Friday, 31 October 2014

The Lush haircare routine.

Lush Hair Products 1

Lush Hair Products 2

I think you've heard about me going to my first Lush event (squee) and whilst I was there, a fabulous lady consulted me on what to get for my hair - as ridiculously greasy at the roots and dry at the ends hasn't been coping well with hightstreet brands, and I actually think they've been making it worse; I think it's the buildup of products that was leaving me hair, quite frankly, disgusting, and something I had to wash everyday. Not impressed with that. I'm a lazy hair washer as it is, so washing it everyday was a no-go for it. Second day hair involved a lot of dry shampoo and putting it up - however, if I was merely staying inside on my day off, then I'd throw it up and avoid putting any product into it. So, that was the tale of my old hair. Enter, Lush with their amazing products, allowing me to get to three days, and it still being altogether, acceptable to leave down and wear to work. Huzzah for me!

First comes the shampoo, and from Lush, we have the aptly named Rehab (£5.50, here). This stuff seemed to strip all of the rubbish out of my hair, whilst still leaving it clean and not at all dry, it feels healthy and manageable - leaving me so impressed, as I was coming to the end of my tether in terms of my hair. Now, three day old hair isn't a nightmare, and I'm very thankful for that. It does have the tendency to bring out a bit of dandruff on me, but that was coming through even with my old products - so I'm countering that with an intensive Lush hair mask, just to keep my scalp in check. That intensive hair conditioner will get a post all on its own, so keep your eyes peeled.

Next up, Veganese (£4.50, here). I'm still trying to work out what the scent is, but it's gorgeous, and really works hard at moisturising the ends of my hair, whilst not weighing it down, which was a problem with other conditioners. I thought, the thicker the conditioner, the more hydrating, right? Nope. It made it lank and greasy, two things that were a huge no-go for me, and made me so frustrated with my hair. This light, creamy product feels more like a shampoo, but it does its job so well. Just applied to the ends of my hair, it detangles, hydrates and leaves my hair bouncy. Everything I ever wanted.

R&B (£11.50, here) is a hair moisturiser, something creamy, buttery and a delight to massage into the ends of my hair - it gives that hit of moisture, without weighing hair down which is a massive plus; but the best thing, is that you only need a touch, especially if you have thinner hair like me. Just a dab on the finger, and you're away. Rub your fingers together before applying to the ends of your hair - it doesn't have that synthetic smell, it smells natural and just good for you, you know? You know how you can tell fruit is good for you, it's the same kind of method; it smells good, made from natural products - and its good for the hair. We're not loading them up with synthetics or anything like that. It's naturalness we're going for. But remember, if you're got thick, dry hair, unlike me, slather this on, even on the scalp. I have dry ends, and this works wonders for me. 

My hair was atrocious before these three products came into my life. I literally cannot get enough of them - they've changed my hair, and once I get it cut, it'll be bouncy and wonderful again - all in all, these three are the bee's knees, and I cannot recommend them enough if you're fed up with products that claim to be 'good for your hair' but are actually causing terrible buildup, and are in fact making your hair worse. 

Lush Hair Products 3

Lush Hair Products 4

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Homeware Haul featuring Next, Tiger and Primark.

Home Haul 1

Home Haul 2

Home Haul 3

Who doesn't love a good homeware haul? I certainly do, because not only am I ridiculously nosy about what people are buying, but that increases ten fold when it comes to homeware. I have a huge passion for interiors and their design, which is why I cannot wait to have full reign over my own flat/home one day - having everything just where I want it, looking beautiful and cosy. It's just the dream, y'know? This is a collection of little things I've bought over the past two months or so, from Primark, Next and Tiger, the latter which I only discovered for the first time when I went to Cardiff with my blogging friend Katie. We um, we went a bit mad. It was brilliant. If you haven't been there, I totally recommend it; it's kinda Scandinavian in its Ikea esc way, but it's far more kitsch than that - basically, its somewhere you need to have a good nose in, as you never know what you're going to find. I found a few things, things I never knew I needed. You know that feeling, right? Starting with a Copper wire house shaped basket which I think was a subconscious Gh0stparties purchase, as she's all about the copper goodies, some initial doorknobs which I think would look gorgeous on matching bedside tables (I can dream), a plain black picture frame and a ceramic square candle dish, which appealed to the blogger in me, as I used it in my Stila Colour Corrector post, and I think it looks gorgeous. 

Next up are my sale purchases from Next, which I may have gone slightly mad in... but it was a sale. And who doesn't like a good sale? Bedding, tea towels, bunting and candlesticks - all essential items, well, maybe not the bunting, but a home with bunting is a happy one, yes? I just really liked it, it said 'Happy Home' and looked increasingly more appealing the longer I had it in my hand - so in the basket it went, and shortly after, arrived home with me. There wasn't a general colour scheme I was heading in with, it was just items that caught my eye - blue, burgundy, red and straw; they all appealed, so off they went to their new home; my wardrobe until I have a little place of my own for them to live in. 

Primark is always a fantastic place to pick up little items for your home, or my future home, as they're ridiculously reasonable, and very pretty to look at. Such as the Hanging Wooden Star, Red heart pillow cases and you cannot forget, the bloggers best friend, the humble flannel. All and all, they're stored away, nice and safe for that small little abode that will one day be mine, and interior designed to perfection - or what I can do with the space that I have. A girl can dream. What homeware bits have you bought recently? Anything I should keep an eye out for? 

Home Haul 4

Home Haul 5

Home Haul 6

Weekly Favourites

Weekly Favourites 1

Just a quick little post today about some favourite products that have been rocking my week, and who doesn't love a small post about wonderful things? Soap & Glory's The Righteous Butter, Embryolisse's Lait-Creme Concentre and Westlab Epsom Salts; all three being the kind of daily luxury that everyone should have - although I wouldn't do an Epsom salts bath everyday, it's meant to relieve bloating and help relax you, but everyday? I think that'd be too much for me. But maybe it'll happen some week... I'll have to report back on that. Anywho, let's talk about these three.

Two moisturisers and some salt - doesn't really sound all the exciting, but who said weekly favourites had to be? That's what monthly favourites are for ;) I've been slathering myself in The Righteous Butter because my skin has been so ridiculously dry - why are my shins so dry? What's up with that?! and this is really helping to inject some moisture back into my life - so here's hoping that it continues to do what it's doing so well. Ahhh Embryolisse, it's pretty much my go to facial moisturiser each day, replacing my Korres at the moment, and taking a firm stand in my little-bit-too-early-to-say-so-yearly-favourites list - it just sinks in and makes everything feel so plump and gorgeous. Epsom Salts are for the looooong long day, that's stressed you out and you're in desperate need of a foot soak or a full body soak in the tub. When I first started working in retail, I would come home in such pain from standing and running around all day long - this would be scattered into a wide, deep bowl with some hot water, and in would go my feet. Pure bliss, I tell you. What have you been loving this week? 

Weekly Favourites 2

Weekly Favourites 3

Friday, 24 October 2014

Bumble and Bumble Surf Set - First Impressions

Bumble and Bumble Surf 1

This was quite the implies purchase, or should I say, something I've stared longingly at for weeks as its been sat on the Boots till point. I finally crumbled and purchased it, along with my lunch, one afternoon during work and I have to say, I'm really quite impressed with it. I mainly lusted over it for the name, as Bumble & Bumble have worked up quite a cult like following, and I'd never seen any in the store nearest to me - but after reading post after post from bloggers I actually trusted, I knew that the Salt Spray was going to be mine, but I thought why not get some mini's, as not only are they a great deal cuter, but that'll allow me to get my foot in the door, in terms of what to expect from their products. The salt spray was the first product I went to, with it's opaque plastic casing, feeling quite luxe even though a part of me always thought that it was glass... though, plastic is much better as it's not going to smash when dropped. And I'm very clumsy, so it would definitely be dropped at some point, that's just the way it is.

I don't think you can buy it in a set online, as Boots wasn't showing any, but you can buy the smaller bottles individually, so if you only fancy trying one or two out of the set, then go for it, but at £18, it's a bit of a bargain, as you get to try out some much raved about products without dishing out a fair bit of money. That's basically what interested me in the set, as I didn't want to pay £20+ for something I didn't know I was going to like. So, onto the shampoo and conditioner. First impression wasn't anything spectacular, as no haircare products are really gripping my as much as my selections from Lush - but more on those later. It's meant to rid the hair of all impurities, but I think it takes more than one wash and dry to really determine whether I like it or not - so check back here for my full opinion in a few weeks. The surf spray, however, I think is the star product for me so far - there's just something so wonderful about casual, wavy by the seaside hair, even when the weather is getting colder - I think I may be quite late to the bandwagon, but I've always loved a good tousled lock. As far as first impressions go, it's pretty positive - but I think I'll need a good few weeks to try everything out, which is always quite exciting. Skincare is like that, I always try something out for a fair amount of time before giving my full opinion - so, what do you think of these products? Are they something that appeal to you?


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Stila One Step Colour Corrector

Stila Colour Corrector 1

Stila Colour Corrector 2

This is actually one of my first Stila products. Gasp. I know, right? But I think this was such a brilliant introduction to them, the Stila One step Colour Corrector is wonderful; it corrects the redness in my cheeks, it helps to lighten the dark circles under my eyes and counteracte the yellowness in my complexion - basically, its evening out my skin tone and providing a really solid, perfect base for my foundation and concealer. Let's admit, having the perfect base makes everything look a lot better, and to me, it gives me that boost of confidence that's always good to have, especially if you're having to prepare for a long day or trying something new. I purchased mine from Marks & Spencer (£24, here) when they had a deal on with Ren, so I ended up buying a skincare bundle and this beauty from Stila; it was a bit of an impulse purchase, as even though I'd read lots about it, I'd never managed to swatch it - so it was a bit of a gamble, but that gamble has certainly paid off.

Three colours are swirled together when applied to your face, and they each have quite the task, especially on my face, as I have everything that they're targeting. Green 'neutralises redness and conceals blemishes', it does help a great deal to reduce the redness in my cheeks as well as helping to conceal any spots or marks on my face, but being me, I still can't do without my concealer - I like to make sure you can't see the major blemishes (there's one currently at the end of my nose), but on a good, lazy day, I'd pare this primer with some concealer and be on my way - I think it's the lazy girls answer to faking really even skin. Huzzah.

The lavender tone 'counteracts sallow undertones for a vibrant, energised look', so if you do suffer from that sallowness that can make you look quite unwell - yepp, I get that too - then this is certainly something to look into. It's that kind of look you get when you have a cold, or the flu - but this colours just brightens you up, and once again plays into my whole lazy girl look, which I love, because spending less time putting my makeup on when i'm in a rush, is always a good thing.

Peach, I think is the universal colour that 'brightens, illuminates and helps to diminish the appearance of sun spots' especially as I get such horrible dark circles under my eyes, so I think anything that lessens them is an easy way to my heart. I'm going to say it again. Lazy girl makeup. I think that has to be a blog post all on its own, but this primer just does it all - it makes me look alive, which is quite a task with the paleness of my skin - it's either ghost/vampire or alive. There isn't really anything in-between for me, but another good thing about this colour correcting primer is that it doesn't discriminate based on skin tone - so whatever problem you have, its got all the bases covered. Go have a cheeky swatch, you won't be sorry. Hooray for lazy girl makeup.

Stila Colour Corrector 3

Stila Colour Corrector 4

Monday, 20 October 2014

Post #beautystoptober and Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List
I think there's something so lovely about a wish list. Even the word 'wish' reminds me of when I was younger and it was all about that 'wish upon a star' business. Now, it's roughly the same concept, except the star is someone's bank account, either mine or the unsuspecting victim who's going to buy me something lovely for Christmas, perhaps balking at how much the price is; but you know what? You can't put a price on good skincare, or good eyebrows. That's just the way it is. I wanted to put all my skincare and lifestyle choices together on one list, as we well know, makeup needs its own post, because my gosh there is so much good makeup out there and I want it all *makes grabby hands*. So these were the following items that I feel like I need to have - get ready to have some serious lust going on.

Let's start with the lifestyle/fashion, and who doesn't like something ridiculously cute and cuddly? The cute being the omg it's a sausage god doorstop and draught excluder from Next (£14 and £18, here) because I have a dachshund obsession and I've always trusted Next for good quality items; and for the cuddly option, I also have a nightshirt obsession, so this Red Check Flannel Shirt (£22, here) is ticking all of the boxes - paired with some thick, snuggly socks and that's me sorted. 

Now, let's get down to it. Lookfantastic, Marks & Spencer, Billion Dollar Brows and Jurlique are where all the magic is happening for me in terms of skincare, so if anyone wants to buy me something *cough*boyfriend*cough* then they'll know where to look. I think that was pretty subtle, so let's get talking about these gorgeous products.

From Lookfantastic we've got the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask (£21.99, here) of which I've heard amazing things and am desperate to try. Then we have Trilogy's Rosehip Oil (£11.06, here) and it's a product I already know that I love because I'm virtually in tears because mine has come to a very noble end... it's done so well, and my skin adores it. Finally, we have Real Techniques Nic's Picks (£21.99, here) and these call to me, like all of the RT brushes do. They're amazing quality and value for money - these are something I will go out and by for myself if I don't get it, they're that appealing to me. 

Next up from Jurlique, are three products that stood out to me as I browsed the website, because I wanted to slip into their skincare before going mad and ordering more things, like moisturisers and oils etc. Ahh, the Rosewater Balancing Mist (£16.50, here), it's a product I always see being mentioned in favourite products post, so it's been grabbing my attention for months - it has to be mine, as well as the Lemon Body Oil (£21.50, here); I have such an incredible love for anything lemon or citrus, it's just one of my favourite scents, so fresh and bouncy - so yes, I want to cover myself in it and basically smell like a lemon all day. Living the dream. Lastly from Jurlique is their Essence of Rose Roll-on Fragrance Oil (£16.50, here) because wow, a Rose oil fragrance sounds divine - something to give up smelling like a lemon for.

Three offerings from Marks & Spencer caught my eye - mainly because I was in there today, drooling over all the Nuxe and Ren products *dreamy sigh*. Something I didn't spot in store however, was GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment (£45, here) which is meant to be ridiculously good, I couldn't not add it to my wish list. Then we have Ren's Cleansing Balm (£23, here), a product I swatched on my hand, and was really impressed with, texture wise - I'm loving my hot cloth cleanser from them, so this was a wise addition. Nuxe's Star Set (£20, here) is a duo of their best selling Huile Prodigieuse oil and Prodigieux le Parfum, which I've not yet smelt, but it sounds wonderful.

Lastly, but certainly not at all least, is Billion Dollar Brows' Universal Brow Pencil (£17, here) from some serious brow game, and you know me, my selfies are all about the brows. A good brow is the key to a good day, I feel - a bad brow is something I don't even want to think about; it has the ability to brighten up and give structure to your face, and this product is designed for all skin tones and hair colours. It's a total win. What products are you lusting over for Christmas? Let me know if you fancy any of these. 


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Balance Me Beauty Event and Goody Bag.

BalanceMeBeauty Bag 1

BalanceMeBeauty Bag 2

This event, was awesome. Skin scanning, testing out loads of products, having a darn good chat with one of the founders of BalanceMe and let's not forget; rose wine and macaroons. I think that says it all. It was a rather intimate event, with only a good dozen bloggers or so, and it was really lovely - with lots of products laid out, and ladies on hand to talk to us about all of our skincare problems, which was really wonderful as it's always good to pick their brains, as they know their products inside and out. Balance Me are one of those all natural brands that spend years designing and making products, so you know it's gonna be good.

One of the founders of Balance Me was at the event, and welcomed us, talking to us about the ethos of Balance Me, and made the rounds talking to each blogger about whatever they wanted, not just skincare, but advice about jobs and the beauty industry. I think my favourite part, was the skin scanning, which at first was the thing that scared me the most, as it reveals all the sins that you hide behind makeup - but I needn't have worried, as the lady who was taking me through was very lovely even though I was considerably nervous about the entire thing. It turns out, that me using 50+ on my face and wearing a hat whenever in the sun has done wonders for my skin, as the only comments she made was slight dehydration in my under eye area, my nose was oily and that I had sensitive skin on my chin. All in all, not at all bad as I was expecting; I was actually quite pleasantly surprised at what she told me - I suppose it all comes to show that a good SPF is always a solid base for a skincare routine. 

BalanceMeBeauty Bag 3

There were some fabulous products in the goody bag that I'm going to run through, as some are going to get reviews all on their own, because I just adore them that much. Two different sizes of their Moisture Rich face cream, A Super Moisturising Hand Cream, A Super Toning Body Wash, A Facial Expression Filler and my two favourites so far, the Wonder Eye Cream and the Cleanse and Smooth face balm. Ugh, they're both so wonderful that I cannot wait to have a single review to rave about them - they're some of the best samples I have ever been given, but more on that later. If you ever get the chance to sample them, then please do, as you will not regret it - I promise you. Please let me know what your favourite Balance Me products are, because I'd love to try more from them. 

I walked away from the event with not just a goody bag, but some Christmas presents and some wonderful knowledge about the naturally sourced and scientifically made products - it really was a wonderful evening, and when combined with the Lush event the next night, I had a fabulous two days with my fellow blogger Katie. I'd definitely love to go to more blog events - hopefully more will emerge in Cardiff. 

BalanceMeBeauty Bag 4

BalanceMeBeauty Bag 5

BalanceMeBeauty Bag 6

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Bee Good Intensive Hand Cream and Vanilla Honey Lip Balm

Bee Good 1

Now, here was a little something that brightened up my otherwise dull Thursday afternoon. A cute little package from Bee Good that I had won from the wonderful Sarah at Temporary:Secretary (it's one of my favourite blogs, so definitely go have a good nose at it) through her Twitter giveaway. I was so chuffed to win, as I'd been very eager to try some Bee Good products, as let's face it, it's made by British Bees, so it's gotta be good. My first impression of it was 'wow omg so cute!' because not only were they fabulously packaged inside a box wrapped in ribbon, but there were wonderful biscuits.. sorry to say that they didn't make it to the photography session ... but uh, I can report that they were amazingly yummy and beautiful to look at. You can see them on my Instagram post here, aren't they glorious? They were made by Little Bee Bakery, and they can be found on Facebook here, because they were delicious and adorable - total double whammy!

Bee Good 2

I wanted to give a quick first impression of these two items, before reporting back with more in-depth reviews later on - and my reaction to the hand cream was that it was thick and luxurious feeling, with a soft, sweet natural scent - a gentle honey esc smell, which I love so much. My hands didn't feel greasy or oily, which I think is an essential if you're going to be applying this in the day, trying to keep your hands moisturised whilst doing other things. Multi-tasking as its best. The packaging is simple and lightweight, showcasing that it's all about the Bees - which it quite rightly should be. The pastel packaging has cute little bees buzzing around the bottle, and the same can be said for the lip balm, as the packaging is mirrored on the little tube. There's just something so quaint and lovely about it, but something quintessentially British, which I really like - maybe it's the use of the Union Jack (obvious choice, I know) or maybe it's just the bees, or it could be the entirety of it. It just seems like a wonderfully British product to me and that makes me happy. Naturally sourced, made in Britain and good for the skin, can't ask for more, really.

The lip balm, much like the hand cream, feels luxurious, and not oily, as it applies quite thick before melting into the skin, making lips feel smooth and nourished, not leaving them parched afterwards when the balm has rubbed off. Which I think is something very important to consider when using a lip balm; it's all well and good whilst you're using it, but once you stop, your lips are even worse. It's totally not the case with this one though, so I'm super excited to have won it, and I can't wait to try more from Bee Good, as surely, it's all going to be naturally amazing? Have you tried any products from Bee Good? Which ones would you recommend? 

Bee Good 3

Bee Good 4

Bee Good 5

Thursday, 16 October 2014

My #beautystoptober Update: Week #2

BalanceMeBeauty Bag 3

Week #2, and no makeup or skincare for myself has been purchased. I'm quite proud of myself, but I feel like I'm missing the rush and excitement of walking into Boots and picking up a new mascara - okay, I'm not the kind of person that can only buy one mascara on the high street. I'll need an additional three lipsticks, two blushes and an eyeshadow palette, and that's just because they caught my eye in the store, not because I thought it through, or made a list. I get drawn in by the prettiness of it all, and I used to spend so much money in my local Boots that the girls know me by name. It's not a good habit, especially when I want to save for things, i.e. a cute little flat, boyfriend and sausage dog. So I think this challenge has opened my eyes to the impulse purchasing that I used to do - maybe it's a female thing, or maybe it's not, but if it's by the tills and I've been looking at it for a few weeks, then I'll buy it. That's how I ended up with the Bumble & Bumble Surf Set in my possession - a decision which I don't necessarily regret, but did I really need it? Nope. I just wanted it, mainly to say that I own something by that brand. I think Beauty Blogging can be a slippery slope; trying to keep up with new releases and to be seen as blogger who keeps up with trends, it can be expensive as well as exhausting. 

I've spent the money I would have spent on myself/my face, and put it towards Christmas presents and my little jar of funds for Cancer Research UK - but I think I need to do even more. I want that cute little flat with a cute little dog, with the boyfriend, and there'll be cookery books, posters of Casablanca and Senna, cosy throws and that feeling of it being home. I'm a beauty blogger, no mistaking that, but can I be one when I'm not purchasing that much beauty products? I think I can be, but maybe a little lifestyle post or two wouldn't hurt now and again? I didn't think that not buying any makeup/skincare for me would cause this kind realisation, and maybe I'll get that flat and Sausage dog sometime soon. Let's keep our fingers crossed, and start putting a little bit aside each month. Rainy day money, but it always rains here, so, I'll call it my little dream fund. Or to be more realistic, my growing up/adult fund. Are you saving for a little something?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Lush Event Cardiff and Goody Bag

Lush Bag 1

Lush Bag 2

Ah, Lush. Are you with me? If you're a fan, then you know that feeling. That comfortable warmth when you're familiar with a brand and you're there, experiencing new things. It's exciting, but lovely, you know? I remember my first Lush experience. I walked away with a chunk of Honey I washed the Kids and it was amazing, but years later, my interest dimmed over time - but I'd like to thank the blogging community for bringing Lush back into my life. Thank you, my dears. 

They had a rather fabulous Event in Cardiff, and the wonderful Katie from Katiedoesbeauty invited me as her plus one - so off we went, and we even attended a BalanceMe event the night before, which will be up on the blog soon. The Lush store was abuzz with excitement and wonderful girls who were eager to show us everything fabulous that Lush does, which is, y'know, a lot. There were so many brilliant products that I couldn't help but have the widest eyes, trying to take everything in and photograph it all - it was a truly glorious event, those Lush girls sure know how to throw a good party. From Halloween to Christmas treats, Lush had them all - from amazing smells to being covered in glitter, it was a totally new type of event as we all basically photographed everything whilst cooing over the beauty of all the products. Lush totally brings it in terms of colour and excitement with their products. 

Lush Event 1

Lush Event 2

Lush Event 3

I don't think I've ever left an event smelling so wonderful, and completely covered in glitter from the golden pumpkins, which looks so beautiful, (I'd keep it out all year, just to admire) and the Christmas puddings, which I think were putting us all in the festive mood. I think the mood of the entire event was something I enjoyed the most; it was just fun and energetic, something encouraged by the Lush girls, who'd be carrying around big bowls of warm water with bath bombs fizzing away in them, always demonstrating how colourful and bright everything in the shop was. They certainly didn't disappoint. 

I walked away from the event with three cheeky hair purchases, as you know, for me skincare/makeup are off limits - so, why not sort my hair out? With some wonderful advice, some indulgent swatching and very soft feeling skin, I made my way to the tills to do some purchasing, after which I was given a bright pink goody bag, to say thank you for attending. It was an absolute blast, and I couldn't believe that an hour went by so quickly - everything was energetic and bright, which I think sums up Lush quite well, as long as you throw in a few mentions of their policy of no animal testing and all natural products. Walking through Cardiff, toting a few shopping bags and smelling divine, the night was chilly, but Katie and I were still buzzing from the event - and we continued to chat all about it on the way home, even though we were both completely knackered. 

A quick special mention to their face mask area, which was kept on ice (how awesome) to keep everything fresh and cold (keep on scrolling down to the end of the post to see what I mean) with dishes perched on crushed ice, fruit and vegetables placed on top of the face masks, so you know exactly what's in them - so you know right away what to go for, or steer away from. It was pretty much one of the coolest (no pun intended) and most creative ways to store products that I'd ever seen, and it certainly grabbed the attention of most of us at the event. As for my goody bag, I've yet to try out the festive looking Lush Pud, but I'm saving that for a cold evening when I need a good soak - it has tempted me a few times, but I feel like I'm going to need it after a long day in retail in the upcoming weeks. Christmas whilst working retail, you feel me? Also, there was So White shower gel and Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - both of which I have used, so you'll be getting a cheeky little review of those. Keep those eyes pealed. Are there any Lush products that have taken your fancy? I know I've certainly gone back and done some serious Christmas shopping in there. 

Lush Event 4

Lush Event 5

Lush Event 6

Lush Event 6

Lush Event 8

Lush Event 9

Lush Event 10

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Autumnal Nail polish Choices

Autumnal Nailpolishes 1

Autumnal Nailpolishes 2

Who doesn't like a good Autumnal nail? And since everyone is posting little nail selfies (nelfie? manfie? no idea.) I thought I'd join in with the selection I'll be reaching for this season and let's kick it off with some offerings from Ciate, which I spoke about here, in more detail. They're from the Haute House collection, and I think they're perfect for what's coming up, so my two main choices are Knee Highs and Can Can, a glorious deep navy blue and a perfect seasonal burgundy. These two selections are cute little mini's, something to keep in your makeup bag for a quick ten minute manicure, as when applied in thin layers, these dried very quickly and offered that pop of Autumn that I was looking for.

Next up, Butter London. Perhaps some of the most fancy polishes, and they're from a fabulous brand, with amazing packaging - they make my heart have a little flutter with their gloriousness. Two glitter, shimmer polishes and one classic colour, the colour I think of as quintessentially British. Lillibet's Jubilee, a soft lilac shimmer that ugh, looks brilliant on the nails - it's that kind of pastel that is the opposite of what I'd usually choose for Autumn, but it just spoke to me. Next up, is the black, chrome esc glitter named Gobsmacked which is amazing, it was basically all I wore last Winter - It looks quite at home on short and long nails, so no matter what you're rocking, this would look good. Now for British Racing Green, the colour that reminds me of old Jaguar cars and vintage movies. It's the kinda colour that would make red lipstick pop and give you that retro feel without a great deal of effort.

The offerings from Essie are wonderfully seasonal, Avenue Maintain, what I imagine to be a somewhat Parisian blue, a creamy colour that was brought out for Spring - but I've skipped that and fast forwarded two seasons. Stroke of Brilliance, a glitter polish from the Luxe Collection - hard to remove from the nail, like all glitter polishes, but totally worth it, you can read more about it here. Who doesn't love and adore a red glitter polish, especially that small glittery shimmer that gets you in the mood for the upcoming festive season? Enter Leading Lady

Honourable mentions for Autumn polishes are three choices from Revlon; two Spiderman releases, Spidey Sense and Super-powered (review fully here) and an offering from the scented nail enamel collection, called Moonlit Woods, another lilac offering - a sheer wash that is easing me into purples this season. Speaking of purples, next up is Vampsterdam by OPI, a deep shimmering plum that looks just right on the nails whenever you wear it. Three more choices are Rosy Rosettes by Maybelline, a gorgeous glitter that is basically Christmas nails in a glass bottle - absolutely gorgeous and as festive as you want - it's the perfect polish for an accent nail; and the last are two from Barry M, Gelly Hi-Shine in Lychee, that pale, shiny nude that leaves fingers looking longer and Crush from the Matte collection, a striking red that is an essential for this time of year - dark, but not so much as to feel too Wintery just yet.

What are your Autumanl nail choices? Any here that are taking your fancy? 

Autumnal Nailpolishes 3

Autumnal Nailpolishes 4

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

My #Beautystoptober update: Week #1

Bedside Skincare 2

It's been tough. Actually, not really, because I've been buying Christmas presents for other people, so I haven't been craving the need to buy makeup and skincare - and I've really been enjoying what I already own. Somethings are new though, but they're for my hair. With the ban on makeup and skincare, I decided to sort my hair out. It's been a complete grease ball recently, which is icky in itself, but second day hair is a no-go, as I basically have to wash it everyday, or every other day, with second day hair being dry shampooed to hell and back. But after stripping all the stuff out, it still wasn't back to normal - Lucky for me, my fellow blogger Katie and I had been invited to Lush in Cardiff for a blogging event, and whilst I was there, a lovely Lush lady took it upon herself to sort my hair out. 

I thank that lady for taking a good half an hour out of her day to talk to me about shampoo and conditioner; in the end I walked away with Rehab (£5.50, here), Veganese (£4.50, here) and R&B (£11.50, here), and my goodness are they sorting my hair out. I used this trio almost as soon as I walked through the door after coming back from my two days of blogging events, and my hair was bouncy and soft - the stuff of dreams. It's quite fine, but I have a lot of it, so having it be bouncy and soft is what I always want from my hair - so yay to that! But back to my #beautystoptober: I've had time to get an early start on Christmas presents for my family, friends and boyfriend - I remember last year when I was boyfriend-less and I spent the money I would have spent on a boyfriend, on myself - good times. But you know what? I'm actually really excited about Christmas this year, not that I wasn't last year... or the year before, seriously, I'm so ridiculously festive, I'm the first one to say 'Have a Merry Christmas' in work and the one to bounce excitedly when all the Christmas music starts playing. It's the most wonderful time of the year, after all. 

Roll on week #2, and we'll see how my skincare/makeup ban is going. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If so, buy anything exciting? 


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Lip Exfoliation and Conditioning Routine

The Lip Routine 1

The Lip Routine 2

It's Autumn, and that therefore means its almost Winter, and Winter is the bringer of dry, chapped lips. Air conditioning, cold weather and everything that comes with this time of year dehydrates the lips, and even though you can drink as much water as you can, there are just somethings that you can't escape. So let's do something to prevent and treat. Enter ELF's Studio Lip Exfoliator (£3.95, here) to gently buff away the build up of skin. I think it's brilliant that it's shaped like a lipstick, as you don't even have to use a mirror to apply it - you can just buff away, whilst watching tv or something. I use soft circular motions, as I think it's quite easy to overuse it, and develop sore lips, which is a big no-no for me, especially in really cold weather. Balaclava anyone? 

There's something really nourishing about this sugar scrub, as it's full of amazing things to be gentle on your lips such as 'Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avacado, Grape and Jojoba Oils' - which aid in keeping lips moisturised whilst buffing away all the dead skin. Once I apply this, I dampen a flannel in warm water, and buff away very lightly at my lips, until I can feel that all the product is gone, and my lips are left ridiculously soft and smooth. If I can feel that my lips still aren't up to shape, then I'll lightly buff away again with the the same flannel, just to gently exfoliate the area. Once they're in tip-top shape, it's time for the moisturiser - and by that, I mean my Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm (Currently  on offer at £6.33, here). This lip balm, is a thing of wonder. It's so deeply conditioning, I wonder what I used in my life before it when it came to Winter and the horrid issue of chapped lips. 

It's simple really, all I do is coat my lips in a thin coat of the luscious balm, and then reapply when needed - but if I do the whole routine before bed, I apply a thicker layer, and leave it to sink in over night. Leaving me with amazingly soft, moisturised lips in the morning. This lip balm is so good, I pop it every travel makeup bag that I use, which leads me to the conclusion that my boyfriend will be loving this balm too, when it comes to Winter, as we're those dry, chapped lips kinda people. So it not only beautifies your fabulous self, it'll rescue your fellow loved ones from the perils of harsh, Winter winds and just general lip chapped-ness. 

Do you have a little routine that you use to prep your lips? Are these products something that you'd consider? 

The Lip Routine 3

The Lip Routine 4

The Lip Routine 5
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