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Everything that you see on ohkalukalay is a product of me, Rebecca Lewis, unless clearly stated otherwise (such as guest posts).

My camera is a Nikon D5000, and I use this to take all of my photographs, unless otherwise stated. For Instagram/ on the go, I use either my Iphone 5C or my boyfriends Samsung Galaxy (posts including photography from these phones will include a few little words explaining this).

For products that I have been sent to review, I would never post anything or 'rave' about a product, that I would not repurchase myself. I do invest a lot of money into the products that I buy, and I understand that the same applies to readers, and fellow bloggers. Therefore I would never lie to my readers in order to further myself; I regard my blog as a place where I can openly write what I want, as honestly as I can. If there is ever a post that has been paid for, or sponsored, then it will be declared as openly and honestly as possible, and I will continue to write as true to myself as I can. Paid content will never change, or sway my opinion on a product.

I mostly tend to talk about products that I like, love or am still forming an opinion of, and rarely do I feature products that I dislike greatly, however, I will tweet about products that I dislike/don't live up the hype and maybe post occasional reviews, but I want my blog to remain a generally positive one. If you do have any questions about a particular product, you can leave me a comment, email me or pop me over a tweet.

For skincare products, I like to include a first impression, as well as how my skin responds to the formula, texture and ingredients. This can take up-to three months. For makeup, these posts can take anywhere from a few days, to a few weeks to form a full enough opinion to write about. Haircare is always tricky, as my hair doesn't respond well to most silicon based shampoo's and conditioners, so I tend to stick to natural based haircare products. Haircare products will be tried and tested, for two weeks or so, before a full review is made.

For lifestyle pieces, such as homeware, my review consists of first impressions, quality and styling, much like how I would with a skincare or makeup product. This also includes a week long testing process, just for a fully comprehensive review.


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