umbrella so that my pale skin wouldn't catch. But as I've grown, I've realised that although I love having wonderfully pale skin, I also quite like the look of a soft sun kissed glow and I've determined to get one this year on my holiday. So, in order for this to happen, and for me to not end up looking like a lobster or something horrendously pink, I'm going to try my best to expose parts of my skin to the sun, in the build up, so that it won't be too shocked by the strength of the sun come the middle of May.

Even though I'll sunbathing for the first time in goodness knows how long, I'l still be doing it responsibly and using SPF, or more precisely this offering from Reinmann P20 Once A Day Sun Protection (£24.99, here). I chose it in their 50+ category, as I know my fair skin will burn, so I'll need all the protection I can get. It's waterproof, non-greasy and fragrance free although I always seem to smell a little bit of alcohol when I spray it onto the skin. It also lasts for up to 10 hours, although I do like to reapply, just because my skin is so sensitive to UVA/UNB rays right now/whenever I go on holiday. I bought this last year for my trip to Paris/France and it featured in my Holiday centric post last June (here) - although I don't think I did a follow up post for it, it really did its job. It protected my skin whilst I was walking around Paris all day in the wonderful sun, as well as when I was walking around various history/WWII related sites with my parents. 

For application, I usually just stand in a pair of knickers (TMI, I know) and spray it on, section by section, making sure every part is well covered - this can be quite difficult as it is a clear spray - but I always go for the 'better do a bit more, just in case' approach, and it's served me well so far. Doing my back is always a tricky one, so I try to do my best, before calling my mum in to help, or in three weeks time, it'll be the boyfriend who'll have the wonderful task of applying it. 

Some tips I've found are not to forget your feet, as they can catch quite easily if you're walking around - also the same can be said of your hands. So if you're eating/drinking/swimming just make sure to reapply just a little, just to keep your skin safe. One that quite a lot forget, is the scalp and nose, which can be easily rectified by just running a little bit of the SPF through the roots of your hair and pressing lightly onto the scalp - and also wearing a hat during the hottest parts of the day. For your face, such as your nose etc, this is a product you can use but I like to keep my face topped up with my La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL 50+ Facial SPF (I reviewed it last year, here) as I don't need any more redness in my cheeks, than there is already. Also, don't be afraid to reapply when you're by the pool/beach as I know some people can look at you and that's always off putting, but I'd rather they look at my well SPF'd skin than me looking like some sort of skin shedding lizard. Plus it's your holiday, you'll never see most of them ever again. What SPF's do you use on your holidays/when you're out in the sun? 

Also, don't forget to wear an SPF daily on your face and exposed skin - your skin will thank you for it. 

P20 SPF 50+ 3

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Beauty Bay Skincare, Bodycare, Accessories and Makeup Haul

Beauty Bay Haul 1

Beauty Bay Haul 2

Beauty Bay Haul3

When I saw that Beauty Bay was offering 20% off on their website if you spend over £50/60 ...I can't quite remember the actual price, I moseyed on over just to see if there was anything I fancied. But then I remembered, this was a place of lust for me. From Anastasia Beverly Hills to Zoeva to Antipodes, this was not a good place to go if you have no money.. or even if you have money, you'll just want to buy everything. So um, yeah, I kinda bought everything. I popped everything I fancied into my basket, in the thought of culling what I didn't need at the end... instead, I simply bought everything. I don't think I've spent that much in one transaction before on a site that wasn't Boots or clothing related, but they were products that I had really, really wanted but never had the guts to actually order. But now I have them. And at 20% off too, I feel pretty good about myself. 

In need of new skincare and makeup (said all beauty bloggers/beauty lovers) I found myself drawn to the Urban Decay Naked Foundation (£27, here) because of its lightweight but flawless claims, as I like weightless formulas when the weather gets warmer. I chose the lightest colour after searching some swatches online and by damn, it's a brilliant colour match. Watch out for this upcoming review. Continuing on down the makeup road, is a cult product that I've seen numerous bloggers rave about, and to be honest, I'm not 100% sold on it yet but I'm still trialling it, and it's Anastasia Beverly Hills' Dipbrow pomade (£15, here). It's a lovely formula, but as one who is used to using a pencil, this is gonna take some getting used to. Next up, and the last for the makeup is Illamasqua's Cream Pigment in Hollow (£17.50, here) which is a contour product I have read a lot about, as it's meant to be perfect for contouring for those of us with pale skin, or who prefer to use creams as opposed to powders. It's silky smooth and really wonderful. All of these will be getting their own reviews, so watch this space.

Next up, it's the skincare and by damn, this is exciting. Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre (Currently on offer for £11 for 30ml, here) is a go-to moisturiser for me, and a definite one to throw in my handbag, just incase I need some throughout the day. I use it on my face, elbows, dry patches on my collarbone/neck (eczema) or anything like that. It's a lifesaver, and it's going in my holiday suitcase. Then we have what I like to think of as another cult offering, and it's Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey  Treatment Mask (Currently £17.78, here) which I haven't gotten around to using yet but believe me, I am excited as it's been raved about by so many people whose opinions I trust a great deal. Lastly for the facial skincare, we have the bright orange offering from Pai and it's their best selling Rosehip BioRegeneraate Fruit & Seed Oil Blend (£22, here) - and yes, it's actually that orange in real life. I had a rose hip oils from Trilogy, which I loved to pieces, but this now is a targeted oil for boosting the healing process in skin, so ideal for blemishes, scars, fine lines and reducing UVA damage. It's an do-it-all kinda product, so keep your eyes on here to see what I think of it.

The last two products are ones that don't apply to facial skincare or makeup, but are nonetheless very exciting. Zoeva's 103 Defined Buffer Brush (£11.50, here) has been rocking my world ever since it arrived, and has replaced my Real Techniques Buffing Brush as my go to for foundation, as it applies to well, blending seamlessly. Good stuff. For body care, we've got some little bottles of goodness, and now if you know me, you should know I love a good bath/shower oil so this Bath & Shower Oil Collection from Aromatherapy Associates (Currently £26.40, here) was right up my street. It has different oils based on different needs, such as Relax, Revive, De-stress and Support. You can bet these are all going to have an outing, so it'll be a week of solid bath time - forging the shower just to soak up the oily goodness that are in these little bottles.

Are there any products that you fancy from my haul? Which reviews would you like to see first?

Beauty Bay Haul 4


Saturday, 18 April 2015

A little life update and three lists of three things.

George at Asda Homeware Haul 3

You know that feeling where you really want to write, but aren't in the mood and therefore nothing inspires you. I want to write about makeup, but all that's going through my mind is how .. middle of the road I feel. That kind of 'I can't be bothered' but 'really am bothered at the same time' feeling that leaves me wanting to tear my hair out, because surely I should be able to decide on something that I want to do/want to feel? Nope. So whilst I was showering and thinking about upcoming blog posts, it hit me that on my day off today, I should be happy as #1 I had a lie in, #2 I'm having a barbecue later and #3 I don't have to do anything that I don't want to, today - but I'm not happy. And then I realised, I'm okay with not being happy. Who's happy all day long after all? But people constantly say 'Oh, cheer up/be happy/there are a lot of people a lot worse off that you' etc. I'm not one to dispute the suffering of others, but why should others make me feel bad for wanting to feel how I want? Why should we have to hide our emotions and paint on a saccharine smile? So this is what I have discovered.

1. You don't have to be happy all the time. I'm a positive person, so being angry or sad is something not a great deal of people see, so they assume that there is something really wrong - 'Be happy. Be positive'. How about no? You shouldn't have to adhere to their ideas of how you should act. If you want to frown, you do it. You shouldn't have to apologise for what you feel. 

2. Not knowing what you want to do with your life. It's stressful. I'm 23 and I have no clue. I admire people that do, but that flash panic when someone asks you what you want to do, reminds me of when I was 16 and there were people asking me the same thing. What's changed in the last 7 years? College, University and my first job. What's actually changed? Nothing. I'm still really unaware of what I want to do. Currently, I'm okay with that. I just think, I'm going to figure it out one day. Perhaps it's another reason to frown, but I think life is too short to stress, and once I figure out what I want, I'll be able to commit to it.

3. Blogging is a fantastic outlet. It really is. It's a creative persons dream. Writing, photography, marketing - it's all so wonderful that I cannot believe so many thousands of us do it as a hobby. I have a job, as do many of us, so the fact that so many of us produce content that competes so well with those who do it full time is so admirable. But there's also that negativity. 'Why can she do it full time and I can't?', I have these very thoughts myself, and it's the envy that actually inspires me to up my game in my photography/writing/marketing even when I don't feel like doing anything blogging related. I think competition, which some paint as ugly, as well as envy can actually inspire us to better ourselves and our blogs. It's also okay to be negative. Blogging isn't all sunshine and rainbows. It's hard, exhausting work that needs constant attention and marketing; it's okay to stress and cry about these things. It wouldn't be something you were passionate about unless you let your emotions out. 

Also, three little lists of three things that perk me up when I'm feeling sad. Three songs that make me sing, in my terribly bad voice, and flip my hair like i'm in a music video. #1 It's my Birthday by and Cody Wise. #2 Just Drive by Alistair Griffin. #3 What I did for Love by David Guetta and Emeli Sande. 

Three skincare products that make me smile. #1 Nip and Fab Deep cleansing fix (reviewed here). #2 Benefit It's Potent eye cream (reviewed here) #3 Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist (reviewed here)

Three movie quotes that always make me laugh. #1 'Still not a good enough reason to use the word 'penetrate'' from Pitch Perfect. #2 'You're off the fucking chain' from Hot Fuzz. #3 'I'd climb him like a tree' from Bridesmaids. 

Monday, 13 April 2015

REN skincare Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask Review

Ren Glyco 1

Ren Glyco 2

After using this again last night, let me tell you, this Mask is amazing. It leaves the skin looking so good, glowy and smooth that I had to wait to post this until I had fully formed my opinion. It's good. Damn good. It's albeit slightly weird, as it's a bag inside of a bottle... but this stuff is magic. Plus, it smells like oranges; so far, it's got it all. Ren's Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask (£32, here) is a 50ml product that claims to 'renew the complexion, dramatically improve skin tone and radiance, and reduce the appearance of fine lines' which is quite a lot for something to claim - but I've always suffered with the tone of my skin, as there's redness in my cheeks that really gets me down, especially when compared with my under eye bags, as I have to cover up the redness and the darkness under my eyes - it pretty much leaves me looking like the undead until I put some colour onto my skin i.e. blush, eyeshadow etc. What I noticed last night, after I had removed the mask and was lounging in bed (with my regular night routine of oils and serums on my face), is that my skin looked super glowy and even. Even looking skin doesn't happen for me without makeup, so I had a good look in the mirror and I think it was the vitamin C, combatting all of my blemishes and making everything gleam with healthiness. 

The packaging, which has that sleekness that I always expect from REN Skincare, has this somewhat odd nozzle and nozzle clip to dispense product, and to protect any from escaping. I didn't understand the theory behind this until I actually tried it, as believe me, you don't want a single drop of this to escape as it is so precious. Like orange gold, this is a weekly staple for me that I never want to be without. That glow and even skin tone is something I want to keep for as long as possible. I usually cleanse my face really thoroughly and then slather this on whilst I'm in the bath, so it has time to do its thing whilst I'm relaxing away with my various bath oils. I apply a thin even layer, over my face and neck (whilst avoiding the under eye area) and set a time for ten minutes. Then, I just enjoy the tropical vitamin C scent before removing the mask with a warm, damp cloth and then rising my face with a few splashes of warm water. Ten minutes is nothing whilst you're chilling out in the bath, and it's where I most prefer to use a face mask - whether clay, moisturising or this exfoliating mask. I know that £32 may be quite a lot of money for 50ml, but once a week, this mask provides results and with glycolactic acid that the reviews I has read, swear by. It is designed for skin of all ages, but there is a significant amount of commenting on the reducing of fine lines as well as the plumping of skin. I would say that this isn't for those with really sensitive skin, as the tingling might be too much for you to handle. As it did tingle upon my first usage, but hasn't done since. 

It is mainly designed to be used as a peel - something to combat those expensive, salon chemical peels as this gives immediate results without the pain - and that is something that always has me wincing whenever someone speaks about chemical peels. The main effort with this product, is making sure the layer is even, and then the removal of it. That's it. I like to think of it as the lazy person option to fancy peel masks. For me, REN have nailed it with this Renewal Mask and I cannot wait to use it again next week. What are your favourite REN Products? Have you tried any of their masks? 

Ren Glyco 3

Ren Glyco 4

Ren Glyco 5

Friday, 10 April 2015

George at Asda Homeware Haul

George at Asda Homeware Haul 1

George at Asda Homeware Haul 2

Ahh homeware. I swear, my addiction is getting worse than my love of makeup and skincare. Yes, I went there. It's that bad. So casually flicking through the Asda Home catalogue meant sighs of appreciation and a tweet saying how much I loved pretty much everything. Then the lovely people over at George offered to send me a little £10 voucher, so I could buy something and ohmygod i'm not going to lie, I was excited. Sadly though, two of the three things I fancied in the catalogue weren't available online, so instead I popped into my local store and had a bit of a nose. I basically swooned. So many beautiful things at a price that I couldn't believe. You won't believe it either. So let's get taking. 

My Starfish Trinket Dish * was £3 and I am a massive sucker for anything star/starfish/snowflake shaped/related, as I sleep like a total starfish in bed (even when my boyfriend is there... sorry about that) and I have so many little pieces of jewellery etc that just make my heart flutter whenever I wear/see them. So, this was an immediate 'MINE' moment, and into my basket it went. Seriously though, I was so chuffed. Next up was my Flamingo Cushion * £7 and just look at it! It is beautiful, and I do love a good flamingo - I can imagine it looking so gorgeous in my little future home (because you can bet that I've got most of it planned out in my head) sitting rather joyfully on my sofa or chair, the pink/coral and whimsical animal making everything look more fun. 

But I didn't stop there. Ohhhh no. I just had to continue looking and ohmygosh, they had the Chilli/Cactus (set of 4) Glass Tumblers that I wanted for £4, so you can bet they went in my basket as well. I'm imagining them on a dinner table, next to wine glasses and white crockery with a fun centrepiece (yes, I do think about this too much). There was this wonderful tea light holder that had a little bumblebee on top (£5), and it was shaped like a sweet little beehive and ohmygosh, I am all about saving the bees! Planting wildflowers and bee friendly flowers are basically all that are in my family's garden, so seeing a bumblebee on top of the tea light pretty much stole my heart, so into the basket that went as well! Now that you know I'm a sucker for bees and wildflowers, the next purchase shouldn't seem so out of character... it's a vase, that says 'The little book of wildflowers' on it, and it's shaped like a book. A BOOK. I think it was also £5 but omg it's shaped like a book, and I love it. So you can bet I put some wildflowers in it from the garden. Last, but not least, is a very Kate Spade esc toothbrush holder that I'm using to house some brushes at the moment, as well as using it in some future blog posts and it's a Gold Spot Toothbrush holder that was £3 and it just looks so good!

All in all, George at Asda have got it going on in their Homeware department, as well as clothing.. and food..(ahhh the food!) - it's just going well for them, and I am in love. Cannot wait to see more of their amazing designs. I know everyone raves about H&M for homeware, which I do too, but just think.. Asda have got some beautiful things in right now. Why not treat yourself whilst doing your food shop? 

George at Asda Homeware Haul 3

George at Asda Homeware Haul 4

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Benefit Skincare; It's Potent Eye Cream and Triple Performance Facial Emulsion First Impressions

Benefit Skincare 1

I always think skincare is an exciting thing to experiment with, especially when you hear good things from bloggers who have similar skin to you as even though their skin may not be flawless (whose is?) they're constantly trying their best to make it as good as possible, and so am I. So when I got to try these little beauties from a competition I'd won from Hayley over on the amazing blog London Beauty Queen, I was pretty chuffed as I'd always loved the retro look of Benefit's skincare packaging, but had always seemed to pass over it in favour of something else. Boy, am I glad these came into my life, as I would have missed out on how wonderful they are! This eye cream, combined with my one from Origins (here) keep me looking less like the undead, and more like 'hey, this girl looks mildly awake for 7am, yay for her' which I love, for as well as puffiness in the morning, I get some serious dark circles (damn you hereditary genes). 

It's Potent Eye Cream * (£25.50, here) is a wonderful thick, luxurious eye cream that sinks into the skin so well, and provides that lovely pampered feeling to the skin when applied at night (as I think it's a bit too heavy for the day personally, but dabbed on very lightly, I think it works) when combined with all the other lovely things I use on my face during the evening. It comes in such a wonderful little pot, that feels so expensive and sits very nicely on my bedside table, giving off a sweet vintage feel - dressing up my bedside table, one fancy product at a time. Now, I wouldn't say that it's improved my dark circles, but it definitely makes things look more hydrated and healthy, which is pretty much all I could ask for, as I don't expect any miracles from skincare. I always think good skincare is a marathon, not a race, so treating my skin well now, will give me lovely skin as I age - so keeping things as they are now; glowy and plump, is key. I dap this on, and tap it lightly into the skin, above and below my eye just so all of me gets moisturised, because with dry skin around my eyes, I think I need all the help I can get. 

Triple Performance Facial Emulsion * (£22.50, here) with a cheeky little SPF 15 in it (although I would still use a SPF of at least 30+ on top of it, is a wonderfully silky moisturiser that sinks into the skin so fast - I think my face loves it because it drinks it up and leaves it feeling plump and ready for makeup/the day ahead. It's super light, and allows makeup to glide on top of it. Especially when teamed with a primer, which allows me skin to not only feel smooth and soft, but it has my makeup lasting for most of the day, aside from the touchups around my t-zone (damn you oily skin). It works well on my oily/combination skin as it sinks in, and doesn't weigh the skin down, but perhaps those who want something a bit more moisturising i.e. those with dry/super dry skin might want to look somewhere else, as well as those who like unscented moisturisers (i.e. sensitive skin) although mine is sensitive, and it wasn't affected at all by the smell. I personally don't think it's that noticeable, and the same applies to my mother, whose skin is so sensitive, her eyes water whenever she uses a slightly scented product on her face. So, it's a thumbs up from the both of us for Benefit's It's Potent and Triple Performance Facial Emulsion. Have you tried either of these skincare products? What are your go-to eye creams right now? 

* items were won from a blog giveaway, and does not affect my opinion at all. 

Benefit Skincare 3

Benefit Skincare 2

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Pinterest Makeup Inspiration #1

Makeup Inspiration Pinterest 1
Pin #1, Pin #2, Pin #3, Pin #4 and Pin #5.

There's so much inspiration out there, especially on Pinterest, that's it's impossible not to want to shake up your look with a bold lip, or some graphic eyeliner in a shade you wouldn't normally choose. Normally, everyday I stick to a rather simple look but for the evening, and I feel like something new, Pinterest is where I head. I'm a huge fan of a red statement lip, so finding the right eye look to go with it is always fun - an extended cat-eye or maybe even a soft smokey look, I think it all depends on how dramatic you want it all to look. Not only are there so many looks, but there are so many wonderful artists/bloggers that walk us through how to get these painted faces, by telling us which products, how they applied them and even some sneaky tips that they've encountered over the years.

I for one, am very partial to a red lip, especially when considered that Bourjois' Rouge Edition Liquid Lipsticks stay on almost all day, with very minimal touching up - so for me, having a classic red lip can dress up a simple chic flick of liner, or make everything more dramatic when teamed with a smokey eye. But that's not to say that natural looking makeup shouldn't be passed over, as there's something about glowing skin and a simple eye look that will always have a place in my heart. It's so easy to achieve, as well as giving you that 'done up, but not too much' kinda look, which is perfect for any occasion. I get so inspired, not only by the photography, but also by new products as they just scream out to be played with 'create numerous looks with me and feel amazing' they say.. so I suppose creativity can come from anywhere, especially if you have that one key item of makeup that you want to build an entire look around. What makeup inspires you? Does it change daily/weekly? 
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